Once again I find myself in amazement.  As I read Hebrews 8:12

Jesus says… I will forgive their  iniquities and remember their sins no more.

Now what the Holy Spirit is saying is not how we normally translate this passage of scripture.   Come see the truth… for the truth will set you free. Man interprets this passage as forgive and forget.  But it is a spiritual application.  God already knows our sinfulness.  What he is teaching is this… I your God choose not to “REMIND” you of your sins… one step farther…  I your God choose not to remind you that I forgave you of all your sins… I your God do not hold those sins that I forgave you over your head and keep reminding you that I forgave you!  Does anyone feel convicted?  Do we remind people… you did this and  Hey I forgave you … so you kind of owe me… Scripture is clear to remind us where we came from… we are not sinless and we need forgiveness… the evil eye focuses on sin, the good eye focuses on good.

So what is God says to us… I choose to focus on your good traits, good deeds, good thoughts and good words… if there is any!!!!    A bad tree can  not produce good fruit… Again… sin breeds sin and righteousness breeds righteousness.  Bad company corrupts good character.  Birds of a feather flock together… get the message?

No one can teach what they do not know or should I say understand… people can mimic and parrot; what they heard but teaching is opening up the understanding to grasp what is being said.  God teaches us what he himself does… he abides by his word and never asks us to do anything he is not doing already.  He commands us to think on whatsoever things are pure and lovely, honorable, trustworthy and true… don’t dwell on people faults, weaknesses, sins, failures and the like. Those negative things weigh the heart down and draw people into darkness and oppression; feeling rejected, abused and unaccepted… WORTHLESS.  Even when we do sin God wants to restore us, not kick us out of his family. We of course must choose to repent… turn back to him and follow his instructions, rules, laws, teaching… whatever you want to call them to ease your mind of legalism.

Like humans there are house rules. God created rules to protect us and keep us safe just like we do our children. When we are mature we have more freedom because we are able to bare the consequences of our sin… understanding we have no one else to blame but ourselves… kids can not reason this out.. by kids it has nothing to do with a number but maturity.  Some people just never grow up!

So the goal is to forgive and not remind others that you did this to me and I forgave you even though you do not deserve it.  Remember … what you do to others you are going to reap double and triple.  We will reap what we sown, either from people that God allows the devil to use to torment, abuse or oppress us the same way we did others.  Remember you brought it on by the seed you sewed.  Don’t go sewing fig leaves to cover it up… Admit it and repent, make amends if possible.  It is so much more restful to not react to what others do because you will actually have compassion on them knowing…. Oh my… They are gonna get it now… they have no idea what they are doing is opening the door to the enemy to enter in and reek havoc in their life.   In part, do everything you can to close that door. If they reject your kindness, then trust me they will suffer. Your part to bless your enemy has been accomplished.   Live at peace and be like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… do not react to the enemy… Just stand your ground stand on the Word it is power and it has authority, now use it.  Know that you know that you know God sees all; knows all and is JUST!


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