The Year of the Mouth

Be careful what you say you just might get it…


As we approach a new year I see a prophecy coming into play! The year 2017 in the Hebrew is the year of the mouth.  the Hebrew year 5777 represent the fulfillment of grace 5=grace  7 = completion. now we have 3 consecutive 7’s that is completion spirit soul and body.  the time is drawing near, the trump is being blown to the 4 winds to gather God’s people together.  the number 20 = head, to think or reason!   17 = the mouth, to speak.  this means we should think before we speak because we will have what we say!   Scriptures are innumerable about our words and speaking.  They are seeds sown… but are they good seed or bad seed?   The harvest will be the proof!  I can not tell you how many people have scolded me, over the Hebrew teachings.  They want nothing to do with the Jew because they killed Jesus or refuse to believe in Jesus! They are ignorant that the BIBLE was translated from the Hebrew! The disciples were Jews and they preached the old testament!  We seem to think they had a new testament in Jesus day!  Jesus was a Jew! he preached the Torah= the old testament! This is my response to those people… would you want to be hated because of something your ancestors did that you had no control over?   If we are truthful we have a history… from the crusades, the native Americans, witch hunts, slavery, the holocaust,  women’s rights, abortion, homosexuality, vulgarity, porn and the list goes on and on… we are all guilty because we live in this nation and we have not gathered together to stop any of these atrocities.  We have a say… with our mouth and with our vote and we let the rich rule over the multitude of people. The gov’t is to be working FOR US not us working for them!  In the beginning our leaders were NOT PAID! It was volunteer position, where they were provided for by there own business! Now just because they have a big mouth that roars like a lion but in actuality they are but few and powerless; we give them more power when we sit back and do nothing and allow them to bully us.  Like satan,  the beast, the false prophet and the antichrist… they speak proud things and the foolish believe every word.  “We the People”  have a voice but remain silent.  This year is time to change the future. Lets rise up and let the world hear our roar!  We can pray and we can encourage and bless, we can over come evil by speaking and doing good.  We can speak the Word and IT WILL BE according to our faith!  

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