Entertain( be kind and hospitable) strangers for you know not if they are angels unaware… giving an account of your life.




I had a flash of a vision while driving today; doing my errands that kept me busy enough.  I hear a voice speaking; knowing the Holy Spirit’s sweetness I turn my attention to Him.  He speaks a scripture I am familiar with… “And  you will be like angels… my servants  who will do my will,  fire will come out of your mouth to devour the enemy! I am excited and confused all at the same time.  I suddenly recall the Hebrew and Greek meaning of angel.  Both are similar but differ a little.  The Hebrew word for angel depends on the angels purpose.  An angel can be a messenger, a warrior, a guardian, a worshipper, a servant, a healer, a destroyer and an ambassador.  Each angel has its calling or duty and does not turn from it.  Sounds a little bit like the Body of Christ does it not?   Co-incidence?   Not in Hebrew. Now the Greek defines angel as a messenger, a prophet/ teacher, a servant, an apostle and preacher.  Now that too seems like the Body of Christ.

I have been on a journey lately where the Lord has used me in very uncomfortable situations. But when I gave my self to him to use any way he needs to use a vessel I meant it. I can not say I always understand what he is doing or to what purpose it will have but… I trust him implicitly.  He has put me in a place of need in order to reveal the heart of man.  He has always provided for me and I do not doubt for one moment that this season is a test.  Not just for me but those the Lord sends me to.  Where He wishes to go I can not say I am excited to be that vessel in that situation but I do it because I love Him and He is seeking vessels to occupy to visit mankind face to face.  Perhaps this will help some one grasp what God is doing “in” the earth as well as “on” the earth.  Abraham talked with God about Sodom and Gomorrah.  The conversation was such that God had come down to see if the outcry against Sodom was true. So He sent 2 angels to go check out the city where Lot happen to be dwelling… no co-incidence… it was probably Lot crying out to God, DELIVER ME FROM THIS PLACE or perhaps, JUDGE THE WICKEDNESS OF THE WICKED!  God heard his cry.

Another scripture says simply…. what you have done to the least of these you have done to me.  What we do to others we must realize we are doing it to God.  What I mean is if God’s Spirit dwells in us then everything we do to ourselves and to others we are doing it to God!   A little eye opener for those who “do” ungodly things, “look” at ungodly things, “listen” to ungodly things, “speak” ungodly things, “feel” ungodly things and “think” ungodly thoughts… God is a witness!  We wonder where God is when we need him? How can a holy God dwell in such ungodly vessels? He can not!   He sees through our eyes, hears through our ears, speaks through our mouth, works through our hands, travels by our feet and he even feels what we feel!  Now that is surreal!

So if you think about the spirit and the body being one then it is not so far fetched to understand that we are Gods angels in disguise too!   This is how the Spirit showed it to me.  When a Holy Spirit filled person prays in the spirit and By The Spirit; meaning the Holy Spirit is doing all the talking, not you!   Sometimes we enter into a vision or a dream state and see someone in need, we may be helping someone, laying hands and healing someone, maybe we are praying for someone in a foreign land. I have often been in Israel praying at the Western wall.  They know me there but I do not know them.  They talk to me and I have no idea what they are talking about.  They tell me they see me there every day praying.  I have personally never been to Israel but I feel like its my home until I reunite with my Beloved Savior.  I have also seen visions of several churches as though I was in the actual real church worshipping as I always do at home.  Things happen that I know in and of myself I can not do.   But needless to say the experience is real, so real when I come back to myself I feel like I have been through world war 3!  Perhaps spiritual world war 3.

Now the Lord spoke with me and revealed He is among his people. He is visiting his people and they are unaware of His presence… which does not please him at all.  He tries to make himself known but what he says is… “My “so called” people whom I have invited into my house to feast with me are too busy to come commune with me (parable of the feast).  So I have decided to go visit them and commune with them.”  Ugh!  I can feel it coming… He needs to use me to gain access to the people he wishes to visit… He may be using you if you are not aware of it you lose out on a wonderful blessing and opportunity to see how God works through your eyes, ears, mouth, heart, hands, feet and mind. You will see what He sees and feel what He feels.  You will know it is Him because you know it is not you speaking.  The words just come out with out any input from your mind… its quite awesome and I enjoy it as I know I am not responsible if the person rejects the correction or the blessing.

I can confidently say that I have seen people who were there 1 minute and disappeared into thin air. I now know this is a visitor.  We call them angels but what if as the Holy Spirit revealed to me… It is a Holy Spirit filled person praying in the Spirit having an out of body experience but to him it only seems like a dream or a vision.  Accept or reject what you want.. But when you see with spiritual eyes you live in the spirit, see with the spirit, and the spirit is reality rather than this natural world.   We know things are not always as they appear but we are blinded by our fleshly instincts that like an animal we leave off reasoning and just REACT!  Consequences are huge!  The first words out of our mouth… I didn’t know!   Yes, we don’t know in the flesh, but we can know by the Spirit.  Every spiritual gift is unseen but manifest in the seen.   Seeing is not believing … Believing helps you to see!

So the next time you see an angel, it could just be God using man’s spirit to transport him like he did Elijah and Philip to minister to someone else in need of help, encouragement,  comfort  or correction.  We have not because we ask not.  This is what I hear from the Holy Spirit.  Man wants the physical things because he has tangible proof.  It makes me wonder why he needs tangible proof?  To show off?  to brag?  to judge others or make others feel lesser?   Perhaps this is the reason God keeps so many things hidden.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe in God’s heavenly host.   We have them all around us even though some can not see with the natural eye.  Its like that invisible friend we all talk to when things don’t quite go right!   We admit we cant see that invisible friend but we just know that friend is listening!  Its that friend that sticks closer than a brother.

Be very aware of God using friends, family, co-workers and strangers to test you, prove your words and your faith.  Do they line up?  Do you say one thing but do the other.  Is what you do for the love of God or to gain praise from men to gratify the flesh? When I have been in several situations I literally felt the spirits dwelling in the house walking around freely and people feeding it like it is a “god”.  Shall I say it is like treating an animal better than you treat a human?  Yeah I see that a lot.  I am an animal lover so do not judge me. But God frowns on destroying a human life with words or deeds and giving more rights to an animal than a human soul!   I have listened to people preach the gospel to me then turn around and purposely provoke someone to sin.  Oh God have mercy because now Not only has God seen it, but I am a witness to it also.  I will have to stand up and give an account to what I have seen that person do.  That’s not a good thing when it comes to knowing your testimony can send someone to hell.   This is why Jesus spoke adamantly about REPENT and be saved!   Repent is turning away from sin and asking for the Blood of Jesus to be applied to BLOT OUT that sin from your record!  Your book should only have blood stained pages on that day when we will all stand before God.

Beware… there are angels among us watching.  They too will be a witness before God… Oh my, my heart aches for the Body of Christ.  Be holy Because the Lord your God is Holy!    He makes his angels winds and ministering servants flames of fire, pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night  They go where he sends them to do his will to assist those who are to inherit salvation. His kingdom is a Kingdom of Righteousness, love, peace and joy in the Lord.  May you now and forever be aware of God’s presence among us and in us until the day he calls us home.

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