Defending the Faith

Let the Righteous rise up to declare…


When the world turns dark and cold where do we turn?  When the light goes out how do we find our way home?  When we are all alone who will come stand with us?  These are questions we ponder when times are difficult.  We look around and we feel all alone even when there are millions of people all around us.  We ask ourselves who can I turn to? Who can I trust?  The ache within feels like our heart is being ripped in two.  We are being torn between what is and what we believe.  They sound the same but in truth they are opposites.  What we perceive is not reality unless we accept it as reality. 

What can anyone do for us to make us feel good about who we are?  We strive to be accepted.  We work to please those we want to notice us.  We are willing to compromise all just to feel we belong… somewhere.

When the question arises… Do “you” believe in God?   What do we confess.  Do we make excuses? Do we stutter and stumble over our words? Do we proudly proclaim what we are told is truth?  Many confess to know God or believe in God.  BUT… When it comes to the Name of Jesus are we so bold to defend the Name!   Can we defend Him?  Why?  Why do you believe what you believe?   Can you prove what you believe?

I usually blog about a revelation or and insight I have be graced to receive from the Word, the Holy Spirit or by a vision.  I am in a speechless state for periods of time that I can not perceive the passing of time.   I can not say how or why I have been given this gift, I can only fall down on my face and beg for mercy!   Why would I beg for mercy?   Let me show you the WAY of God.  When I receive a Word, a vision or a revelation I have learned I am going to be tested within days  of what I have been shown. I can not explain it, I never know when it is going to come and I am usually “surprised”  when it hits me.  I wish I could say I pass the test but more times than not I fail… extremely!   This is why I cry out for mercy.  The more we are shown the  more we are accountable for.  I suppose this is why most people do not wish to draw near to God or to know the TRUTH!   We think we know the TRUTH but to experience the TRUTH is a whole other realm of humility!

I have often prayed for the Lord to give me practice because I know I will not get it right the first time, or the second and even a third time.   It is quite a humbling experience to know God already knows I will not get it right the first time or numerous times and still he shows me grace when I fail.  I tell him face to face I can’t do this… without the Holy Spirit.  Because scripture says, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” I know it is only He, who revealed himself to me, that can empower me by his Spirit.

What has triggered this blog is when I hear people complain about the Bible being to hard to understand.  Some believe that others purposely make it difficult and that may be true because they are so full of pride they only preach the Word to make themselves appear intelligent.   They speak in circles and make no connection to the hearer of the Word.  It surely sounds like a foreign language to the one who is baffled by the chaos and confusion of scriptures being blurted out from one end of the Bible to the other.  None of it makes sense.  So who benefits from the Word?  Whose faith has matured?  Who has gained understanding or knowledge to move the soul to change and step out in faith into the unknown?

I find a lack in the church today.  The emptiness is like a vast gulf between the so -called “EDUCATED” and the common folk.  I can guarantee you most of the people coming out of the education system can not tell you why they believe what they believe.  They can not prove to you that what they believe is true.  They learned what to say and they mimic others they admire.  It sicken me personally.  As the church loses its power and authority it becomes so fleshly they stink like the devil.  Sorry to those who are sincerely seeking God and stand up for the Name of Jesus.  I have no doubt your love is deeper than the ocean and your desire is to do God’s will and preach what you know, experienced or saw happen as an eye witness.  I am not asking anyone to defend themselves?  I am asking everyone Will you Defend Jesus when put on the chopping block!  If you were put on display before the world, among your friends, your school, your co-workers, your neighbors, or even a public court…  could you or would you defend Jesus if it meant losing everything!  I mean your home, your possessions, your job, family and  friends!   Most of us if we are truthful we will not even defend Jesus with our family when they believe something different than what we know as a truth.  How often have we gotten into arguments over the bible facts!   Do we back down?  Do we become aggressive and angry when we can not defend what we believe or persuade others to see what we see?   Or do we remain silent and refuse to voice our opinion?  Do we just stand there silently while others trash the Name we say we believe in for our salvation?

