Do You Trust Me?

God’s laws are perfect and good. They perform exactly what we sow into the soil of our heart, mind and mouth.


What do we do when things do not go the way we plan?  What do we do when the ones we love turn their back on us.  The worst of all… what do we do when the one we trusted the most stabs us in the back?   We pray. We cry out to the Lord…why Lord why?   So as we seek God for understanding and comfort we wonder does God care? Does God see?   This I pray will bring some relief to the fears and doubts that we all endure as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death… WE WILL FEAR NO EVIL!   I have leaned the hard way to trust God.  When you hear that voice that makes you realize, Yes, God does hear my cry.  It is the words that grab hold of our heart and our ego… MY CHILD, DO YOU TRUST ME?   When God speaks it has a way of getting our attention and opening our conscience to the truth. God is love!   If we are secure in that love we know that we know that God is good all the time.  We learn by trial and error we can trust God.  If we fail he is still faithful.  When my faith wanes in times of utter loss I find myself drawing nearer to the only One I can trust, my Savior and Lord.  My heart being so tender toward his love for me, as I learn the depths of his goodness and how he works behind the scenes to bring all things for our good. My job is to keep my focus on him and not allow emotions feeling and my own head knowledge to tell me what is real and true.  I know truth is found in God’s Word.  I keep my eyes searching the Word to encourage me and build up my faith in what God says not what man says or what my flesh says. 

Now, I live this out time and time again.  I hear that still small voice saying, the joy of the Lord is my strength. I hear the Holt Spirit speaking the Word to my soul in the most subtle ways that it catches me off guard and I am ashamed, knowing the Holy Spirit knows my every thought he comes to halt me in my meditations of fear or doubt. I can choose to stop and heed or to ignore and keep waking down that dark path into the valley.  I have found my place on the top of the Mountain.  It is there that the enemy is not allowed to tread. It is there I can worship without interference from the enemy speaking lies into my mind and sinking into my heart and creating emotions that cause me to stumble.  The key is to stay out of the darkness by not allowing any one or any thing to speak into our mind or heart that give life to sin.  We know sin does not please God.  Sin is turning you back on God to walk away from what he says and to listen to what another is saying.  This becomes an idol if not severed. We begin this way of life listening to others more than God.  How it breaks his heart to watch his children walk away from his house, covering, provision, protection and blessing.  He is the only one who can protect s from the enemy.   He gives us freewill.  we leave the Blood covering and we are exposed to all kinds of attacks.  We walk about naked and know it not!  We become the victim of foul play.  We do not intend to do the unthinkable but some how when it happens we wonder how did we get there. 

My weapon of choice is the SWORD of the Lord!   I mean the Word of God!  it is mighty to divide soul and spirit, separate us from God or the devil.  It has power to divine light and darkness… hence a rainbow.   It has power to reveal the truth and a lie.  Some times when we can not break through fasting may be necessary!  fasting is not starving oneself to force God to answer your pray. Fasting is putting everything aside( forget everything and everyone)  to seek God’s heart and mind to know him more and more.  For us to open up our spirit to God, so he can reveal what is in us!   We hide things deep within our hearts and minds. Things from our past that hinder our progress in the future.  The other great weapon of our warfare is praise!  God loves praise, Who does not love praise.  It moves him on our behalf when we sincerely tell him from our heart just how much we adore him. 

So when things get tough, get ready to go to war against the enemy.  Bless the Lord, do something good to someone else in need and show them the same love you desire from the Lord. It is written… what you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.  You receive what you sow, measure for measure, seed for seed.  you can not sown sin and reap blessing.  You can not sow gossip and reap praise. You can not sow anger, hatred  or revenge and reap love, honor or kindness.  You must sow what you want to receive. Be blessed in the wisdom of the Lord!

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