Can you here Him calling?

deep calls to deep… heart to heart. Let all creation hear his voice; bow down and worship the Lord of Heaven and earth


   I hear him calling from all creation. 

The voices cry out; he is here among us. 

Wooing us to himself.  

I wonder by the stream and he is there.   The waters carry his Word to the ends of the earth.  All creations is making known his presence.  He is in all things great and small.   He dwells where there is life.  The skies from morning to evening reveal his faithfulness.  Night to night he leaves on the light so we do not lose our way. 

      I have found the truth I can not lie…he is here he is among us…

      Desiring to live in us… with us.  Open the door and invite him in.  His is waiting… knocking… calling  our name but only in a still small voice.  Like a whisper in the night;  the wind all around us; the sunlight that kisses our face…

     He speaks but can we hear.  Can we see the subtle messages he sends to us.  Can we read between the lines.  He speaks but we are deaf.  Our ears attending the things of this world.  They be so loud it drowns out the whispers of  his love and gentleness.  Like a flower in the field it bends in the wind but makes not a sound… or does it?   The trees sway to and fro… they are silent… but are they?   Bend your ear this way and listen to stillness  of the nothingness… tell me if you can… what is it saying…  

Come, come with me… take a walk, wisdom cries out but who heeds her voice? 

Come,  wonder, explore, seek and you will find.  He is here among us…   The Living Waters to wash us clean. The sun to light the way. The stars to tell his story from beginning to end.  Bread for life, water for refreshing, wine for joy,  oil for healing… he provides for all our needs from the heavens and the earth.  Surly he keeps watch, he never slumbers or sleeps.  In our stupor we stumble and fall… blind to his outstretched hand to lift us up. 

     I will walk alone if I must… I will sit and be still… until he reveals himself…  I will meditate on his goodness and praise his awesome wonders in all the earth.  How can I be silent? How can I keep it to myself?   I am like a damn about to burst.  I can not hide it in my heart… I must set it free… whomsoever will hear open your ears… listen to wisdom.  Should it fall on deaf ears I will declare it to creation. Let them lift up praise to God for he is glorious and majestic above all things; in all things. 

      I will walk alone if I must… but I am never really alone.  He is here… he is among us… walking with us in the praises and declarations of truth. Let us lift up our voice and declare to all creation, how great is our God, Creator of the heavens and the earth.  Let us give him honor, let us bow down and worship him who is worthy, worthy of all praise. Let us join with creation make a mighty sound like thunder from the skies and  the roar of the ocean.  Glory be… to God alone .  

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