I cannot get over the “flood” of information hidden within Genesis 6.  I can not stop reading over and over the warnings God sends to his people to wake them up and prepare them for future events.

Today it hits me… Noah means comforter and who else has that name but the Holy Spirit!   Look and see!  See and understand! Noah was told to enter the ARK. Sounds simple enough right… but look at the hidden meanings.  Noah entered in and God closed the door and sealed it.  No one else could change their mind at this point.  What is done is done.  Look from another point of view… If Noah means comforter then we must understand when God calls the Holy Spirit home the door will be sealed.  The ark was taken up from the earth… that’s the wording.  In the natural of course the natural ARK was taken up by water.  Those in the ARK were the animals and Noah’s family.  In the spiritual this represent those who carry the Holy spirit within them.  The animals being clean and unclean all represent peoples character.  Some of us act like a lion, and some like a dove.  We are called God’s sheep and he will separate the goats.  Jesus also tells us not to be like the horse or the donkey… though we call  them by another name I will not mention.

Now the Lord on the second month 17th day broke open the deep waters and the heaven to pour out rain for 40 days and 40 nights.   40 is the sign for judgment.   These waters above and below the earth are the very waters God separated in the beginning.  The waters from above and below called the upper and lower waters.  What is even more astounding it the second month 17th day.  We have all heard of Passover on the 14th day of the first month but not many are taught that is for some reason you were not able to keep the Passover God made and allowance.  He commanded them to keep it on the second month  14th day.     Now if you remember Jesus rose on the third day.  Take the 14th and three days =17th.  We are all aware that Jesus took the old testament saints at his resurrection.  So would it not stand that the new testament saints would be resurrected on the second month 17th day?   Just Saying  it is a co-incidence?   Its not like anyone could stop this event.

Equally, is it not strange that not only are the flood gates opened  but the graves are opened too!   All hell breaks loose on the earth because anti-christ is being released.  We learn that the beast that comes up out of the sea is not a friendly one.

The water is the Hebrew letter Mem its meaning can be chaos water wisdom or a sea of people.  Tribulation is all about chaos in Revelations.  There is so much chaos now in the world I can not imagine what is coming.

I thank God I will be running to the ARK… I am glad Jesus is that ARK and the Holy Spirit sealed me as part of the family.   8 is the number for life, grace and a wall or fence.  8 were saved in the ARK.  8000 is the number for the new heaven and new earth a new beginning the 8th day.  My oh MY!  All these things come flooding into my mind and It is a warning for us.  Noah’s Day no one believed him and it will be no different today.  Man has been foretelling the return of Messiah for 1000’s of years. Jesus says as in the days of Noah and Lot… we are already there.  Without going into detail the world is sinking at an alarming rate.  Perhaps the Titanic is significant in more than one way?

Is it odd that the 2nd month 17th day has a little to do with 2017?  Is it the beginning?  I have been telling everyone I can the calendar is lining up with the Hebrew letters. Last year was the 2016 the year of the eye… to see.  This year 2017 is the year of the mouth to speak.  we speak to warn.. or shall I say BLOW THE TRUMP.  How odd is it that we have a president that is speaking warning to us not only of our government but also of the things that are evil being keep secret from the people.  The mouth is also used to praise God or curse God… Ugh!  Pride speaks boastfully and arrogantly.   Again this country has done some really stupid things that we in the long run will suffer the consequences.   I think about Jonah preaching 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed. The People repented and God spared them.  You see more co-incidences?

The Flood rained down to 40 days… judgment falls in 40’s … days /years whatever.  Hell will be opened up to judge the world of rejecting Messiah Jesus… You do not have to believe… I am just expressing co-incidences I see leaping off the pages of God’s Word. God gave everyone free will.  I am just a messenger to warn the people to purify yourself so you are not taken by surprise when the thief comes… this thief is Jesus coming to take his Bride.  He is stealing his bride away from satans hand!  Oh what a glorious day that will be.

Let me go a little deeper. The ARK rested on the Mt top on the 7th month 17th day that is the month of Rosh Hashanna, Yom Kippur and the feast of tabernacles.  The 17th would have been a time of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Interesting as we progress the Mts were seen on the 1st of the 10th month. This would have bee the holy day of Chanukkah, or the Feast of Dedication.  There are way too many co-incidence falling into place to not see the writing on the wall.  I’m am not trying to cause fear. But only a hopeful expectation of what is to soon come to pass.  We may not know the exact moment but we are to heed the signs. God always sends signs to warn the people.  Do everything you can to get things right make amends before hell on earth comes bursting forth.   Many will not believe a loving God would be so cruel… but I am hear to tell you God is Just.  If you want justice when you have been wronged then be careful how you judge others.  Mercy will be shown to the merciful!

A second sign in the skies will bee the Boom Star.  It exploded 2000 years ago and it will be seen for 6 months here on earth in 2022.  It will be the brightest star in the sky…This again falls in line with the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.  Jesus is reported to be born 4 BC at that to the 22 of the Hebrew letters it = 26 the Name YHVH.  This is no co-incidence!  2022 will signal the last letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.  What will happen from this point no one knows But God.  Oddly enough this is the Hebrew year 5777… Lemech died right before the flood and he was 777 years old!

If we do not open our spiritual eyes WE WILL MISS THE BOAT!  The boat being the ARK which in Hebrew is Box.   WOW!

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