Presence of the Lord?

No better gift to man than to come home to the Lord





I am finding the presence of God more real now than ever before.  His word comes alive as I read it as often as I can.  It is my food and drink.  I am sustained by his Word more so than by food, drink and a job!   It seems these necessities we need are worthless if one ends up in hell.  I choose the presence of God far above all the other things.  Working for the world leaves me worn out with all its drama.  I run home to Jesus who has supper waitin on the Table!   I can hardly wait to commune with him.  His table is full of feasting and I don’t need no bacon fried up in a pan!  No sir, no pig fat at our table!  I feast on the Manna from Heaven, the Bread of Life, the 12 fruits from the Tree of Life,  the Living Waters and the Wine.  I enjoy a side of olive oil to dip our bread and let the anointing fill us up!  The incense is burning, the lamp burns bright and the temple is a delight. Clean and spotless ready to worship let us give thanks with praise as an appetizer just for teasers. For dessert, singing, dancing and testifying of the goodness of the Lord.  No demon from hell comes near our table.  He can’t break into a temple guarded by the hedge of fire. No, the enemy can’t enter into the gates of praise. They are unbreakable!

I am enjoying this season of the Lord and feasting on his Word as much as possible… who knows what tomorrow will hold. So I will enjoy today!   His Words are life and peace to me. I find rest from all my labors as I meditate on every word spoken from the mouth of God.  I bath in his presence and he refreshes me, cleanses me, removes all my burdens and cares.   I rest in peace and tranquility sitting by the waters of life listen to the sound that is like sweetness to my soul.  The light warms me as it gives light to all who come into fellowship with us.  All are welcome to the table of God!   Just mind your manners or you will get kicked out with the dogs!  Out there will be weeping an nashing of teeth everyone devouring one another for a morsel of food or comfort for their soul.  Perhaps all they want is a little water to cool the tip of their tongue!

I dwell in the light. I enjoy the light and bask in its glory.  Because the light is where my Savior shines brightest.  I begin to shine like him and the fire becomes all consuming!   The oil never runs out and our house is a big house. There are many rooms and we invite whomsoever is hungry and thirsty. He who needs rest from all his labors.  Where all the burdens are rolled away!   Yokes are broken and thrown in the fire and flames burn hotter and brighter!   Healing rises from our praise, halleluiah to our God!

We never allow anyone to leave empty. We fill them up on praise and thanksgiving.  Sweetness of the Word that is like honey to the soul.  A little milk a little honey for the babes to sleep sweetly through the night.  A little here a little there,  washing feet cleansing hand, clothing the naked and give rest to the homeless, the widow, the orphan. Those who are broken the Dr is in!   One by one he sees each one.  They come in one way and leave a new creation.   Those rejected, abandoned and forgotten feel like family here.  Laughter does good like a medicine and a kind Word heals to the bone!  The dead find life and the slave is set free. What a wonderful life we live!  Who would ever want to leave?

No need for gold or silver here,  all is paid in full.  Come freely eat and drink, find rest for you weary souls.  Let joy and peace come rest by your side. Let faith hope and love raise your spirits and bring wholeness to your heart and mind.     Laugh a little, cry a little, sleep a little, dance a little… enjoy your life because you never know what tomorrow holds!




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