He is Here Among Us

They knew not the Day or the Time of there visitation and they missed it!


   I am led to stop everything and give this word from the Lord.  My heart desires to be with him, yet he desires to use an emptied out vessel  where He has full possession to do his own will without interference from the flesh.  How many can say they have emptied out all of their own will, desires, dreams and goals for the Holy Spirit to do the witnessing, praying, interceding, healing and “visiting God’s house”?  What do I mean by this?  We all think we do allow God to use us.  This is true but what does God desire and what we allow may be to strikingly different ideas. 

When I got this Word/ revelation I was simply journaling my experiences for the day.  I had questions as I always do.  My question to Him… “Can I let go now?”  He sternly replied, “No!”  The place where I have sent you is not purged, the enemy still has a place there.  I almost choked knowing the place well.  I have kept my armor on longer than usual lately and I cling to the Lord in worship, prayer thanksgiving, praise and intercession.   I am reminded I can only take my armor off when I am in His presence.  Knowing full well he meant absent from the body and my spirit in caught up into his presence.  But even this is limited to a purged house where the enemy has been expelled and guarded by the Word and the Holy Spirit.  Those 2 Witnesses, Guardians of the ark of the covenant keeping watch over the Word to perform it when spoken in faith.  I am covered in the Holy Spirit as my flesh reacts to the spoken Word… when even the hairs of my head tingle for the energy flowing through every fiber of my being. Who can deny His Presence when he is everywhere?  We strive to see with our natural eyes what can not be see in the natural.  We need spiritual glasses “so to speak” to see spiritual things. 

As I journal and commune with the Lord, I am awestruck by a response he gives to me in that voice that gets my attention and ignites a fire in me!  THEY KNEW NOT THE DAY OR THE TIME OF THERE VISITATION!  I know this verse well as I am always expecting  Him to visit me at any moment to test my willingness to drop everything and be still and listen to what he has to say. Many think they can not do this because they work. It is a lie.  All He asks for is your full attention.  He has taken me up while at work and spoken to me and when I come to myself some how I had finished the work without being aware of any effort within my own self.  Its wonderful to be in 2 places at the same time!   I laugh at myself because I rarely get a good reaction from anyone about these visitations.  If I can put it in human terms, I would have to say the closest I can compare it to is daydreaming or when you are driving and can’t remember how you got to the place you were going. You ask yourself, “Did I run red lights?  Did I stop at the stop signs?  Did I go the speed limit!”   Well, maybe not everyone asks that question, just me! 



This is how the Holy Spirit speaks… The Father is seeking anyone in these last days to fill with His Holy Spirit.  Not just to be filled but to purge that house and make it holy… holy for Him to dwell in every area of a soul and body.  Most only allow the Holy Spirit to have a small room in there heart.  That room is cluttered with things stored up from the past that the Holy Spirit has no room to get comfortable. Every time He wants to move the flesh aches; rises up speaks wicked, evil, critical, condemning, and destructive Words that silence the Holy Spirit.  The flesh overpowers the spirit of a man when freewill chooses to do so. The Holy Spirit is kind, gentle, meek  (9 fruits of the spirit) and never forces anyone to allow him to rule or work through them.  God is all about freewill, we choose how much God can use us.  We literally have to give him permission to use us in any given situation.  Hence the scriptures say to invite him into our heart, mind, will and body. 

