Stepping out!

     This is my first experience with blogging.  I have been writing since I was a child.  For many of us who are natural writers we just never seem to fit in to the crowd.  After many years of trying to conform to the worlds norm, I am stepping out… out of the boat… to walk on water!  Here is where the rubber meets the road.  As I am “One of Those People”  who despises electronics it took a great deal of “Supernatural Power”  to get me to this point.  It is only out of sheer passion to share my FAITH  with the world that I have taken the PLUNGE!

As we all know the world is a very delicate flower!  We are the gardeners, farmers, creators in a mini form of the Great Creator!  After all, we are created in His image.  The purpose of my message is to help others find peace and rest in this crazy high speed world.  Most complain they have no time to spend on themselves.  I seem to have stumbled on what I will call “A Martha Spirit”.  Poor Martha, working her heart out to meet everyone else’s needs, she misses out on the best gift of all.  Sitting in the presence of the Savior.

I was that Martha a few short years ago.  I spent my health, my heart and soul into pleasing everyone else.  The world calls them “People Pleasers”.  I being the worst of them, I came to the end of myself. A point in my life where I had nothing else to give.  I was emptied out and no one to fill my cup.  I learned, as we all do, we can not keep giving and not receiving and expect to keep growing, flourishing and progressing in life. “We”  are the walking dead!  We go through the motions,  with no emotions.  We become the robots of the world.   Because we are beyond reacting we allow people to treat us so badly it becomes a normal part of our life.  We no longer fight for our “rights”. We no longer make demands or even seek justice. In the darkness we just wait to die!  When will it be over?  For some they take matters into their own hands.  For some death is the answer!  But what they do not know… Death is not what you have been told!  Death is not the end of life…It is only the beginning of forever… eternity.  The only thing that ends is the physical world we see with our physical eyes.  What remains is the unseen world!  If you do not believe in life after death… I am here to differ with you.   How can one be sure?  Experience speaks volumes!  How can someone who has never tasted death tell you there is nothing after life?

My story is unlike any other.  I will only say at this point… life goes on… the soul lives forever.  Every memory, every hurt, every wound every evil… a living hell for all eternity.  What shall I compare it too? Being trapped inside yourself in utter darkness unable to escape unable to find your bearings.  Like falling into an endless pit, no one to hear your cries for help.  If I could put it into reality I would say it is like being in a coma, fully aware but unable to move as though trapped forever with no hope of relief.

I found myself breathing my last breath.  In that last whisper, I cried out to a God I did not know if he cared or even if He was real.  The Death took hold of me.  All I can remember is having a feeling of being carried in some ones arms.  I was screaming on the inside, “LET ME DIE!  But obviously I was not heard or “IT” did not care.  I was trapped in the endless darkness with no reference to time.  Tormented in my mind, trapped in terror of the unknown.  Conscious and unconscious at the same time if that is possible.  Long story short I found myself FACE TO FACE with JESUS! The rest of the story… I have been resurrected to life and compelled to returned to tell the world the WHOLE TRUTH!

This is the beginning of my purpose!  I have no other purpose but to reveal the truth; the truth that has been hidden for 1000’s of years, twisted by the ignorant and has kept many from the peace and rest we were created to live in this world and the time to come, for all eternity.Placeholder Image




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