Adulterated Grace

remember where you fell from and the grace God extended to you. Freely give because freely you received His grace.


I am stirred up in my Spirit!  As I listen to all the “FAITH” preachers teach the masses about God’s Grace.  I believe God is gracious and merciful.  I believe he forgives sin when we repent.  But what I am hearing from the pulpit is lawlessness!   They preach we are no longer under God’s Law.  They say God took away the Law.  What they fail to understand is the Law of the flesh is taken away and the Law of the Spirit is revealed.  The Spirit of God is Love.  Love does no harm to destroy a life but to restore life.  When you love someone you do what you can to keep that person safe. You do nothing to injure the trust,  faithfulness and the union of two hearts.

I can only say what the Spirit is saying to me, and this is quite true no matter how old or young you are.  The Spirit says, Scripture tells of an adulterous wife.  Israel had left her first love and served other gods. She committed fornication with many lovers and gave her wealth to the nations.  This wealth is the blessing of God on the Jewish people.  Israel soiled her garments and became filthy to her husband. Her husband tried to bring her back but she refused to return to her first love.  Now I will reveal what God has done to this adulterous wife… HE DIVORCED HER!   He found a second wife, the church!   Now what has the second wife done but gone off and given herself to other lovers. She is following in the same foot steps as the first wife.  Is it not fair to say God will divorce the second wife also if she does not repent and return to her first love.  Israel had served both God and idols.  God is not pleased with a double heart.  He wants his Bride for himself.  Israel brought in, allowed mixture; serving to masters.  The parables are clear.  Even the prophets foretell of Israel’s apostasy and the church age.

I will declare the truth;  revealed even in the natural human soul.  A marriage is to be honored and kept pure.  What “godly”  marriage makes room for other lovers to enter into the relationship?   What would it be like agreeing to an open marriage where both spouses can have other lovers and still live that single life while married. What if a marriage allowed porn, adultery, homosexual relationships, lying, cheating and stealing. What if that marriage allowed murder, gossip, and slander of the other spouse and their family and friends, would that relationship remain strong, faithful and secure?   Does a marriage tolerate the sinful lifestyle and not suffer separation and division. Do we not confront the other spouse when they have over stepped their boundaries in marriage?     If we then who are human and sinful expect our spouse to be godly, faithful and trustworthy then why do we expect God to tolerate our unfaithfulness.  If our spouse chooses to remain in this sinful lifestyle do we just overlook the violation of the marriage covenant?   Do we continue to tolerate the sin?  What we believe is truth must past the test of truth.  It must hold true in the spirit, soul and body.  It must abide by the same laws in the spirit as the natural.  God reveals everything in the natural to show what is in the spirit of the unseen realm.  Every law has a spiritual truth as well as a natural one.

This is the only way I can explain what I see.  Mankind has become so dull in his understanding.  The “smarter” we think we are the more ignorant we become.  Scripture is clear we are not to be like the donkey or the horse that is stubborn or out of control.  We all know a donkey must be pulled forward and a horse must be held back. The spiritual meaning lies in the wisdom of God.  Man is one of two things when he is out of balance with God.  He is either procrastinating, bullheaded, stubborn and immovable or he is running at full speed ahead without stopping to think about the consequences. So all creation reveals something in the spirit realm about God and us.  What does God do to the stubborn ones, and what does he do to those who rush into things without considering his wisdom?   There are consequences to both.  We suffer in the aftermath, then we want to blame God for all our troubles.  God gave us an instruction book to follow!   This book is to help us make right choices so we do not have to suffer for our stupidity.  No one can convince me that God overlooks sin!   If that were true why is the church sick, depressed, wounded, weak, powerless and without protection?  We are vulnerable to the enemy and we think God has our back (SAMSON).  Scripture is clear all the way to revelations, God is watching the churches… he found fault with 6 of the 7… He also said repent or I will remove your lamp from My Presence… Does that sound like a God who overlooks sin?   If he is putting the church through the fire to purge them I can not find scripture why he would do that if he overlooks sin.  No where in the bible did God over look sin,  only ignorance. He can not judge what one does not know.  Many choose to remain ignorant, but God is always at work! He leaves a witness to every soul, so that no one can claim ignorance.  God is not unjust.  He is coming to purify his people. He did the Jews and he will his church.

