Broken Hearted

A broken heart who can bear… what can heal a broken heart… only love… what is Love but God in us, his love for us…


20160306_172717Nothing breaks God’s heart more than to hear his own children say they hate their brother or sister.  As I was praying in the spirit I heard one person say to another… I hate your guts!  I immediately felt the grieving of the Holy Spirit and it broke my heart.  My spirit was grieving because My Father was grieving over his children’s lack of love for one another.  As I continued in prayer asking forgiveness for my brothers and sisters; pleading the blood to cover their ignorance that… If God’s spirit dwells in us then He hears through our ears, sees through our eyes, feels what we feel and so on…

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I trembled; overwhelmed by his desire to make himself known to his own children; who are unaware of his presence everywhere around  us.  We are never alone… never!  Even as we carry God’s divine spirit in us we also have a host of heavenly and demonic witnesses so near us we can sometimes feel them but do not acknowledge them.  Those moments when we get a tingle or our hair stands up on end, it is the presence of good and evil in the atmosphere giving witness to our words, deeds and even our heart.  I heard in my spirit a compelling voice saying, Go, confront the sin that they may repent and be saved. “Saved?”  I replied, “They are saved, they are a believer in Jesus.”  This voice in me says, “But sins separates them from Me unless they repent they can not be saved from the enemy of their soul. He will have a right to afflict, torment, oppress and bring chaos into their life until they repent.”  I am at a loss, as I realize more now than ever, how important it is to repent quickly and not to allow sin to go hidden in our heart or mind.  Un-repentance is as rebellion against God!  Who can stand before him guiltless when we harbor hatred in our heart. As the Word of God says… How can you love God and hate your brother. He who hates his brother does not have God’s love in him.

I am moved by the Holy spirit to GO!  I pray put the words in my mouth that I may not cause more harm, more hatred or more anger but speak in love that he/she may repent.  Open the eye to see the error of their ways that they may humble themselves before the Lord and turn from their sin.  I Go… I speak by the spirit, grieved in my soul for the Father’s children do not know what they have and take for granted the grace of God to allow us repentance… that we are not judged and condemned the second our evil words leave our mouth!  Who would be left?  If God would judge sin immediately … words, deeds or thoughts who would be left alive?   Grace… Oh God, Thank You for Grace, Grace and more Grace.  Do we understand the depths of Your Grace?  Whether this child of God repented or not I do not know…  but I did my part… my hands are clean.  But My prayers are said in sorrow… knowing how many more 1000’s are in the world repeating the same offense.

We are broken … We need a Savior!   To repair the breech in our life; the breech of sin… the errors of our own thinking, saying, feeling and doing.  We haphazardly say what we think without filtering it through our spirit… I suppose the Spirit must be in control OR that one must have God’s Spirit in order to have this filter activated.  Oh God!  Is it that bad in Your House that we have some who no longer house your Spirit?  Are we that defiled by sin and un-repentance?

God help us… to return to loving one another as God loves us.  Let us treat one another the way God treats us… Let us treat others the way we would like God and others to treat us.  We reap what we sow!   Though sometimes there are dry seasons and dormant seasons… we wait for a harvest of our words, deeds and thoughts… After all we are what we think. What you focus on is what we become.  We imitate what we idolize.  Dare I say     when you sit back and ponder our outward behavior what does that reveal about the heart.

God is looking for hearts of pure gold.  No one is perfect that is why he gave us gifts… repentance, mercy and grace.  Be blessed and love one another because God loves you and forgives you when you fall short… show that same godliness toward others even if you do not think they deserve it… ask yourself… did you deserve forgiveness?  If you think you do/ did… then your heart is not right with God… for there is nothing that can pay for sin but the blood of Jesus who was innocent and yet condemned so you could be forgiven.  So, do you still think you deserve to be forgiven ?

Remember love covers a multitude of sin… Other words, God does not remind you of all the sin he has forgiven you for.  Imitate him; he is your Father.  He loves all his children, young and old, rich and poor, mature and immature.  God is love. Do not break love’s heart.  We all know what “Broken Love” feels like… remember and have compassion… he who shows mercy will be shown mercy!

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