Garden Walks

There is no better place to be then in the presence of the Lord… He longs to reveal himself to those who will choose to draw near… nearer to his heart to know him as he is… face to face, heart to heart. Call out to him today and he will extend his hand of grace to you. Take it and never let it go…


     In my quiet time today I shuffled through some garden photos.  Longing for the sunshine to return to the earth, I stumble upon some pictures that take me back to the garden of Eden.   I close my eyes and ponder the days of walking and talking with my Beloved Savior. I remember how he spoke and always made me feel so inspired and alive.  The days now are cold and dreary unable to go for walks in the garden I resort to the next best thing…  Meditation. 

I put on some quiet ocean or riverside music.   It soothes my soul and allows me to fade away into my favorite place… The Garden Of Eden.  I find myself singing and dancing to my Beloved.  It is not long until He shows up and begins to dance with me.  Swept away by his presence, I am breathless and broken.   He gathers me up in his arms and carries me to the garden where we sit and talk about the good things he desires to do.  Here time has no end and the sun always shines.  I listen to his voice in wonder and awe.  I can not help but love him. What ever could I do to show him my gratitude for his goodness to me.  I look into his eyes and I am captivated by love.  My heart beats faster,  my  whole being flooded with electricity I can hardly be still.  I lay my head upon his chest his arms embrace me and I am engulfed by his love for me.  No longer able to contain myself, I rise to worship and praise my Beloved.  Dancing before him with arms open wide my heart ready to receive his Spoken Word… He plants in me Divine revelations like seeds in the garden the sprout quickly.  Before I can speak they have produced fruit.  What sweetness; what goodness to eat at his table, from his hand he feeds me the Bread of Life.  He gives me sweet wine to drink and I am drunk with joy. 

Full of his goodness, I am satisfied.  I linger by his side hanging on his every Word.  Truth comes forth from his lips like Living Waters.  I wash in the abundance of his wisdom.  I am made clean, I am whole without spot or wrinkle.  I am refreshed as I rest in who he is, no worries no cares.  I know there is nothing that can separate me from my Beloved.  No… nothing past, nothing present, nothing to come can take his love away.  I have freewill to come and go as I choose… but how can I go?   I am nothing with out him and his desire is for me to stay…. to walk and talk with him forever and ever. 

       When he whispers in my ear I am moved; every part of my being is stirred, my flesh shudders and quakes.  He takes my breath away.  How can I not want to spend time with him?  How can I turn my back to him for another?  His Word is sweeter than honey and life to my soul.  Peace surrounds me and his love guards me.  The joy he gives me, the laughter we share and his wisdom holds me hostage… though willingly. 

     I say yes, I will walk with you… I will come into the garden and talk with you.  I will dance and join all creation in singing your praises. I am yours and you are mine, we are one; where else would I go?  I finally found where I belong… here with you, here in your presence, always by your side.     My home is where you are… I will go where you go and stay where you stay.  Your people will be my people and your children my children.  You are my God, the lover of my soul.  I live for you and I die for you. I was created for your delight.  I was created  for Eden, I was created in Eden.  How can I go… there is no other place for me but with you.  I will follow you to the ends of the earth … to the end of all time…


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