Bread and the Wine

You were created to commune in fellowship with your Creator, to eat and drink from his hand the goodness and blessings he longs to share with you.


I believe in the taking of communion> I have been taking communion every morning and evening for several years now under the leading of the Lord.   In the beginning … It was to remind me that Jesus paid it all.  I was going through some very dark times… my tribulation period!  And yes it lasted 3 years…

As my time progressed I was taught an ever advancing message of the communion cup.  To this day he reveals yet another new teaching to the communion time.  Tonight as I remind Him of what His blood means to me… the Word of God, the Manna from Heaven, the Bread of Life, my daily provision for all I need spirit, soul and body… he is the reason I can walk upright and full of love, joy, peace and rest.  It is the blood that protects me from the enemy having any access to my life spirit, soul and body!   That precious blood that was poured out for me so I can enter in to communion/ fellowship and walk in the garden once again with my God.  That blood paid for my sin, my past, present and future sin. The Blood is my suit of armor I put on every morning to prepare me for the day ahead.

The helmet of salvation to cover my head : mind and my eyes are focused ahead not to the right or to the left.  it protects my ears so I can not hear anyone but the voice of my Lord commanding me this is the way walk in it.   Then it guards my mouth… miracle of miracles.   I keep my mouth under wraps not reacting to what I see hear feel think or the places I must travel.   What joy it brings me to know its all covered under the blood.

The breastplate of righteousness belongs to me as a gift.  It is given to those who come into service for our God.  Without righteousness the enemy has every right to condemn us and retains the right to curse us. He becomes our authority when we choose to take off  the breastplate of Jesus righteousness and rely on our own!   That breastplate is given to us to protect our heart from the lies of the enemy!   His words can not sink down into our heart because the helmet blocks his words from sinking into the heart so we maintain  righteous attitude not in pride but in gratitude.  that belt of truth girds up our loins to fight the good fight of faith.  We will not believe the lie that leads us to the tree of knowledge… head knowledge kills.  When we trust what we know against what God says we will eat the fruit of our ways… that old devil is still out to deceive with the appearance of light but its a false light… see a difference between the sun and a light bulb?  We must know the Word of God; to know when the enemy is creeping in to twist the truth and lure us off the way of truth and life.

The Sword of the Lord is a weapon not to be taken lightly.  The Word spoken to me is to never ever lay down your sword never take off your armor except when I am in His presence… I am to be completely vulnerable and exposed to him to teach, correct and reveal himself to me. The Sword is the Word of God. We use it to defeat the enemy to cut and sever any strings attached between light and dark, truth and lie, life and death, good and evil.

The Sword is to bring life, save a life, defend life not to destroy life.  The only thing we destroy is the enemy.   The only way to destroy the enemy is with the Spoken Word!   Over come every evil with the Truth, the Word of God.   If the devil does evil; do the opposite, counter him with his opposite and checkmate, he loses every time. Satan has taken every good thing God created and corrupted it. Now, its time to turn the tables and use the good to overcome  and destroy the evil.

The Shield of faith is the piece we stand behind when we march forward day to day.  The enemy can throw all the fiery darts he wants. They can not stick to the shield nor can they penetrate the shield!   Good news for the believer. If we only knew how powerless the enemy truly is we would laugh in his face.  He is only a voice!   Spread the good news the devil can not force us to do anything evil.  When we can not resist him it is because the flesh has more authority than the spirit.  The soul stands back, out of the line of fire, waiting to see who wins, so he knows who to listen to.  The weaker always submits to whomever he believes is stronger.  It is truth, no changing the absolutes.  If we believe we can not overcome, then we will not conquer that giant. It will be allowed to dwell in the land of our heart and mind and it will wreak havoc in our lives.

Now, the shoes of Peace.  This is one of the last pieces to put on.  Why because without the other pieces we can not have peace.  Sometimes war is a necessary evil to bring about peace.  We all learned early in our school days not to tolerate a bully and certainly do not act like an easy target. Carry yourself well and they will leave you alone.  Carry yourself like a victim  in fear and worry and they zero in like a hawk or maybe I should say a vulture.  Vultures circle their prey  but hawks zoom down and snatch it up in the blink of an eye.

