He is the Light and His Light dwells among us and in us if we will make room in the Inn of our heart and mind.


Ever wonder about why some celebrate Chanukkah?

In my time in prayer and worship this morning I was not seeking answers or questioning Why God Why?

Instead… I was telling the Lord how awesome he is.  I was asking him to show us mercy for being too busy with Christmas shopping and all the drama and forgetting to spend time with Him.  After all… we proclaim Christmas is all about Christ.  It seems we have gotten things backwards lately.   Christ — mas no matter how you celebrate it is turned into a fleshly demonstration of greed and gluttony!  Sorry to those who do keep Christmas “holy”.  There are 1 minute devotions for those who are so busy they need a special bible to remind them to take one minute to remember God is our Savior. Not just one day a year but every day.  Whether you believe it or not, he is always seeking company, fellowship, a visit from his children.  Parents complain their kids do not want to spend time with them…. Have they reaped what they have sown?  I have learned our children are an image of us… Our relationship with God and others.  It astounds me how many are so very oblivious to God’s desire to commune with us.   He would perfer to dwell with us or even better in us.  So, what am I trying to say… In the midst of this conversation with my Beloved Savior He reveals a beautiful sight.  Those menorahs we all make fun of the Jewish nation for keep Chanukkah… There is meaning to everything the Jewish people do. Our ignorance keeps us from respecting what they do to honor God whether in ignorance or with understanding in the spiritual meaning behind every written word and action.

As I see the menorah with its 8 branches it comes to mind how Revelations speaks of the 7 churches. Each having their own lamp… But Jesus is the center of those churches with a lamp all his own.  That center lamp/branch lights all the others… And as I mediatated into the deeper things written in the scritptures… Oh my goodness.   Each of these churches has a place in time. When I went back to seek the order in which the churches are listed, I found a profound mystery playing out today… The last church is exactly what we are experiencing today… Laodicea the lukewarm church.   The church is full of people but not workers. It is noted 10% of the people do 90% of the work… Astounding isn’t it… Everyone is all about the fun but nothing about the work that needs to be done.  We are a busy culture… Everyone has to be somewhere!   So if we can’t be still long enough to serve in the “church” that reveals a whole other revelation… No time for God at home.  God wants a family not a text message not an email. God wants our heart like a lover, brother, friend and even a coworker… God is willing to reach out to great length to spend time with us and we ignore his hearts cry.  That menorah we mock at the Jews for keeping so holy… We should be the ones who are ashamed.  We can’t see those 8 branches refer to the 8 days the oil never ran out.  Gods anointing never runs out.  8 days represents those 8000 years until the new heaven and the new earth will be manifested on the earth.  I can hardly contain myself… The 7000th year / millennium 1000 years is going to be amazing in and of itself… But the new heaven and new earth… Oh my… I am raptured already just thinking of the wonders I will see as I will walk and talk with my beloved Savior everyday for eternity.  So even though I am not a Jew by blood… I am a Jew by faith.  I have seen the truth of the mysteries of the holy days that man has corrupted in some fashion.  Today I am more determined than ever to Stop… And to make time… Set apart time…. To just Be… Be still and know He Is God! He has never failed to speak to me when I consistently set time aside to be with him.  I say this to encourage others… Discipline is a great friend… To spur one to exercise the divine privilege we have to enter in to fellowship with a very gracious God… Oh the joy that fills my heart to know him face to face.  What wife or husband would not want to be intimate with their spouse?  Sorry… For those of you who do not enjoy your spouse… I am grieved…. because I once was married and miserable!  Never in a million years did I believe I would carry that DIVORCE LABEL!

We do not know what tomorrow holds.  I live today as though it was my last.  I want to leave a good mark in the world on someone’s heart and mind.  I want everyone to know they are loved, they are valuable and they have a purpose… I was among the walking dead but now I am alive.  The light has come and opened my eyes to a world unseen by human eyes.  I dwell in that world even though my flesh is physically here, my spirit and soul are always in the presence of a holy God.  He delights in me and I in him.  To know him is life changing he is not words on a page… He is alive and active and he is wanting to dwell among us and through us… To reach out to others.

This season… Not a holiday but a HOLY DAY set your heart to seek time away from the world and all the chaos… If there is a will there is a way to be still and know him… Get lost in his love and be healed spirit, soul and body.  Today is the day! If you hear him calling your name… If you hear a knock at the door of your heart then run don’t walk and open the door of opportunity to find the light of the world waiting to take you up into his presence and reveal his glory to you.

Blessing to all… I pray the Holy Spirit will visit each and every soul on earth this Chanukkah season… Eight days of light the Light of the World living among us drawing us to himself.  Time is short… We are in that last church age right now… And though he has left a remnant of each church for us to see and witness among us… Oh what awaits us… It is so glorious… the garden of Eden… The garden of delight… A place hedged in, set apart from the world, where nothing unclean, unholy, uncircumcised or uncrucified can enter in… Its safe to say…. We are safe there in his presence.  We can rest and be at peace with him, others and ourselves!

Again, I say  come… Come into the family and fellowship with the Savior of our souls.  May all have their needs met this year and be blessed to overflowing to be a blessing to others.


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