1 Peter 1:22 Immaculate Conception!

There is no greater love than for one to lay down his life for another.


I am amazed how the Holy Spirit reveals all truth from the natural into the spiritual realm to apply to us here and now beyond the physical human understanding.  As I spend time in the Word on this day we celebrate the virgin birth of EMMANUEL,  is it not more proper for God to reveal the truth of this beautiful miracle of our Savior and Lord who came to live among us.  Is it so impossible for us to believe that in the same way he came into the world, he desires also to come dwell not just with us but in us.  As I read 1 Peter 1:22 and the words leaped out to my spirit. A REVELATION has come to a head!   What a choice of words for the Holy Spirit to use.   I will try my best to create an image for the human mind to conceive the truth of the spirit of God’s Word.  I pray the truth will be passed on to all who desire to be born again of the spirit. 

Our first birth was not of our choosing. We do not get choose our mother or our father.  Our birth is a physical birth by man’s input (seed) into a woman, referred to as sperm; the head of a man (manhood) the lust of the heart, a sexual head so to speak. 

BUT…  Secondly, it also refers to the seed sown into the soul by man’s religion, soulish as it is, it is based on man’s head knowledge ( however good or corrupt it may have been)  what he was taught by his parents is what he lives.   Man’s knowledge becomes his own wisdom upon which he stands.  His mind directs his faith; what he believes and what he rejects as truth.  This is rooted within him and now becomes his authority what rules and dominates all his decisions ( good and bad).

Then we have a Third, this is man as a leader whether in gov’t, religion, education, entertainment or business.  Man rules and governs what he is the head over.  As I see gov’t control religion, beliefs, worship, traditions and works within the church body, I am ashamed to say the church has become the image of the gov’t and business.  Looking carefully they lead with the head and all its pawns (hands) and minions (feet) doing all the work without pay!  the Word clearly says a worker is worth his wages and do not muzzle the ox threshing the grain. Our gov’t does the same thing… volunteerism work without pay.  To make matters worse, the church is now being run like a business, buying and selling, making merchandise of man’s infirmities, weaknesses and hunger… in spirit, soul and body.   Man is now making a business profiting from sin.  So, perhaps this is why we are not seeing the church manifest the signs, wonders and miracles in the church as it does outside the church.  The body of Christ is largely a  spiritually and physically sick church. The church is feeding the outsiders and starving the siders.  What I mean is that the people are starving for spiritual food. They want to know how to destroy the enemy! They want to learn WARFARE!   They want to understand the Power and the Authority they have that is rightly theirs by the Cross, salvation, crucifying the flesh.  Redemption opens the door to learn and possess all these spiritual gifts and the church is hiding it from the common man.  The lay people are out there in the world…HELL ON EARTH… and they have no armor, no weapons for their warfare!   They are sitting ducks, moving targets the enemy is having a blast playing target practice with the souls of mankind. Lambs without a spiritual shepherd to guard them, left to the wolves.  The devil has nothing to gain but to hurt the FATHER by keeping his children imprisoned, wounded, tortured, suffering and in lack… all this creates doubt, fear, worry, grief, sorrow and separation from God the Father.   Then we have the other half, they are the hierarchy, full of pride and arrogance. They are the head; the body is the tail… Sorry but the truth hurts!   I see it in every church.  We are not to lord ourselves over one another.  Jesus is the HEAD no one else.  We submit to him alone and put no trust in men who are human.  Our work is to keep ourselves pure and correct error when we see others in sin that harms the whole body, which is impossible without the HOLY SPIRIT!   We have been duped!  We believe the lie… they say the gifts are not for today or even worse they are for the leadership!   Its a lie… it is for whomsoever will!  Its all part of the CHOICE!   We get to choose how much of God we want.  Do we want to be Slaves of God (that have to obey)?  Do we desire to be Willing SERVANTS for God’s kingdom (that want to obey)?  Do we wish to be a FRIEND of God (like Abraham) he talked to God face to face.. awesome right?  Think again he was tested with sacrificing his beloved son!   He went to war with the enemy and won, That takes practice!  What about being a child of God, sounds easy enough right?  Think again.  A child has no rights even though he dwells with the Father. He has RULES/ LAWS/ BOUNDRIES to abide by and should the child disobey what happens???? CORRECTION!  It is only a mature child that gains his freedom because he is found trustworthy, faithful, obedient and has a desire to learn the Fathers business. GOD does not raise lawbreakers and rebellious heathens that do not obey the law/ The House Rules.  By the way those kids are satan’s seed, unholy seed.  Any house that has no rules (upheld by the head of the home) is a house of chaos… it is true.  I am a witness.

