HEBREWS 10:10 He offered his body as a sacrifice?



In my passion for truth God always speaks with his heart to me.  He sees my hunger that food can not satisfy.  He quenches my thirst with living waters that cleanse me inwardly and purge away all the filth.  I am refreshed alive and made whole again.

The Holy Spirit teaches mysteries of the Word in a way I can understand and grasp… and apply to my life. So, here is another piece of Living Bread to chew on.  Reading Hebrews chapter 10 I come upon a treasure.  He offered His body up as a sacrifice to cleanse us from all sin.  Sounds simple as we were taught, Jesus paid it all.    But the revelation is so much more deeper than the ocean.  Ponder this as the Holy Spirit rightly divides the Word.

Scripture plainly declares more than once … We are the Body of Christ!  So if he offered up his body to be purged… that is us!  We are being purged by stripes, bruises and beatings in representation of what happened to Jesus to reveal it will come upon us! Why else are we told to bear our cross, to be crucified,  purged, washed!   Death to the flesh! They washed Jesus body before burial because it represents us being cleansed purified of the flesh… sins of the flesh.  We are Buried and  Resurrected a Spiritual being like Jesus… made into his image and likeness!   Now I can say… What did Jesus do? He walked a victorious life!  He walked in Authority and Power,  righteousness, truth, love, forgiving and showing mercy and grace to those who are yet fleshly and being tormented by sin… satan’s tormentors having free will to afflict our souls.  He came to show us the way… how to crucify our fleshly thinking, seeing, hearing,  speaking, feeling, doing and walking… just reacting to all the enemy throws at us… and we take the bait!  Remember he, JESUS, was bearing wounds to all these areas of the body!  Most of us will admit… others will not but we all bow down to suffering.  We give in when we should be standing upright against sin!  When the going gets tuff… We buckle under the load. That heavy cross we bear is sin… rather than bearing up the cross, we fall down… we need others to come around us and help us carry our cross, not tolerating sin but to help us to crucify our flesh!  We need back up!  The Holy Spirit is the greatest helper we have to strengthen us under the load of suffering.  But dying is a good thing… don’t be afraid to let the flesh die… what waits on the other side of breaking the fleshly desires of sin is a peace you can not utter with mere human words.  It’s like a rapturing of our soul into the Garden of Eden. Ponder Psalms 23 and 91.  V for Victory!  Victory over sin.  Revelations is all about victory over sin!  We overcome by our testimony, the Word of God written in our Hearts and minds but the POWER is in speaking out loud!   That is why there is emphasis on the SPOKEN WORD! I could preach for all eternity and never empty out the cup of God’s wisdom.  Everything on the earth reveals what is spiritual.  God will not be mocked just because we are blind and ignorant of his infinite wisdom.  I pray some one reading this will find their salvation in Jesus, the Living Word of God, sent to us to show us the way to salvation. He is the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God, from the beginning to the end God’s Word remains.  He is the Way the Truth and the Life!  No one can come to the Father except through him!   No flesh can see God and live… Why?  Because God can not look upon sin and not Judge it!  The perfect reason he sent his Son who is just like him.  Some of our children resemble a parent or relative like a twin… the reason some people believe in re-incarnation.  We are to be like him!  When others see us they should see the glory of God not us.  Do we give God a bad name?  Confessing our faith but not living it… Jesus called them Pharisees “hypocrites”,  white washed walls, a brood of vipers with poison in their mouth because they bite and destroy with their words.  Crucifying our outer man is hard enough but the inner man is a fierce battle of the wits!  It is unseen until it explodes violently like a dam, a volcano or hurricane.  It destroy everyone and everything in its path.  The aftermath… a loss of life!  Grief and sorrow are its benefactors.  Their inheritance is emptiness consumed inwardly by the deep valley of nothingness.  Only the presence of God can heal death with Life. Life in Christ… Emmanuel.

I am a VICTOR!  Though I have many wounds and scars from my past, just as Jesus did… He said, “These are the wounds I received from my friends!”  How true…  friends and family can be crueler than an enemy. They can be your worst enemy because they know your weaknesses and your past. They use them as daggers to stab one in the heart.  But glory to God… He has the Breath of Life waiting for anyone who calls upon his name for salvation. Let today be the day of your salvation call upon the grace and mercy of a compassionate God who was willing to endure suffering here to be an example to us how to follow in his footsteps … CROSSOVER and walk on water with him.  Cast out demons, heal the sick, make the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the lame to walk… be His vessel… allow him full access to every area of your heart, mind and body and see what He can do!  Its not easy… hard is the way that leads to life… few find it.  Be one of the few today.

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