Upper Waters and Lower Waters

Who can know the depths of Gods love but he who has drank from the River of Life!


The water is so peaceful.  It brings tranquility to my soul.  The sunlight on the waters casts its spell on me and I seem to enter into my own world of heaven on earth.  I have made it a lifestyle to set aside time to sit and be still by the water , no matter where I must go to find it or what I must to to create it.  I was created to garden and within this little kingdom of mine I can create my world just the way I like.  Flowers, trees, birds and the bees, let’s invite the butterflies too.  I find that in the garden I have a peace that surpasses all understanding.   Yes,  I love to weed too.  It makes me feel as though I am defeating the evil and conquering the enemy that invades my kingdom. I have control over something in my life that I can choose whether it shall live or die!  

We all have those moments… When things are out of our control.  We can not control what others choose to say or do but…. We can choose how to react or act.  I have learned a little secret… Never react to what the enemy thows at you.  You reveal your weaknesses when you react.  If you do not react he can’t tell what provokes you to anger or lust.  The funniest thing is that he can not read our thoughts but he can hear our words!  So, I have learned to put the truth in my mouth.  I am not talking about facts I am talking about truth.  I have learned the truth is what is absolute… God is absolute… He does not change… He is merciful and just all at the same time.  He gave me a gift, a gift of revelation of sorts.  I am not wise but the Spirit of God is!  If I allow him full access to me, in me, through me then I have his mind, his will, his heart and his love dwelling in me.  The most important thing I have learned…. Is to empty myself of myself and let him possess all of me!   Most people do not like the word possess but it is good in Gods hands.  He has taught me to trust his Word because he is not a liar. If he says he will do it he will… But only if we do our part… That’s where man struggles and even falls.  I remind God of what he said, not what I want…not what I think.  So it has to be!  He can’t lie, right.  So if I do my part, as put my trust in what he said, then he must keep his Word.  This is the game changer!  We get so caught up in begging God for “things” we forget…he already knows what we need and if we are asking because we are selfish, greedy or lusting for something that will turn our heart away from him.   As a parent I did not always give my kids what they wanted. WHY?  Because I knew… From experience… That somethings are just not good.  They appear good but in the end it leads to all kinds of trouble.  We know the saying,  “Be careful what you ask for you just might get it”?   Well, God knows if what we ask for is for our good or if it will harm us.  He is being a good father and protecting us from harm.

So the point of this entry is to share a revelation that has come to me.  As I was reading 2 Peter 3:5 it occurs to me from my study of Hebrew there is a mystery hidden in the water. From the beginning God separated the waters above and below.   We are told this is the waters we call the atmosphere or clouds and the lower waters of course is the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams and fountains under the earth.  But in a spiritual application… Waters represent wisdom. What I understand is there is upper and lower levels of wisdom.  What are they but human earthly wisdom and upper heavenly wisdom.  Scripture confirms the wisdom of God surpasses our human understanding.  Who can grasp the wisdom of God but he whom God reveals himself to.  That upper water wisdom is so deep…. Deeper than the ocean waters that reach down beyond our ability to travel.  So is it a coincidence that Gods wisdom is so deep we can not navigate it in our flesh.  This is what makes it so difficult to understand the Word of God.  We understand and read with our head knowledge.  We are foolish compared to God and he truly has a sense of humor when it comes to confounding mankind. Science thinks it can prove God a liar… But every time they fail God gets another point.  How long has man believed the earth was flat?  How long has man believed we have evolved from animals?  I have to laugh within myself… I am a witness that man has not evolved he is still quite foolish in that he allows his animal instincts to rule instead of the divine nature.  It is impossible to possess this divine nature without God.  When a soul receives his spirit we now have a choice to mature or to stay the same.  He have the freewill to allow  him to dwell in us spirit, soul and body or just as head knowledge.  This wisdom is what holds man back from the true nature of God.  We have been duped!  We are told all you have to do is believe in God and you are instantly changed.  But if that were true than Satan would be changed!  But scripture plainly says satan believes and shudders.  Do we shudder at the sound of Gods holy name?  We have become so irreverent toward God as though he is mere flesh like us.  He is holy and he commands us to be holy! What does that mean?  To be set apart for God.  Like the the tribe of Levi.  They had a whole diffent set of rules to follow compared to the common people. So why does the church believe we can go on in willful sin and not crucify our fleshly nature?  The flesh desires sin. We can say we don’t but some part of our inner man does desire sin… Whether revenge, anger, lust, selfishness, cursing, adultery, lying, stealing whatever the sin a part of us desire to sin.  It is only by divine wisdom, drinking from those upper water fountains that we find ourselves convicted of sin. No one likes that feeling of guilt so we make excuses and tear the Word of God apart, crucifying Jesus who is the Word made flesh, trying to justify our sin by declaring GRACE!  To declare grace and then continue in sin is like trampling under foot the precious blood of Jesus.  Ouch!  I do not want to be standing before God when that charge is bought forth.  Without repentance  one can not be forgiven.  Jesus repeats time and time again… Repent and be saved!  From Genisis to Revelations the same consistent word is being spoken… Repent and be saved.  That is not an old testament law it is truth.  It does not change.  

