Noah’s Ark; Covenant of God

Things are never as they appear at first glance… come and see the Lord is always good.


As I begin the New Year with Genesis I am immediately caught up in a revelation beyond belief.  This has opened my eyes yet again to the Mercy and Grace of God.  What can I compare His wisdom to?   I have so much to say and yet I am only allowed to reveal portions at a time.  My mind is FLOODED with Awe and Wonder.  My prayer is that the Spirit of God will speak plainly for all to heed His call to come into the ARK!

As Noah was warned of the coming destruction I can see Revelations unfolding like a movie before my spiritual eyes.  I cry and I am overjoyed all at the same time.  I am humbled by My Savior’s goodness to me… to us all.  The more I understand the more I see how He loves us and desires for all to be saved.  But we get to choose, we have been given a gift so precious that we take it for granted.  Not only did God reveal that He would destroy the wicked from off the earth but all that was unclean, defiled and corrupted… by man.  I see so clearly how man has taken every thing beautiful and turned it to do more harm than good.  All things created are good… until man touches it.  The righteous are to redeem it. But are we beyond redemption?  Is the earth beyond redemption? 

God commanded Noah to build an ark.  In the Hebrew ark means BOX.  What caught my interest is God also commanded Moses to build and ARK!  This ark was to “house” the Words of God.  This box contained the Covenant, the Promise God made with mankind.  Not just anyone but only those who will choose to come into covenant  with Him. What does that mean?  Covenant is to come into agreement, to be united as one,  to say Yes and Amen!   As I begin to see deeper and deeper I see the measurements of the ark spell out a mystery to us yet hidden from plain sight from our fleshly eyes.  One must draw nearer to God for God to reveal these mysteries.  I can not keep quite as I pray that perhaps one might be saved when they see the truth wrapped up in a parable of something so real it is documented in history.  Let me proceed to even more co-incidences that are not a co-incidence.  the ark being 300 cubits by 50 cubits reveal a Hebrew mystery.  300 is the letter Shin.  So what?   My time in the Spirit,  I see the Shin is like the menorah it represents the fire of God that devours all that is unclean, so all that remains is purity and righteousness.  The Shin is a picture of teeth.  Why?  Because teeth also devour food. The Word of God is spiritual food for our spirit that heals our soul and manifest healing in our body.  That is one awesome letter that simply looks  like a flame.  It appears as 3 flames or 3 candles, these represent the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Everything is hidden from the natural eye in order for one to seek a deeper relationship with God.  This even extends itself in the idea of a lump of coal that burns.  The significance is that the fire from that coal has 3 levels of light, the outer orange glow, the center blue glow, and the unseen inner that burns hottest.  We wonder why we find the fire so alluring… it is always to draw us to the Light of Gods love. 

So as I move on to the width of the ark it is 50 cubits which represents the Hebrew letter Nun.  It represents a seed or meaning to continue to reproduce, progress, move forward.  So these 2 letters together bring a whole new meaning to the ark… it reveals we are to continue to burn the light, keep the lamp burning, never allow others to put out our light!   What is even more spectacular is the height of the ark being 30 cubits.  This reveals the Hebrew letter Lamed which means to learn and to do and then to teach.  So if we put all this as one, we must continue not only to learn to keep our fire burning but to teach others how to keep their light burning.  When we all come together on fire for God we become like a forest fire. A fire on the Mt top that the whole world will look up to for guidance and direction, to see clearly the way to go. This is what we use lamps for, so we can see where we are going. 

I have so much to say.  I could write a book on this one subject that would blow away every lie and deception the world has fallen into the pit of darkness, be cause they cant see where they are going.  I could go on and on about how Noah was 600 years old when the Flood came upon the earth and how man is given 6000 years to rule the earth.  There they are the 6’s, the Hebrew letter Vav, the hook/ nail/ connection between heaven and earth.  God gave us all the signs; we just lack the interpreter, who is the Holy Spirit.  I have to laugh because all this takes place in chapter 6 of Genesis.  God has a sense of humor there is no denying it.  He makes man look so foolish in all his education and knowledge. We think we are so wise within ourselves.  But it is He who put these creative ideas in man and it is evil that perverts it.

I will continue on… What about the waters of destruction?   This reveals the Hebrew letter Mem.  it represents chaos and wisdom.  As we all know water can be destructive or it can be utterly relaxing.  I myself listen to meditation music of the ocean or streams and rivers with quiet soothing music and nature in the background.  Why do we do this?  We are drawn to the water.  What we do not understand, God is calling us to the River of Life.  He has the Living Water to give us drink and satisfy our soul.  Scriptures are numerous in speaking of water, from the beginning of creation to the Garden of Eden to the End of Revelations… it is always about the water.  In Hebrew thought and teaching, the waters of wisdom run deeper than the depths of the ocean. I can avouch for that.  the more I learn the more I feel ignorant, I am humbled by the infinite wisdom God keeps bringing to me.  It never ends; He keeps connecting the dots.   God separated the waters above and the waters below when He began creation. This is referring to divine wisdom and earthly wisdom… what a vast and profound difference.  Words can not begin to express the difference.  Man is so prideful in his knowledge and he is but a fool.  God must look down at us like watching a REALITY SHOW!

