Law or Lawless!

Where do we get off telling God his Word is wrong?


I wonder how many people actually believe that believers are no longer under Gods law.  As I read the Word of God more and more… I find evidence concealed in the Word of God.  Only it is not as I expected.  I devour the Word more than ever as I have learned the more time I spend in his Word I am raptured up into His presence where He speaks face to face to reveal himself to any and all who will come. I am not educated, nor have I any wealth, riches or wisdom above the average human… If anything I am quite ignorant in the worlds eyes.  I am especially humbled that I have seen through God’s eyes what His Love can do for a soul so emptied out from the world and all its chaos and confusion. He has brought me peace in the midst of this storm we call life.  Now that I have this peace I have no desire to return to the past nor entertain the world with the gift I have been given.  The world has nothing compared to a holy God.  The world leads to pleasures of the flesh that can not satisfy, but God gives good gifts that not only satisfy but leave the spirit, soul and body so overflowing with love, joy and peace that I can not keep it to myself. Who would not want this gift?

I have found the Word to be the secret to life.  Sunny days or not all things are good.  His Word is sweetness to my heart and my mind.  His Word is power and has authority but He reminds us the battle is not ours but His!  We fight our battles in the spirit realm.  All people have freewill to choose good or evil.  The flesh tends to wickedness,  hurting people hurt people.  The spirit tends to good, happy people bless others.  It sounds so simple but in actually it is an inward battle between our heart and our head.  What we fill our head with sinks into the pit of our heart to bring forth good or evil.  The flesh is so confused… it enjoys the pleasure of sin, hurting others, doing evil and selfish beyond belief.  To put it plainly, the flesh says if it feels good do it…dangerous roads we travel with that mind set.  How some have become so perverted to enjoy murder, torture, insane cruelty, drugs, alcohol and the lust of the flesh. They call it love but has nothing to do with love.  The list goes on and on all the while the Word of God is being called evil when nothing of the sort is true.

As I learn to see with God’s eyes and understand His mind and His heart I find the Word is a hedge of protection, not a prison!   When you look deeper the Word of God it is a gift.  So those who reject the Word, the Law, the instructions of God find themselves miserable, so focused on what they can’t do rather than what they can do.  When the evil eye tends to see everything as negative it leads to disappointments and many abandon the faith.  I am grieved at the loss of faith in those who have be rejected, abused, persecuted, abandoned and even wounded by the so called righteous church.  They are using God as a scapegoat to condemn or to the other extreme enjoy the pleasures of ungodliness.  I have come to ask myself would Jesus be found doing good or evil. I have had people use this WWJD to avoid discipline.  I am sorry but Jesus disciplined his disciples all the time and also the people… when he says, “Go and sin no more, or something worse will come upon you.” He was correcting people.  The Pharisee’s despised Jesus for correcting them! So I guess that sums it up… are you a Pharisee or a disciple.

Jesus said many times, “If you love me keep my commands.”  To the end of Revelations He says more times than I can count, “Repent or I will remove you light from my presence!”   So are we calling God a liar?  Sin separates from God.  If Adam and Eve did not get away with sin and even the Angels did not get away with sin… what makes us think or believe we are exempt from God’s rules.  Man chooses to see the Law as bondage because his heart is prideful. He does not want to be told what to do or what is right and wrong.  He does not want anyone to be his boss or govern his actions.  Man wants lawlessness until he is wronged… then he wants justice!  What a mockery of God’s Grace.  We expect God to condemn every person who wronged us for much less acts than we have committed in word, deed or actions… but what we have not thought about is our thoughts.  Those thoughts eat away at our heart and when the heart turns away from love it looks to make others pay the price.

God gave us instructions… how to practice living on the earth so we will know the way of his kingdom… we all want heaven but we don’t all want to be good… can anything evil sinful or unjust dwell in heaven?   Not by God’s standards. So now we want heaven without God!  We fail to understand without God there is nothing good in us.  God will prove that when the Millennium reign begins.  God will take temptation out of the way to prove to man… it is not the temptations that make man sin but the nature of man to be lawless, un-submissive, undisciplined and loveless.  Sounds incredible doesn’t it… Blew me away when God spoke the truth.  Man has not put his faith in God but in lawlessness.  No law means no judgment.  So if there is no judgment their is no justice for they are built from the same foundation.  Everything in creation reveals God.  I can not begin to write the depths of earthly  things that reveal God’s relationship with us as a picture in creation.

All I can advise Is…  find the truth, seek the truth, not by human- head knowledge but from the mouth of God.  His Word was made flesh to show us the way, the truth and the life.  He is the Light of the world.  Without him we walk in darkness.  You can not have Jesus without the Word.  He is the Word made flesh, In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word is God  That is New Testament for those who do not read the Word.. You want to be free from the Old Testament then why do you keep its laws without knowing you do. The New is founded on the Old… How do I know Because there was no New Testament when the disciples were preaching the Gospel.  Jesus revealed the truth written and hidden in the Old because the Pharisees had added to and taken from God’s original Words….Hence the curse in Revelations… if any adds or takes away from My Words let him be MARANATHA… cursed!   THAT IS THE SECRET!   THE CHURCH HAS DONE THE SAME THING THE PHARISEES DID… THEY CHANGED GOD’S WORD TO SUIT THE FLESHLY DESIRES AND UNDERSTANDING…DID GOD REALLY SAY?   AGAIN SATAN TEMPTING US WITH KNOWLEDGE!

Seek God for the whole truth… the truth hurts but the reward is beyond words or expression!   I can only say I want more of Him and less of me.  I look forward to every encounter.   Every word he speaks moves me inwardly and manifests outwardly… I hope I have stirred up a desire and passion for the truth.  Remember we reap what we sow…from the beginning to the end IT IS WRITTEN…I am the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last, I am the same yesterday, today and forever.  I am not a man that I should lie!  I change not! His love endures forever and his mercy is new every morning.  That people is Old Testament!  We quote Psalms 23 and 91… That is Old Testament.  You take it all or none as Jesus said… If you keep one, You keep them all!    If you break one, you break them all….So if you keep the law of love, giving the tithe, giving to the poor, or helping others etc… you are keeping the law… His law is Good because He is Good… He tempts no one with evil but every man is lead to sin by his own will to sin!   Every word is Spirit you must have the Spirit to understand the spiritual things. Ask, seek, knock and the door will be opened… AMEN! AMEN

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