I am only writing because as I was engaged in casual conversation with others the past few weeks.   I have seen a pattern consistently in people of faith.  They talk the talk, repeat scriptures, voice their opinions quite intensely but when trouble comes they immediate fall back on the flesh.  They say the world does not live by those standards anymore.  So does that make the Word of God or the Name of Jesus void, irrelevant or powerless?   What faith do they have if they believe the Word is not for today but they confess they believe if they call on the name of Jesus to be saved, they will be saved?   Is that a double standard in there mind and heart.  In there time of need should  they still be able to call upon the name of Jesus and He would still save them.  Because they confess this doubt how can Jesus come, intervene in their circumstances and save them.  We all need deliverance, every day.  I have been in a time of testing… not just 40 days and 40 nights but an enduring test of faith.  I have to say I pleaded with the Lord to reveal sin if I have secret sin hidden in my heart.  I plea the blood of Jesus to cover that sin.  I cry out for grace and mercy in my time of ignorance as I have no idea what the Lord is up to.  I stand on the faith that God is Good all the time. Anything I go through is to correct, teach and reveal His glory.  I use to think it was one or the other but now I see it is always all things… to teach me, correct me and to show me his glory all in one fell swoop.  Amazing to know that after the fact.  When God is not revealing what he is doing… will I still thank Him and Praise Him? Will I still worship Him in spirit and truth?  Will I still preach the goodness of God when everything is going … not as planned?   When things come crashing down all around me will I maintain my trust in His Sovereignty… He knows more than I do?   He is trying to get a blessing to me and the enemy of my soul is fighting to the death to keep that blessing from reaching me.  I do believe that God is working for my good.  I do believe He died for me to reveal Himself to me.  I can’t know Him in my flesh… for my flesh is so ungodly it smells like hell!   Literally, I can smell when the flesh is acting up or trying to resurrect from the dead. I have to slay that ugly stinky demon.  I hope you know it is not the physical flesh I talk about but the mindsets and the emotions that rear their ugly head trying to take over in survival mode because it does not want to suffer.  I found the best way to defeat that monster is to get into a lonely place and put on some very powerful worship music … music that is all about Jesus not about me… and just begin to praise and thank the Lord for Who He Is!  We have so much “Christian” music that is fleshly to stir up our emotions.   Cut off those emotions… do you not know you have been given authority over your mind and emotions and even your will.  This is the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us not just over us or beside us.

Defending MY Savior is nothing but utter joy to me… the hard part is watching the ignorant reject what they do not understand.  How the Spirit aches and cries out, “Father Forgive Them They Know Not What They Do”!  I have tried to share the gospel with Christians that are under so much oppression and they refuse to accept the WAY that will set them free.  It is not an easy journey.  It is not a 50 yard dash it is a lifetime journey.  We focus on this microwave religion… I want it my way right away!   God is not our genie, nor is He our servant.  He is Holy and we are commanded to be holy as He is.  The reason we can not defend our faith and prove that God is…  when in the sheer fact that we do not get what we want when we want it… so is God for real?  Let me ask the question in the reverse…When God asks you for something, do you give Him what He wants, His way, right away?   It is written we will reap what we sow.  Do you keep silent about your faith and wonder why God is silent?  Do you procrastinate and wonder why God does not answer your prayers?   Do we treat others as though we were treating Jesus that way?  Do we do to others what we would like Jesus to do to us?   It is eye opening when you come before God face to face and He allows you to see “YOU” through His eyes.  What does he see?

Can you defend Someone you treat so badly?  Can you forgive someone you treated so badly?  Can you love someone you treated so badly?  So YOU say you love Jesus.  YOU say you believe the Bible… so then if you believe then you must act on it.  The head and the heart must agree!   If not… the chaos, the storms, the wars continue to destroy the whole world.  Your little kingdom at home, work, with family and friends… all this reveals how you manage your kingdom that God gave you authority over.  So… If you believe in God, how will you manage your kingdom? Will you defend your kingdom.  Do you rule with dominance or with justice.  For some reason we want justice for ourselves but not for others.  We want God to punish everyone else when they do wrong but overlook our wrong.   Is that Justice?  We say we have grace… its all covered by the blood of Jesus… But does that mean He overlooks our sin?  If so… He must overlook the sins of everyone who did us wrong!   We fail in understanding what we expect God to do to others it must hold true across the board.  We demand justice… then justice it will be for you also.

So know how can you defend your faith?  How can you defend the Name of Jesus?   Fire has no mercy… anyone who plays with fire will get burned!   Anyone who tests God will fall flat on his face.  Pride comes before a fall. Pride says I can sin and get away with it but you sin and you are going to hell.  How far we have fallen from the presence of Gods goodness and love.  Love covers a multitude of sin… Yes… but it does not mean it overlooks it… it means when we repent God does not shame us with what we have done in the past and repented (turned away from).  How many times have we reminded others of the forgiveness or the good deed we have done and in turn reminded them of the evil they have done and shame them or make them feel indebted to us for forgiving them!  That’s not forgiveness!    What if God did that to you every time you prayed?  Even worse… What if you went to church stood in a prayer line and asked for prayer and the prophet would tell the whole congregation your sins from your past and present?  Who would ever seek God?

We Christians are so screwed up it will take Jesus to return AGAIN… and tell us to our face we got it all wrong!  He did it for the Jews and they still did not get it.  So you think that will be the reason for all of those left behind?  Gird up your loins now and look deeply into the faith you say you have?  Better yet get a group together and defend your faith to one another so when you go out into all the world you are armored up and ready for the battle of the spirits of good and evil.  Be ready in season and out of season to defend your faith and the Name of Jesus!  The time is now, it is upon us and we are caught unaware.  We will miss our visitation and the door will soon be closed… I say again be ready and waiting… Be the watchmen on the wall.  Be the Bride awaiting the Groom… Keep your lamp burning hot and bright!   Today is the day… you are not guaranteed tomorrow or your next breath.  Be strong and courageous in your faith. Do not shrink back in fear as those who did at Mt Sinai and hid from the voice of God.  Rise up and go tell the TRUTH to the world without shame.

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