Choose this day… To eat from the Tree of Life

What glory shall we find in the truth.20161116_160407

As I was in worship and prayer this morning, taking my communion with the Lord, what revealtion comes to my soul.  As I was declaring by His stripes we are / were healed.  Suddenly I see a vision of my Heavening Father disciplining me His child to purge the error of my ways.  Not to be cruel, unjust or in anger, but because He loves me he corrects me so I dont stray farther and farther away from His presence.  He reminds me he can only protect me if I stay near like a child clings to his or her mother or father. God is not a cruel father who beats his children mercilessly, but corrects with love.  Just as we correct our children after a warning unheeded… consequences come.  My children are the better for the discipline I gave them as young ones… as they grew into teens… I only had to speak and they were quite aware I was watching even when they thought I was too busy. They even learned that God sees them when they are not within my eyesight… for the Holy Spirit would reveal in my spirit when something was amiss!  I would not attack them the moment they walked in the door… but waited for an opportune moment … what I will call a teachable moment!  To answer a question with a question that stopped them dead in their tracks.  Wondering in awe how I could ask such a question when that was not the subject at hand… still it was rooted to the idea.  They began to volunteer confession because God would tell me anyway… so it eased their conscience to admit there sinful errors than to be burdened with hiding them and working laboriously to keep them covered.

So how much more is our Heavenly Father so good to us. I desire to be corrected quickly, knowing the longer I go without correction… the deeper and farther I will wander away from my Father’s presence and end up lost in utter darkness where every enemy is lurking to devour the lost, blind, deaf and dumb… not being able to find our way back out of the darkness without a light.  Blinded by darkness, deaf to the Father’s voice, who is calling for us…  he leaves the 99 to find that ONE who has wondered away. Dumb… unable to speak, cry out, call on the name of the Father, the Son, our big brother and the Holy Spirit our comforter because fear has made us silent.

I weep… for the patience, grace and mercy the Father has for us.  We are so … rebellious and ignorant. GOD FORGIVE US.

We have taken that scripture so far out of context it renders us unaccountable for our words, thoughts and deeds… Yes he is forgiving… when we repent.  His Word “Jesus Christ ”  reminds us… REPENT AND BE SAVED!   Not… go ahead trample my grace under foot and take advange of my love for you and I will overlook it… Does God expect us to overlook our kids’ sinful rebellion. Are we commanded to discipline the child early, quickly so teach him the way of righteousness. The way he should go.. the way that is right.  A child left to himself brings shame to his parents.  God himself is our example… he disciplines those he loves. For the Greater Good.

Those 39 stripes are 39 tests we must endure spiritually to become like Christ, strip away the flesh. Work out your salvation..  it’s not a free ride for wickedness to enter into heaven.  He is holy, we are commanded to be holy… that does not include a sinful heart, mind, mouth, eye, ear, hands or feet! We can not be that ignorant of Gods Word to believe the lie… God took away the Word, who is Jesus, so we can be a bunch of hell raisers in heaven…thats how Adam and Eve got kicked out of Eden… Are you better than them…? Think you are better?  We choose everyday to eat from that very same tree … head knowledge over Gods Spoken Word… written down to remind, teach, instruct and encourage us in the way that is right. The way that leads to life and life more abundantly. AMEN AND AMEN!

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