Speak to the Rock!

God never intended for man to suffer and die… of our own making we brought forth our own death sentence… But Grace has made a way to deliver us from death to life…


20161023_163034I received quite a Word of Knowledge today as I sat to rest from all my busyness.  I rarely watch TV but today I needed to give my eyes a Shabbat also!   It took a total of 15 seconds before a Revelation was downloaded to me as I had turned on a prophetic teacher.  The man had not even completed his sentence when the Holy Spirit began to speak.  Here is what he revealed…

     God told Moses to SPEAK to the Rock!   to bring forth provision, LIVING WATER.  Now we all know Jesus is the Rock, AMEN.  As the flesh would have it Moses did what most of us do… repeat what we did before.  What did Moses do before… He struck the Rock Once… but this time to add extra emphasis  He in his frustration with people, family and rebellious ones… struck the Rock not once but TWICE!

 From this Moses set in motion a prophetic  sequence of events.  First he set in STONE the future not only for us but the redemption of man through Jesus Christ.  Man’s heart and mind being hardened by sin and living in bondage, affliction, oppression and  godlessness! How we have lost our sensitivity to God’s perfected love.  Moses actions revealed God’s anger at his disobedience… But was it really the disobedience that made God angry, or is there some hidden meaning in the spiritual realm we can not see without spiritual eyes? 

Let me reveal what lies beyond the natural written Word and see beyond the veil of the natural eye.  God was not simply angry at Moses for striking the Rock when; he should have only SPOKEN to the Rock… But what Moses did was prophetic in nature and spirit.  Moses was revealing what would happen to the Rock of our Salvation!  Jesus who was going to be sent to the EARTH to be like a man to do the sovereign will of the Father.  In times past no one has been able to accomplish this task of submitting to God’s  SPOKEN Word!  Every person has failed from the beginning until Jesus would finally succeed as victor… even though it cost him his life due to man’s hardness of heart and mind. 

Now, see in the spirit, God’s anger was birthed from Moses disobedience yes because now God would have to allow His only begotten Son to suffer “double the punishment” to atone for man’s sins.  Not only would Jesus have to suffer our punishment for sin at the whipping post, but now he would also endure death… Death on a cruel cross… suffering long for man’s inherent hardness of mind and heart!    For God never intended for us to die to be redeemed.  He intended to be able to speak to us… to correct us… through the SPOKEN WORD ! Rather than punish us and then worse… crucify us if we still remain hard of heart and mind.   We set ourselves up by anger and disobedience.  Man chose his destiny… he foretold his own death!  

Double judgment    1st   Sodom and Gomorrah, 2nd  The Great Whore… the 2 Greatest Sins…           1st UNBELIEF                                                                                                                                                             2nd  FORGETTING THEIR GOD

The hardness of mans heart and mind ; the judgment  of Adam and Eve, the Tower of Babel AND  the Flood of Noah’s days… eco in our hearts to this day.  First unbelief turned Adam and Eve’s heart from God,  then the building of Babel to ascend to where God dwells …  forgetting that God desires to dwell with mankind… it is relationship God desires not just good deeds without relationship… then the Flood of Noah where only 8 were found pure of heart… the whole world turned away from relationship with God to works … forgetting God, forgetting his Word, Spoken to man from the beginning … in the Garden of Eden, the Garden of Delight as it is written in Hebrew… Man left delighting in God’s presence and has forever been trying to find his own way to restore the delight of peace, rest and joy.  

   God desires mercy not judgment!  Strike one and two… The root of all evil…  to desire mercy for ourselves but judgment toward those who have wronged us!  Now… we are required to follow Christ… to pick up our cross and follow him.  but follow what … to willingly allow God to discipline us when we err in our ways.  Love corrects for the greater good of the individual.  Love also shows mercy in our weakness, love covers a multitude of sin… not overlooks but does not remind the sinner of all the sins forgiven… God never holds it over our head, how many times he has forgiven us… God looks at the intent of the heart.  Every Law of God is good… for it reveals who we are and convicts us of our need for salvation!   If now we will only go one step farther in being Christ-like…  willingly lay down our fleshly life of human understanding, our knowledge and interpretation of God’s Word through human experience and the will to do our own thing… seeing with the natural earthly eye and strip away the flesh so only the spirit remains.  Then we can truly be Christ-like we can love as he loves, we can walk as he walks, talk as he talks, see what he sees, hear what he hears, do what he does and go where he goes.  The human experience is no longer our own it is Christ in us. His Spirit dwelling in us to use us for his glory, honor and praise. 

    It is a shame that we had to bring upon ourselves the misery and suffering for our own sin all for the sake of expressing emotions rather than obey the Spoken Word.  Yes, Jesus paid it all… all to him I owe… but to love and to be loved… what a price we must pay.  To willingly die to our flesh; so we can be resurrected a spiritual being not led by the impulses f the flesh.

   It is God’s grace that He does not judge us immediately for our sinfulness.  He has every right and all authority.  But He sees our ignorance.  He shows us mercy by giving us time to repent turn away from that sin and learn from him the better way… the way to life… follow Jesus who is the WORD  made flesh… The Manna from Heaven, the Bread of Life, the Living Water, the Tree of Life.   the Word was with God, the Word was God and He sent his Word to heal us from all our infirmities.  God’s Word is Life… If you love him, keep his Word in your heart, mind and mouth…                                                                                                                                  

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