Rightly dividing the Word


          Do we have authority over others free will?  Did God ever command us to take over and dominate others?  

          I search scriptures and find no where do we have the right to force others obey us.  Only within the family do we have authority over our children until they leave home.  That… is a whole other blog in itself!   But as I read over the scriptures I find we are always given freewill.  Of course there are consequences to our free will.  The only place I find that we have authority to dominate anything is the spirit realm.  As a believer we are given authority over demons and the power to command those things that are not as though they are!  

         We have the breath of God in us … if we have been filled with the Holy Spirit… so we have the same ability as God does to speak into creation and bring forth exactly what we say!   We are created in his image and likeness.. we are spirit beings… once we crucify the flesh and become a resurrected spiritual being.! This does not happen overnight!  Even Jesus was resurrected the third day!   He had to do some warfare in hell and take back the authority we handed over to satan by obeying his voice instead of God’s.  Still today we repeat the same mistakes… we listen to the devil… speaking to our fleshly mind, body and heart.  We succumb to its desires.  Hence we sin!   So, if Jesus had to do warfare why do we believe we can continue in sin, obeying the flesh,  if we say we are Christ followers!   What does this mean?  Christ means- anointed one- so we are the ones who “follow” the Anointed One. But what did Jesus do to the disciples?  He anointed them to go out heal the sick, blind and lame, raise the dead and cast out evil spirits. Now, I have learned this is as much physical as it is spiritual. To heal the SPIRITUALLY: sick, blind, deaf, lame naked, homeless,, poor, widows orphans and fatherless and so on… but go as far to resurrect the spiritually dead!   This means conquering the lies we believe.  This means being a light… to ignite the fallen sparks and dying embers.  I will even go so far as to say we have the fire within us to ignite the dry wood.  This in turn creates a forest fire.  When many little lights come together… it creates a greater light.   Now we have to admit… do we put out lights or do we light them… do we pour too much of the  Living Water on them and cause a lot of smoke that puts out the little fire, or are we like an uncontrollable fire that rages out of control… producing a fog that burns the eyes… so no one can see clearly the way out of the fire and they all die of smoke inhalation!  Self control the last of the gifts to learn because it is the most difficult.  We try instead to control others and get angry when they rebel!

           Its Chanukkah this week and my thoughts are always on the light of the menorah. Why because Jesus is the light that lights our candle.  That light burns for 8 days. I have learned 1 day is as 1000 years and 1000 years as a day.  So that must mean Jesus will keep a light  burning for 8000 years.  This 8000 year period will begin the new heaven and new earth!  Most already know the 7000th year will be the millennium  reign of Christ.  Can you imagine 1000 years of  satan no longer provoking, tormenting and afflicting us?  Peace will rule along with justice! 

            I want everyone to know you have authority if you are full of the Holy Spirit anointing.  I would not dare to throw a new baby Christian into battle with the enemy… to be eaten alive and ripped to shreds.  Only a prideful person would think himself/ herself so highly to battle satan without the anointing, teaching and guardianship of the Holy Spirit.  Yes, the bible says we can but a spiritually mature person can discern what to do; how to do it and then let the Holy Spirit do it!   A wise man will allow the Holy Spirit to fight the enemy spirit to spirit. It is not flesh and blood that we war against… but powers, principalities, dominions, ruler in high places that have been given authority over areas in God’s kingdom.  We do not come against their authority but against their wickedness against us, the righteous!  The wicked have no hope to escape… unless we are interceding for mercy for that individual to be saved.  Other than that God can not help the wicked without permission.  As a sinner we gave up our rights!  God watches and he allows the enemy certain limits to us before and after salvation.  When we intercede we use the weapon of the Word and the blood!  God promises to back up his Word when we stand firmly rooted and will not take no for an answer!   God said and I believe!   Yes it is that simple!   We must be very careful of our words.  We can void God’s Word on our behalf just by speaking foolishness.  I always tell others to pray for God to open their ears so they can hear themselves speak.  It is an incredible gift to hear how stupid we talk… haphazardly!  We must REPENT!   These gifts we seek are for us first, then once we have corrected our error by re-training our mind and heart not to react but to act, then we are sent to teach others what we have learned the hard way!  There is always a danger of pride when we forget it was not in our own strength or head knowledge that we have victory over the enemy.  It is the sheer mercy and discipline of God. 

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