Revelation Bride

My beloved is mine and I am His… Come Lord Jesus… Come. Your Bride awaits at the door


I don’t know about You but the truth just keeps unveiling itself the more I dwell in the Word of God.  As I was double checking scripture from  1 John in reference with Revelations I do believe the Lord has a Word for his BRIDE!

It occurs to me that John is the Beloved of Jesus… Exact words are… the one Jesus loves.  Where else do we find that  in scripture but The Song of Solomon.  If you don’t know by now this is a book all about how Christ loves the Church, His Bride!   But what is even more interesting is that John is… “TAKEN UP” in the BEGINNING of Revelations!   Can this be a sign?  Let me convince you of more facts. John is the only disciple who was not killed he was “exiled” out to an island called Patmos which means to tread upon.  Is it a co-incidence that there were 12 disciples and if they were sent out by 2’s that means there were 6 these represent the 6 churches in revelations.. the 6 that were not perfect before God.  He, God found fault with the 6.  the #6 represents the Hebrew letter VAV it means …the nail, hook or tent peg,  but also represents mans rule for 6000 years. God has given man to rule the earth for those 6000 years, and look at the job he has done… As you can see in Revelations, God is not pleased with man for what he has done to the earth and all creation.  But lets look at the 7th church the church of Phila- delphia the city of brotherly “AGAPE” love… God found no fault in them and they will be spared the tribulation period.  Now link this again to John the Beloved!   Amazing how scripture is connected to reveal truth!  Now lets look at another picture.  John caught up!  sound familiar… can anyone say RAPTURE!   While he is seeing the vision He is weeping.  I find  myself turning to the Book of Esther!  John is seeing and interceding for the  unrepentant  corrupted defiled church that is left behind !  I find this same occurrence in Esther. It is revealed to her that her people are going to be destroyed and she goes into fasting and prayer. Then risks her life to go see the king without being “called” or  “invited” into his Presence… ARE you seeing what I am seeing?   She falls down faint from the countenance of the King!  Here is where the church fails. We have been taught to bold approach the throne of God.. but are we going in pride, uncovered… I mean without the blood of Jesus… I mean without being purified of sin!  You can not enter into God’s presence on your own good works. Without the Blood of Jesus you have one sentence… death!  Of course, there is the angel guarding the enterance to God’s presence so good luck getting past him first!   God is holy ,do we keep him holy in our heart?  I find most of us are so irreverent of how great our God is!  God have mercy on us for treating you as a common man!   Yes, Jesus walked among men and the Holy Spirit dwells in man… But by all means God is God and he will not tolerate disrespect. As he has told me before and he will not have to say it twice… “You can ask anything as long as you are respectful”!   What a Father!  I love Him so much!  

Any way back to the scriptures … I was talking about Esther… Reread Esther. She dwelled in the Kings house!   You think that is a co-incidence?  As we all know the King granted vengeance on the enemies of Jews!   Oh my! I see it unfolding before my eyes already there is a price to pay for siding with the enemy!  If this runs its course vengeance will come upon the enemy’s of the Jews for 2 days  or 2 years of the tribulation!   Mean while the True purified virgin bride is keep safe.  Again Esther took time to purify herself before she was even chosen to marry the King!   Get the picture?  She was waiting and ready if the King should choose her she wanted no spot, no wrinkle to make her appear unworthy?  As we know John was not among the disciples when they were being persecuted!  I do believe the Bride who has kept herself from sin … repentant before God, has no habitual, willful sin will be kept safe.  Scriptures repeat over and over, God is looking for a bride without spot or wrinkle.  One who is holy and cleansed from all her impurities!   Yes, I do believe the blood of Jesus covers and atones for sin but we are required to repent… turn away for sin and return to God.  All kinds of prophetic words and parables point to this very truth!    So John is no longer with in the worlds system he is set apart for God! Because he clings to the truth and will not depart from it.  This is the virgin God is seeking.  Now back to the disciples. They went out by 2 and yes they were very successful in planting the founding churches but they are now corrupt as you can read from Revelations and even the prophets speak of an adulterous wife!   Now if the church was founded on 2 witness as scripture says let everything be confirmed/ established by 2 or 3 witness… then if the church is divided it has 2 heads that do not agree.  We know scripture says anything with two heads is abnormal; a freak so to speak.  This can refer to being double minded, double hearted or double eyes or ears.  Other words, the church is yea and nay! But the church that is in agreement becomes 1 they are in unity.  This represents the bride and the groom consummating their marriage!

Now  get this double whammy!  The testing of JOB is similar to the tribulation.  Look at it carefully. Job first lost the animals and the children!  The animals represent the sacrifice for sin. Job made regular sacrifices for his children in case they had sinned while feasting, celebrating and getting Merry!  No sacrifice open the door to the enemy. What does God call a sacrifice pleasing to him… Praise and Thanksgiving!  Go back and look at the 7 churches they lost their praise and worship of god and got into all kinds of fleshly works and deception; committing adultery with the world!   We can not be doing things in the church like the world does.. That is not how Jesus commanded or instructed us to build his house. It was Love that build his house.. the reason why the Phila-delphia church had no corruption /defilement against it.. Love Cover a Multitude of Sins.  Does any one out there get this… We the Church are missing it.  So in turn we will miss the rapture if we do not repent and return to our first love!   Remember job was put on a bed of suffering he lost his wealth, health, peace and rest.. even his joy faded away!  Now how does that reveal each of the churches at fault.. Pretty incredible that poor Job suffered for our future revelation!  That we might heed the warning and be healed from our iniquity and arrogance in sinful behavior!   Does it seem odd that Jobs 3 friends were his worse enemies and that even his own wife did nothing to encourage him in the Lord!  Think those 3 friends represent false prophets or hypocrites!   What more evidence do you need!  Pass this word on and Blow the Trump!  Warn the people where you live, work and travel.  Repent and be saved!  Worship the Lord with a heart of Love, devotion and sincerity!   The time is short! Rise up… today is the day if you hear him knocking at the door of your heart open the door and let him in. Let him purge your house… cleaning it from top to bottom… inside and out!  Love him and get to know him by spending devoted time with him not 1 minute devotions… what spouse would tolerate 1 minute intimacy!  Bingo!   That is a sure fire way to end up DIVORCED!


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