Has the Cross become an IDOL?

We have become altogether blind, wretched, poor and naked who will deliver us from this wretched state?


Of all the hypocrisy of religion I find there is one superior to them all.   As I have come into full awareness of the lies we believe I hear more and more teaching on the Cross. The Cross of Christ.  But what I what to reveal is the utter IDOL WORSHIP of the CROSS.  Many have died on a cross in the past.  It was not the cross that saved us but He who died on that cross.  I search the Word and I find more than once man has fallen into idolatry by worshipping a thing instead of THE ONE TRUE GOD!    In the scriptures there is evidence in such abundance it is shameful to CHRISTIANS!  What I mean is we who proclaim One God and no other we have fallen into deception. We have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge… knowing both good and evil. The sad thing is we choose every day to eat from that tree!   Instead of choosing the Tree of life!

The Israelites fell many times into idol worship let me show you how.   It was Moses whom GOD told to make a Brass Rod and put a snake upon it and anyone who was bitten by the snake could look upon it and be healed.  First, let me say this is a spiritual condition more so than a physical condition!  If you have been bitten by the Spiritual Snake of sin;  which the serpent has always been a prideful poisonous mouth.   Looking at this snake on the pole is also another spiritual condition.  Jesus became cursed so we could live and not die!  He alone bore our poisonous deathly sin upon himself he became sin, THE SNAKE, for the sake of our life.  He took the blame so we could be restored to the Garden of Eden… if we choose to return.  After this incident the people began to worship the snake on the pole rather than God who sent His Word and healed them. Man willingly chose to worship a thing instead of the unseen God!

Another example of this idol worship comes when Gideon made an ephod.  He delivered Israel from their enemies with only 300 men.  This Gold Ephod became a source of idol worship after his death!   As though the ephod could deliver the people.  They forgot God is the Savior/ DELIVERER not a thing.

Again we see another idol.  The Temple of God.  I can not count the times Jesus corrected the Pharisee’s for putting more value on a “building” than God who made the building holy.  How many times did Jesus correct the people for making the House of God a common place.  They did not keep it holy but made it a place of profit!  I will not expound on the “Money” issue within the church.  All I will say is shame on you leaders or God’s house.  You make merchandise of the people who are poor in spirit, hungry for spiritual food.  Instead of feeding them spiritual food you leave them hungry.  When they leave so you sell them “bread that has lost is sweetness” the Manna is bland and the people are “complaining” so now you sell them the Spiritual food for profit, all for gain, no matter what Jesus sticker you put on it!

I hope and pray people are seeing the similarity in our modern world.  We put more value on a wood cross, a building or even the things in a church building than we do God!  I am not saying we need to get rid of the things… but we need to put every  “thing”  in its proper order. God first!  When we put more value on a wood cross than Jesus Christ who laid his life down for us… that is nothing but utter apostasy!  Yes, Jesus died on a cross but so did the 2 thieves.  It was not the Cross that saved us but the Holy One, God’s Son who obeyed the Father   the Innocent for the guilty…He kept the Law and showed us how to be a son and daughter of God, like him.  We also must lay down our life.  We must be willing to be whipped, beaten, mocked, shamed, stripped bare, spit at, made a fool for God then… go pick up our cross in our brokenness and humility and shame lay down willingly and die to our flesh!  Give up that sinful nature that tends to resort to animal instincts without thought, reason or wisdom.

Animals react to everything.  We evolved alright but in the wrong direction!  We have degraded from our first estate… from sonship to animal instinct.

Dare I say the evidence is clear… when we call people “BULL”headed,  or a “DONKEY”, a SNAKE, a RAT, a BEAR and we are proud of it!  We call people female dogs and now we even call them “dog”.  We say people multiply like rabbits, eat like a pig, run like a deer, act like a crab or a hermit, the list goes on and on…

Does anyone see the hidden message written in the Word of God.  These are all the animals forbidden to eat. Except for the bull they are all on the forbidden list, and let me add one more phrase… WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!   It makes me want to laugh …but it is not funny hahaha!  But funny interesting that God has known ahead of time that we would be acting like animals; following our fleshly nature instead of EVOLVING into reasoning, spiritual beings!  We fell from grace it is true.. but God has made a way for us to Stand upright again.  Not bowed over like an animal on all fours.  Upright as in spiritual … made in God’s image and like-ness.

We are not all acting like God.  God is not flesh and blood that He should lie but He is Spirit and His Word is Spirit!  We on the other hand have turned and corrupted His Word and made it fleshly to suit our flesh… This is the Reason Why Jesus Had to Come And Show us the REAL WORD OF GOD… In the Flesh… so we could learn by example!

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