Let me say it this way. God can use anyone… but we have to allow him or invite him in to use us.  Now from here He looks first to purge that house.  I do not know to many people willing to live in a filthy house… so why do we expect a holy God to live in one?  When the Spirit goes out to minister  YOU are a faithful, trustworthy witness and testimony.  Who would believe the testimony of a liar, a thief or a swindler,  ect.  We must be found to be a “practiser” of what we preach unless we achieve the famous name of HYPOCRIT!   Who wants to listen to a hypocrite, his word is not valid.  So lets say you have purged your house! Now, God will bring about situations, trial and troubles upon you to reveal the heart of others?  Can you remain steadfast in your faith?  I mean not complain, blaspheme or take revenge and speak unclean things or do ungodly things… will you maintain righteousness… Will you do what is right no matter what the fleshly eye sees?  Will you trust what God says? Now remember he has not told the individual what is coming or what he is doing.  Now, you are in need of help!  You cry out to the Lord,  “Where is the God Whose Word says…( fill in the blank).  Will we stand on the Word or will we fall into unbelief?  Will we keep our peace and the Joy of the Lord?  Will we allow the enemy to speak lies into our mind and meditate on what the enemy says?  Will we let it sink into our heart and produce all kinds of emotions that lead us away from the Father not toward the Father?   So now you must depend on man for help?  Yes, God uses you; he uses others to help you.  Now, who will help?  Some may help out of their excess it brings them no effort or inconvenience…  as a matter of fact they are usually the ones who will remind you that you owe them for helping you.  Then we have those who will actually use your need and make a profit from it.  As long as it benefits them they will help and why not gain something from it too!   Ugh! The thought is repulsive to the Holy Spirit and He is the Fathers heart.  Lets go on… then once in a while you will find someone willing to help you in your time of need when they actually have a greater need than you do!   They put aside their own needs to meet your need and not only that but, they make you feel like you are blessing them. They treat you like you are better than them. Serving you and letting all their needs go unmet.  These are the ones the Father is keeping for his kingdom.  Not those who say, “Lord, Lord did we not cast out demons in your name, we healed the sick and so on…”   their heart was not right with God. They were like Cain, their offering was mingled with pride, greed and envy.  They are of the synagogue of satan, yet they call themselves Christ – followers.   Revelations is coming to pass right before our eyes and we miss it.  Judgment begins with the house of God, the 7 churches!  We are his house, We house the Holy Spirit.  So, He judges us not just on Sunday morning in church when we fall asleep or refuse to worship him as God, but also in service, to help in the church and to give into the work of the kingdom.   It is “NOT” to make extravagant buildings that need to be maintained but to reach out to the hurting house of God.  We are His BODY… at this point we have spiritually blind, deaf, ignorant and immature children of God who are suppose to be the mature adults who lead disciple by example.  We have  spiritually withered hands, broken legs or arms, cripples, paralyzed, sick, dis-eased and infirmed people in our own body and what do we do but give ourselves… all our effort, strength and wealth to the wicked. They who have no desire to know our God and plunder the church.  They mock us and spoil us and receive a double blessing in that they not only make us poor but spend all our energy praying for healing and deliverances when they have no intention of converting to know our Savior who bore all sin and suffering to reveal God’s great love.  We actually cause the Word of God to fall void in the earth when we pray for those who extend no faith in God’s ability or WILLINGNESS to heal all things… spirit, soul and body!  The Father grieves because only His Spirit knows the heart of a man.  He will never think of wasting the precious holy name of His Son on the wicked (satan’s seed).  This is the key to discernment of spirits.  We must allow the Holy Spirit to use us and move in the anointing. Those who have experienced the anointing know that we release the HOLY SPIRIT to go be whatever He needs to be to reach that hurting soul. We are foolish to believe we only have one gift when the Holy Spirit is the keeper of the Gifts.  We let him do the work and He uses all the gifts; any time, any where, any way and we do not restrict him in any way to hinder the outpouring of the anointing and healing. We will not allow our flesh to rise up and say, “NO” to God.  Embarrassment is the devils weapon to shame us into not doing something we are not even doing… the Holy Spirit is doing it! 

REMEMBER!  the angels that visited Sodom and Gomorrah, they were on assignment from God.  10 could not be found in the city!  the 7 churches reveal only One found perfect the other 6 where SICK spiritually!   And if God tells John they need to repent or he will remove their lamp from his presence I do not think that means their sin is overlooked by grace scriptures!  It was jezebel and Balaam who led Israel astray.  A false twisting of scripture. You must know the Word by the Spirit to know when your being CONNED!

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