I have a word that will bring HOPE to the HOPELESS!

We can choose a SECOND BIRTH!   The Bible clearly says, “be born again of the Spirit”!   Now REMEMBER… Mary had no involvement of man in anyway to conceive and give birth.  The Angel said,”The Holy Spirit will overshadow you and you will give birth to a Son”.  Now let me translate what the Holy Spirit says.  We represent Mary.. the Bride of Christ.  When we choose salvation through Jesus death and resurrection we are choosing to allow Jesus to crucify our flesh… what I mean is spiritual and fleshly.  Look at the Word closely… Mary said, LET YOUR WILL BE DONE UNTO ME, I AM THE HANDMAID OF THE LORD.  Mary endured much suffering being looked down upon for fornication.  She had no proof a man had not slept with her except that she retained her virginity, something inward not seen with the natural eye.  We also have no proof that we are saved by the grace of God.  SO, the evidence comes as we begin to show in our pregnant state the growth we are making in producing fruit.  9 months of growth representing the 9 fruits of the spirit. Each fruit in its month according to Revelations.Tthe Tree of Life bears 12 fruits.  What 3 fruits are we lacking?  Perhaps Faith, Hope and Love… but the greatest is … LOVE?   As we all know some give birth prematurely and lose their fruit and some of us can’t seem to bring that fruit to birth… This is what the Spirit reveals… the WORD OF GOD is that seed planted in us the moment we come to Salvation “conception”.  But.. are we growing that fruit by nourishing it with the Word of God?  Are we drinking from the River of Life?  Are we eating from the Tree of Knowledge… (what man says) OR the Tree of Life (what God says).  The Word is fleshly to those who live by the flesh and we bear fleshly fruit!  UGH!  But when we allow the Holy Spirit to “over shadow” us and literally “overcome” us  there is a change in us, undeniable.  We become a Spirit being resurrected from death, the empty, unfulfilling life we once lived. All our efforts futile in making us right with God or before God.  As we allow the  WORD who is Jesus to strip away the flesh just as they stripped away Jesus’ flesh to reveal the true nature of man’s heart and mind; what he thinks and feels is exposed in the natural, in public. Man does everything in his human nature to hide his weakness, shortcoming, faults, failures and ignorance.  Working hard to cover himself with fig leaves (his own works/ efforts) to hide his shame, sin and nakedness.  For without the Holy Spirit “overshadowing” us we remain naked and exposed without a spiritual covering  and we can not dare to approach God and ask anything of him.  He is Holy… He desires a holy family, holy children; what the bible calls The Holy Seed!  What we give birth too is such a joy to us… spirit, soul and body… we are RAPTURED UP in complete and utter Joy of the  Lord!  Nothing can touch us.  Its like being in love for the first time and nothing else matters but the love you have for the beloved.  It is all you talk about, think about, pursue, put all your time, money and effort into just to connect “be one” spirit, soul and body… sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it… but to the one who is in love… no height, no depth, no storm, no person, nothing anyone says or does will change your mind or take your love away from the beloved.  This is what God desires for his Bride.  He will go to great lengths for his Bride.  The best part is the honeymoon never ends!

Today, if you are missing that kind of love… God is waiting for you.  He has enough room in his heart of love to accept you just the way you are and then love you so much you want to change. You want to please the one who loves you as you learn what real love is… hardly what we experience here on earth, so fleshly.  Everything in the natural reveals a spiritual truth. It is all around us.  We just need the eyes of our spirit opened to see clearly… like spiritual glasses to see beyond the natural into the eyes of God, to see what he sees and be in awe and wonder.  One can not help but worship God who loves so deeply he is and was willing to put aside his own laws to save those who were and are ignorant of the truth.

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