To prove this point let’s look at scripture from the spirits view.  Look at creation the division of the waters. Now look at the Red Sea also a division of waters.  Look farther you see the Jordan also a division of waters.  Once again, look at the Sea of Galilee this is the first time we see walking on the waters… no division!  Man is no more divided in his wisdom of truth.  Those walls of water on the right and the left are what scripture plainly tells us not to turn to the right or the left but keep our focus above on God! Once a soul is no longer divided … Deciding who to believe God,satan or self.  To wholly trust God… allows one to be a victor over the enemy’s lies.  No longer does the devil have any power over you to make you obey his voice.  When we sin we are heeding his voice not God’s. When we are confident in God… In the Spoken Word we begin to walk on water.  The wisdom of God gives us the power and authority to have victory over fear, doubt and worry.  What did Jesus do when he crossed over the lake?  He cast out demons, he was walking in authority not divided in his ability to do what God tells us to do.  Never did he say I hope this devil listen to me or I hope this person gets healed when I pray or rebuke the sickness.  “I hope” is a seed of doubt but hope is not doubt its meaning is to have a expectation of a good outcome.  Your know that you know is the mind set to have.  I can’t fail because God backs up his Word when we speak in and with authority.  We speak not of ourselves but in him who is greater than the enemy.  With authority having a confidence the devil is nothing but a bully picking on the weak, sick, burdened  and the immature! A bully never confronts someone if  he can’t win the war.  This is the reason he cast all kinds of bait to us to see what our weakness is.  Then he wears us down by constant blows in the same area until he breaks us.

The whole point of this is that scripture tells us Jesus turned the water into wine!  That reveals the victory … Crushing our enemy’s under our feet by the authority of the name of Jesus… We now have the Joy of the Lord filling us to overflowing çapacity!  We celebrate our victory even so to the point we live a raptured life here on earth.  It is wonderful and amazing to feel the freedom and joy in knowing the enemy has no power over you! We  must know the enemy has to obey the Spoken Word.  He can still use others but you have the freedom to react like a heathen or act like a king and priest!   A victim or a victor.  Its like when someone says something to hurt you and you know its a lie you actually have to laugh in their face.  No one can make you believe… you choose to believe the lie or the truth.

So now I encourage you to drink deeply from the River of Life!  The Living water that comes from above!  It comes down to us by the Word of God.  That Word may be literal in the past but is all spirit for us today who are born of the spirit.  All things are spirit when the spirit of God has full possession of every nook and cranny in our heart and mind, linking our eye, ear, mouth, hands and feet to the head! We can do nothing without the brain allowing it, even if it is habitual, like auto pilot, we just repeat the same thing without thinking. The only way to break the cycle is to create a new counter attack.  Stop and arrest the autopilot mode and learn to do the opposite. Over come evil with its opposite. That is Satan game he took everything God meant for good and turned it to evil. Our job is to restore it, turning it back to good.  Be the light!  Be the truth! One must fill him self with the truth to know the truth then put it into practise! God gives us plenty of that and we get mad at him! He is just trying to get us to the point it becomes auto pilot to do the right thing, the good thing and the perfect thing naturally! Overcome evil with good! Bless your enemies because if they do not deserve the blessing it returns to its sender! Just as scripture says an undeserved curse will not rest upon the righteous… it returns to the sender! So for your own good, do not curse anyone! God commands it for your Good! He is judge, he decides who deserves the good and the bad, the blessings and the curse.  Don’t invite evil into your life! Life is hard enough just trying to crucify our own flesh without crucifying others! Do unto others what you would want God to do to you or others to do to you! Good produces good and evil produces evil you will know a tree by its fruit! Be blessed and be a blessing that all your days will be full of righteousness that will be your crown for eternity!

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