This is the first things he taught me in taking communion and I have held fast to it. I remind myself of Psalms 23 and 91, Deut. 28 blessing, Numbers 6:24 blessing, Matt. 6 the Lords prayer.  These things keep me anchored in and immovable along with others that he has taught me as I walk this journey of life.

But Now!   The greater deeper meanings come forth…

I am amazed at the greatness of God who wishes to reveal his every expanding wisdom to me.  The Bread and the Wine: I receive a vision of the Cross.  The Word… Come take up your CROSS and FOLLOW ME!   This is greater than we first believed.

The Bread is Jesus, the Word of God.

The Wine is his  blood poured out for us for our atonement.

Jesus died to self will, the flesh saying, “I do not want to die”!  But He submitted to the Fathers will to bring salvation through obedience. The key is to tell the flesh NO and to make it obey the Spirit of God, what God says. Only the worthy can eat and drink the cup! What did Jesus mean when He spoke this. We got it all wrong if we think we are worthy.  The Sons of Thunder thought themselves worthy to sit on Gods right and left.  These are reserved for the Son of God and the Holy Spirit .

What Jesus meant is that Being worthy means being worthy in that you have been chosen to crucify your flesh and lay down your life for God service. When we eat bread and drink the cup we are saying we eat the Word of God and obey it and we drink the cup means we pick up our cross carry it to the place of the skull and GET CRUCIFIED!  We must allow God to strip away the flesh so only the spirit remains!   That sounds harsh but it is actually a good thing. Once the flesh is dead you no longer have this heavy burden to bear. You are now a spirit being Free at Last! What can I liken this crucifying of the flesh?   The whipping post!   When sin leads us astray we suffer for that sin.  Satan has all legal rights to torment, pick and stab at us.

Let me describe it this way… if we eat the Word of God which is the unleaven bread!  Then knowing what is good and evil, we willingly choose to do evil we are now going to suffer punishment for that evil deed.  This is what God calls JUSTICE!   But to those who eat the Word and obey it they have no fear of punishment.  Satan has no right to afflict punish or that would be an INJUSTICE!   Now, Jesus says, “Count it all joy if you suffer for doing what is right”… why because “greater is your reward”!   Now you are counted Worthy to suffer as Christ suffered.  He bore our sin though he was SINLESS!   We bore what belong to someone else… being like Jesus is a greater investment than we realize.

When one takes up his cross he chooses to obey God rather than man… I will refer to Martha and Mary.  Mary chose the greater good deed to sit at Jesus feet and to learn from him.  Martha on the other hand was a people pleaser.  She was upset for lack of being able to use any other descriptive word… she complained about Mary not being helpful in the work that was to be done.  He, Jesus gently corrects Martha and praises Mary’s choice.  I am sure that did not sit well with Martha.  My warning is man will always want you to serve him and slap a Jesus sticker on it.  But God wants us to learn to be still and eat and drink with Him.  If He teaches us, man can do little to persuade us to walk away from God’s truth and Love.  Man will always find fault with the soul that chooses to be still rather than busy at work “FOR THE KINGDOM”   They have not learned the secret… you can win more wars with prayer than you can giving out free food and clothing!

Lastly when we take communion and we know we are not at peace with others we are commanded to set aside our offering and to go make it right with your brother: meaning those of the faith, family, friends, anyone we may have ought with or sinned against.   then come and make your sacrifice. For the Lord, God says, “I desire obedience rather than sacrifice. Then you will be accepted!”   This goes the whole way back to Cain’s Offering.  Cain was angry with Abel.  Cain was envious, so in his offering his heart was not pure but mingled with anger and hatred toward his brother!   God wants us to be obedient because it brings life not death= satan coming against you to inflict all kinds of torment upon you and your family and your life!

This is eating the communion unworthily and repeating Cain’s sin!   Get rid of all that is unclean before you take communion.  God sees the heart and you will be judged if you eat and drink the holy communion with wickedness stored up in your heart or mind.  Forgiveness is to set you free. Not necessarily the other person who probably doesn’t even know he or she offended you or did you wrong.

So now, when you go eat the communion, go with wisdom and do not harbor sin, unforgivenss or wickedness in your heart. be blessed in his presence and his provision in Jesus name I pray AMEN!

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