The truth about replacement theology!


This will be the most intense Word I have gotten beyond my normal ability to fathom.  I procrastinated for a day, letting my spirit, soul and body come to terms with what was revealed. I needed peace and rest after my time communing with the Lord.  But the more I procrastinate the worse I felt.  Tonight as I was going to begin my worship and prayer time I was reminded quite abruptly not to approach the Lord  in worship and prayer until I had obeyed and revealed this Word He gave me.  I fumbled in my mind how to begin to translate what has been shown to me.  Still, I am speechless at the amazing goodness of God.  The more I know him the more I love him. I feel so small in his presence I can hardly lift myself to worship and pray. I know how the prophets felt when they fell down as though dead.  I need the Holy Spirit to possess all of me so that I can worship such a holy God who calls me to himself… just to delight in my worship and hear the prayers of intercession for all mankind. 

So here I am… I will do my best to translate what was given to me that has overwhelmed me spirit, soul and body.   Maybe no one else will see it or grasp it but spiritual eyes will see and understand and hopefully be in awe and wonder of the greatness of our God’s wisdom hidden in the Word of God.

I can not even remember what I was reading, researching, praying or journaling… I just suddenly found myself in the midst of a vision outside of myself.  I heard a voice saying, “I saw satan fall from heaven like lightening”!   It took my breath away, as I know this scripture very well.  I saw Lucifer standing before God in all his beauty and glory. Knowing he once was the chief archangel of worship.  I can hardly imagine the music he made… knowing how God created music to sooth our soul and transform our minds when we put our heart into singing a song to him.  I found myself seeking the scriptures that describe Lucifer, Ez 28. As I read all the precious jewels that covered him in setting of the purest gold , I recall these stones being in the Pectoral of Judgement that the High Priest wore. Each stone had one of the tribes engraved on it to remind the High priest he was standing in the gap for the tribes of Israel.  Then a flash memory came to mind; these same stones are in the foundation of the New Jerusalem.  Now I am hooked to find the similarities.  As I feel the adrenaline flow I feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking faster than I can write.  I can not find the scriptures fast enough so I set myself to just journal everything then go back and find the scripture.  By this time I realize Lucifer had lifted himself up in pride against God.  He was actually able to persuade 1/3 of the angels to side with him!   I can not imagine how but it apparently is possible to turn ones back on God after knowing who he is and seeing him face to face.  As I keep seeing the vision of Lucifer falling from heaven burning up like an object hurled through time and space I see a burnt figure ugly as sin, like a stone put through the fire charred and black as black can get.  Imagine a meteor falling to the earth if that helps.  Now I see and feel, there is a void in heaven. What is this void?  The  Chief Worship Leader has been cast out of his position.  There is a vast silence in heaven!   So what does God do?  He sets man in Lucifer’s place.  What do I mean by that?  If you go back to scripture the High Priest is dressed like Lucifer was… in beauty and splendor the Word says.  Now the High Priest enters in as the Chief Worship Leader standing before God to intercede for mankind.  If only we had known this was Gods plan for worship… why he commands us to worship him. Because he delights in the beautiful sound of worship, adoration and praise.  It lifts His Spirit on High and turns is fierce anger away from us.  If I could only let others see what I see… We would never be the same again!

Let me show you more… scripture says… satan/ Lucifer walked among the fiery stones. This is none other than the lamps in the tabernacle and temple of God. Those lamps represent “US” the Church and the Jews of Faith.  Revelations is clear… God will remove the lamp of the wicked who refuse to REPENT and worship Him as God!   He even goes so far to say he will remove the lamp of those who are in sinful behavior who refuse to repent and turn back to God and Worship Him Alone!  The 7 churches are an example to us … A WARNING!  God does not over look sin! 

