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I have a bone to pick with the false teaching with the Word of God.  So, I have sought out truth.. praying and seeking God for the absolute truth.  He is truth and he does not lie so I know I can trust him to be honest even if it hurts.  This is what the Holy Spirit has revealed and believe me it is a test of great proportion when are faith is put to the test.

I would like to challenge every believer to look into the Word of God; Old and New Testaments… now, everywhere you find the words… commandments/ law/ instruction/ teaching/  my word… ect … Now Enter the word JESUS!    If you can successfully do that what is your conclusion?

Now I ask you one simple question?  How can anyone say we are no longer under the law?  Jesus is the law! He is the beginning and the end of the law, because He has all authority, He is the  Law Maker!  He has the first and the last Word!  To be so bold as to say you are not under the law is to say you are lawless!  That makes you an accomplice to satan the LAWLESS ONE!  No one can TRUMP His Word, You can not argue with God and come out unscathed!  Remember satan was cast down from heaven… like lightning I might add… that’s fast… faster than the twinkling of an eye perhaps!  God does not tolerate rebellion!  His kingdom is a kingdom of righteousness not sin, uncleanness, rebellion and pride.  No one is righteous in his sight.. that leaves one thing… The BLOOD!   With out the Blood we can not have atonement or  the Holy Spirit.  Without the Holy Spirit we can not be convicted of sin nor can we know Gods heart, mind or will.  We can not grasp the spiritual things without the Spirit… OF GOD living in us.  God forgive our pride and ignorance… From Genesis to Revelations your Word remains the same… REPENT AND BE SAVED!   Who do you think that was meant for?  Those who have sinned. Salvation does not give anyone the license to sin… on the contrary… we are called to be holy because He is holy… to purge our fleshly nature, put away the old sinful and fleshly man full of worldly knowledge and understanding.  Be a new creation… imitate Christ.  Life is so much better so much more peaceful… we find rest for our souls even in the midst of chaos.

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