     We ask why did God destroy the earth?   I believe He did it for our own good.  Just as parents do things their kids do not understand; God is wiser and more merciful than we know.  I do believe the earth had become so corrupt with man and all his ideas, inventions and efforts to be like God that God had to intervene.  I believe the wickedness of man prompted by satan teaching man how to do obscene things like we see today only worse.  I believe demons were teaching man how to mix animal and man DNA.  I do believe that is why we have the mythology of other religions and nations.  We do not know what they saw but they obviously saw hideous things going on in secret.  We learn things scientist do all for the vain glory of trying to be a god.  Man has not changed in 6000 years.  He still desires to be a god.  He even tries to deny The One and Only God.   

What I want to know is if man does not believe in God, then why does he work so hard to prove he does not exist!   I must laugh because if God does not exist than why does man want to be a god.  Why would he want to be something that does not exist?   I find this odd that someone tries to prove something that he says … is not!  They are the blind leading the blind and they both will fall into the pit. 

Let me say a little more and I will hold my peace.  The Ark Noah built had 3 levels.  No co-incidence the temple had three areas. We exist by 3; spirit, soul and body.  It is recorded there is 3 heavens by Paul.  He was caught up into the 3rd heaven.  Do you think there is something hidden within the ark we have not understood?  I say YES!  We first come to salvation the outer court where we make that sacrifice at the altar to lay down our fleshly animal instinctive life.  God purifies us by fire… By trials, tribulations and troubles… He calls them tests… we beg to differ.  It is only through these tribulations that God reveals exactly what evil, weakness and impurities we have hidden deep down in our soul…  the deep darkness of our mind, will and emotions.  After all it is these 3 that tempt us to give into sin because no one wants to suffer.  Shall I say without suffering one can not learn to walk, run, ride a bike, drive a car, swim, cook, build and create things.  Discipline is not always pleasant but it is necessary.  We avoid work like the plague but we pay to go to the gym and sweat on purpose.  I think that is idiocy.  Anything worth having is worth suffering to get it.  We discipline ourselves to eat so we are healthy and strong rather than suffering in pain and sickness from lack of discipline.  One way or the other we will suffer… for good or for evil.  I say of myself I am not one to take the easy road…I tend to do things the hard way.  So, I am never spoiled to the point I can not survive without the pleasures of life.  God never meant for us to be lazy!   Adam and Eve had to tend the garden… but work was meant to be satisfying and a joy from a job well done.  I can not tell you how many people I know that hate their life and their job.  That is not what God intended… maybe satan but not God!  

We enter into the second area of the temple where the priest worship, pray, intercede and offer incense.  The Menorah is the light. We stand before the Light of the World and pray for others.  We seek God’s help and intercede for our family, nation, schools, government, businesses, the church and God knows our world of entertainment.  How someone can ever do a one minute devotion when there is so much to pray about I still can not figure that one out.  If you are too busy to spend time with God ,then God may just be too busy when you call on him for help.  That Martha spirit is running rampant in our churches.  We are to learn to be still, shut down the world and be still and know God.  We are too busy because we are not spending time with God.  God created time. He can work time on your behalf if you choose to bring a morning and evening sacrifice of worship, praise and thanksgiving to him.  How many like to be ignored by their lover, spouse, friends, family or BOSS!   Yeah right!  Not a really awesome feeling is it… we complain when we are overlooked for a promotion or if a spouse forget our anniversary or does not want to be with us but prefers his buddies or she her bff’s.  So, how does God feel about that?   SELAH!   think about that for your 1 minute devotion.  

This third area most have never found. It is the most difficult to enter into.  It takes a lot of discipline and sacrificing the flesh and the world.  Only one person was allowed in the Most Holy Place.  This is where God kept the ARK.  This is where God revealed Himself face to face and if the High Priest did anything wrong… God stuck him dead.  They literally tied a rope to the High Priest so just in case He did do something stupid and God killed him they could just pull him out with the rope.  No one dared to enter in for fear of death!   Do we have that kind of reverence for God today?  We expect God to lower his standards for us.  We walk in boldly as we quote scripture from the New Testament.  But what we fail to see is God said you can come in boldly as in confident that your sin has been blotted …out after you repented!   That is what the other 2 areas were all about.   Instead we think we can bypass the sacrifice of the flesh and the washing away of our sin and enter into Gods presence living a life of willful sin.  The stench that rises up before God when we enter in with pride thinking we are good enough in our sinful state to ask God to give us what we want!   Uh, I do not know any parent that lets their own kid get away with that.  If you do, you are creating a monster that will some day be our future president… read between the lines!  

      My whole purpose for this blog is to awaken the soul to Gods great mysteries and truths found embedded in His Word.  I hope this has stirred up your desire to look into God’s Word with a different purpose.  Not just to read a book but to know God, know how He works, know how He thinks and what He really means when He says… If you love me keep my commands.  The picture words are like a child painting a picture, we have to ask them what they painted. Their interpretation is no where near what we see.  So grab yourselves a Bible and sit down and commune, fellowship and talk to God.  Not like a Pharisee but like a child.  He is a good and perfect Father. 

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