Let me show you more… God drove Lucifer from the Mt of God!  What is that?  This is none other than the High Place of Heaven.  But here on earth God again brings his kingdom to earth. How many times have we read in scripture of Moses, Elijah or other prophets; even Jesus ascending the MT to pray or talk with God?  There is something magnificent to this mystery.  It reveals ones desire to go up higher to know God. One hungers for more of the spiritual things than the earthly things… remember the valley is not a good place to be… Ps 23 the Valley of the shadow of death, also Lot went down into the fertile valleys of Sodom and Gomorrah,  again the Israelites went DOWN into Egypt and what happened to them all… BONDAGE!  There are so many more passages to confirm this teaching. God is speaking to us and we have been blinded by the False Grace Movement!  Grace does not over look sin,  Grace is Gods patience with us to give us time to REPENT before judging us!   The old testament had no grace. If your sin was found out You Paid the price no exceptions.  God even then showed compassion on man!  How?  By giving man animal sacrifice until Messiah would come and restore what God had intended from the beginning… man communing with God.  Satan/ Lucifer has been stripped of all his glory and authority!  Good News!   Problem is … we foolishly allow satan to tell us we have no choice to sin; we can’t overcome sin or temptation or control our flesh.  The Word of God, Jesus says other WORDS!   He says… by the Power and Authority of his name you have the strength, ability and authority to resist the temptation!  Now man has been given authority over satan!  He, satan is made a spectacle and laughing stock to all creation when we take our authority and render him powerless over us. We don’t allow him to bully us and tell us we don’t have a choice… we always have a choice… we just have to live with the consequences of our choices!  We can suffer for doing good… Jesus says we will, because they killed him for doing good… for claiming to be Messiah!  Ignorance is not bliss!  Ignorance will get you a one way ticket to the lake of fire!  Sorry, but the truth hurts. 

Another fact.  Satan desecrated the Sanctuary of God.  That temple has two holy places this has everything to do with mans mind… the Holy Place and the heart… the Most Holy Place!   The enemy is always working against us in many ways. We leave the doors wide open to the place God wants to dwell …our  heart and mind. These 2 direct the rest of the body in right living. If  we can purge our house, the mind and the heart God as full access to every area of our life. 

      Satan was reduced to ashes… we read in the Word that God will trample all his enemies under his feet!  So why are we allowing our enemies to trample us under their feet?  God has made us kings and priest in place of satan and his band of fallen ones.  God has a remenant in place… to replace the 1/3 of the angels in heaven…. he uses man… only those who turn from sin and become holy as He is Holy!  You see why God commands us not to sin?  He does not want to kick us out of his presence as he did satan.  We have the opportunity to be seated in high places with Christ!  Those who follow and imitate Christ by crucifying the fleshly nature = living by feelings, emotions, head knowledge and strong- willed stubbornness… to do it our own way.  Our wisdom is foolishness to God. That is plain to see in this revelation.  God has a bigger picture than out mind can see in its nothingness!   I find there is a mystery at work in us when we crucify our flesh and circumcise our heart… we are resurrected here and now on the earth!  We can live as though we have been raptured up into the presence of the Lord here and now.  All it takes is discipline!  A dirty word to the Church of hyper grace.  The power and majesty of being still… entering into worship, praise and thanksgiving and to cut off any desire to see evil, hear evil, speak evil, do evil, walk in evil, entertain evil and even tolerate evil … Oh what a life of peace and rest we can have.  Yes, people still have freewill to do evil but the resurrected soul knows all things are good if God allowed it. The Blood Barrier of Jesus’ precious blood can not be broken through by any demon.  Only the Father can allow things to happen through the Blood.  Know this secret… EVERYTHING HE ALLOWS IS FOR OUR TEACHING! CORRECTION! OR FOR HIS GREAT GLORY!… ALWAYS TO DRAW US NEARER TO KNOW HIM MORE AND MORE.  UNTIL WE FINALLY REACH THE LIVING WATERS, THE TREE OF LIFE AND EAT THE MANNA FROM HEAVEN DAILY WITH THE FATHER ,SON AND HOLY SPIRIT !  NOW THATS HEAVEN!  IN THIS LIFE AND THE LIFE TO COME.

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