The most heart breaking evidence is that God’s Word says, He is a father; not just a father but a good and perfect father.   What father will not correct /discipline the son he loves?   That is Gods own words not mine.   If God did not spare the angels who turned away from his authority then how much more will he spare those turn away from Him; those who call themselves his children.  By calling yourself his child you have already given him the authority to discipline and train you up in the way you should go!   The WAY of Righteousness is hard and narrow; wide and easy is the way that leads to death and many follow it.  Now what is easier to say… God over looks sin or to say God corrects sin?  We as parents have rules… who do we think we got that from?   We are not that smart, we have an example to follow… CHRIST.  He is the example. Take up your cross and follow him to lay down your life to be purged of the flesh.  Jesus allowed the Father to crucify him what makes us think the Father will tolerate our fleshly nature in his kingdom of righteousness?  That is like saying scripture is not truth… when God says no flesh can see His face and live… You must get rid of the flesh to come into God’s presence.  Even the “Rapture” says we shall all be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and put on our spiritual body that which has been glorified, covered, clothed with the Spirit of God, the Shekinah Glory!

It is time to wake up Church and stop being duped by satan.  He twisted the Word of God to make Eve believe a lie.  Our conscience bears witness when we sin… until we repent we bear that guilt the eats at the soul and  the body.   It is sheer blasphemy to say God does not want us to change our sinful behavior; that we can remain in sin and still enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Word clearly states no murderer, fornicator, idolater, covetous,  homosexual, liar, thief, slanderer, immoral, unforgiving wicked person will enter the kingdom.   Again the Word repeats over and over… if you love me keep my commands… what commands do we think he is talking about?   The New testament is more strict than the Old Testament, It was not just the murderer but he who hates his brother would be cast into the lake of fire.  It was not only the adulterer but he who lusted in his heart even though he did not act on it!   God sees the heart. Do we willfully sin?  Do we care that God gave his only Son to suffer horribly by scourging, beatings, abuse, shame and mockery then made to carry a heavy wood beam up a rough hill and without mercy nailed on the Cross.  God put man’s sin on his Son so that when we repent the blood can be applied.. This is why we call on the name of Jesus! It is only the Blood that can blot out our sin.  Ask and you shall receive; forgiveness of sin,  seek and you will find; mercy and grace, knock and the door will be opened; to enter in to his presence and be healed of all your iniquity and transgressions.  He wants to show us a better way not let us in fleshly bondage!

Love is the greatest gift.  It forgives and covers a multitude of sin.  This does not mean “overlook sin” but it does not expose ones sin in public to shame the individual soul and break the spirit of  life.  God is not in the business of humiliating the humble!  Notice I said the humble.. Pride comes before a fall and how great that fall will be!  People are dying spiritually and physically and there soul,  because the Body of Christ is broken, disfigured and suffering from dislocated joints.  Each part is trying to do their part but on there own!  We got the seers, the hearers, the doers, the speakers, the feelers, the goers and the be still ones that everyone criticizes for doing nothing!   But remember Mary and Martha as an example!   God prefers obedience over sacrifice!   We all have our lot, our place and we need each other to bring balance to the whole Body of Christ. Grace helps us to understand one another’s gift.   I learned to see with the eye of the Spirit.  He reveals the inward man not what appears to be on the outside.  Be gracious to others if you want to receive grace from others and from God!   If friends let friends drive drunk what love/ kindness is that?  So also if friends let friends remain in sin what love/kindness is that?  That is pure evil to not deliver your brother out of the hand of the enemy when it is in your power to do it.  Warn the wicked, they who are caught up in sin.  Who knows if you will save his soul from spiritual and natural death.

I call out for GRACE, GRACE and more GRACE!  Be grace! Show grace and live a life of grace, not tolerating sin but saving a soul from sin, by not condemning but correcting, knowing when you fall short you will need that same grace.

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