We have exactly what we want… it just may not be what we thought it should be…


My thoughts are of the River of Life.  Working on editing for my book I find myself taken back in time to the first moment I sat by the River listening to the sounds of nature all around me. The smell of the woodland floor makes my soul come alive.   The trees swaying in the breeze and the grass so soft makes me want to dance.  Barefooted and free I continue to walk along the edge of the water. I come to a place I can sit on the rocks and be still.   Resting in the sunlight as it warms me from head to toe, taking in all the beauty of creation, I find myself talking to the Creator… thanking him for all the wonders of the heavens and the earth.  Watching nature do its thing I hear the Holy Spirit whisper in my heart, all creation reveals the glory of the Lord.  Yes, I answer out loud, yes it does and it is wonderful to see it with my own eyes.  

My thoughts turn to the Garden of Eden.  I can only say there is nothing so beautiful then to see what God has done upon the earth just to delight us.  I wonder how many stop to be still and just BE!

JUST BE!   It has become a lost art.  I know that I know the Lord loves it when we take the time… make the time… set aside on purpose… time to JUST BE!   I make this a part of my daily communion with the Lord just as I do prayer, worship, reading the Word and journaling.    If I can not do it outside I make sure I do it inside.  Sometimes the weather does not permit but that does not hinder me!   I put on my relaxation music of the ocean or the river and sit on the floor, close my eyes and delete every thing from my mind!   Every time a thought comes into my mind that is not worthy of the presence of the Lord I take it captive and cast it out!   Delete, Delete, Delete!   Yeah… it works!   I picture myself with the Lord talking to him face to face, telling him how wonderful I think… I know he is!   He smiles!

Do we even give a second thought that God desires to spend time with us?  Do we know we were created for his delight?   Do we know we were created to worship him?   We have become too busy doing… we left him at the altar!   We are the spouse too busy working overtime, doing errands and chores. Tending to life; we forgot our beloved is at home waiting for us to return and commune with him.  He has set the Bread of life on the table, filled the wine cup, the jars of Living Water all full, lightiing the lamp, burning the incense  and everything is perfectly prepared … but we are busy… doing business!   Kingdom business or not He still misses his beloved.  How He is heartbroken because the spouse never comes home for supper, always has a meeting, always running late… all to earn what….?   A lousy buck!   A bigger office!  Perhaps a promotion!

There comes a day, when the too busy spouse finally comes home long enough to realize everyone is gone. Kids grown up and moved away.  The beloved has moved on!   Regret sets in… Missing everything that was once important. Longing for a do -over that will never come.

This is where we find ourselves when we realize the things of this world we worked so hard to acquire, mean nothing!   If only?   Alone and wealthy, no one to share it with.  Making every effort to contact those who once waited for you….they  are now too busy to see you or even talk to you!  Oh, how we have reaped what we have sown.   The seed unsown into our loved ones has return a harvest of nothingness.  Good intentions, dreams and goals all come to nothing. Just ideas in the recesses of our mind… never sown and never reaped.

A time to turn, a time to change, long days and sleepless nights.  The time lost can not be regained.  Starting over is hard to do… but be courageous, remember a true hearts desire  is worth fighting for.  Seek the Lord, Now is the time. Today if you hear his voice… come running.. as fast as you can… who knows if it will be the last call.


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