Elijah Fire

Burn baby Burn… burn hotter; burn brighter for the glory of God Almighty


My deep desire for truth drives me to God’s face. As I continue my communion every morning and evening I find myself  praying for the church more and more… Light the fire in the fallen sparks that have allowed the world to dowse the passion for God with a flood of chaos and trouble.   I hear the Holy Spirit speak up quickly… You can’t light wet wood!  Oh my pictures begin to flow to my spiritual eyes.  I immediately recall Elijah soaking the wood, the sacrifice and the ground before he calls down the fire of God to consume his offering!  


The church is not keeping the fire hot enough to dry up the water… more fire than water creates steam … but…more water than heat creates smoke… smoke chokes, suffocates and burns the eyes that no one can see or breath!   Oh dear God! have mercy and come to us… breathe on us and dry out the wood,  blow away the smoke or we will die!   Suffocated by the flood of chaos and smoke inhalation!   The world and all its drama allowed in the church… the Holy Place the Holy of Holies… defiled by Jezebel and her false prophets!  This is killing the church… no one can enter in to worship and no one can see clearly!   Blind leading the blind …they cant find the door to escape the fire… of hell on earth!

I seek out the scripture where Elijah calls on God to accept his offering.  Not only did God come and lick up the sacrifice but he licked up all the water, the wood, the stones and the soil!   HOLY ALL CONSUMING GOD!

There were 4 jars of water poured on the offering 3 times.  3×4=12!!!!   12 jars of water not little gallons of water but big jars.  Like Jesus turned to wine! for a wedding party!   that’s a lot of water.  12 represents so much I can not begin to open that revelation!   But just to say this goes to prove that God is not powerless to ignite those who have fallen short, or allowed the world to smolder their fire.   All it takes is to call out to God and he will more than gladly ignite your fire again!

The offering he desires… offerings of praise and thanksgiving… everyone has something to be thankful for!   SALVATION is at the top of the list… read the Word it can always get worse!   Be thankful to God it opens the doors to come in and talk to God face to face… but do not seek him for selfishness but to know him more; to know how he thinks; how he works; what he likes and what he hates!   The Word spells all this out plainly but sometimes when we need to hear it face to face…. it changes us!

Worship Him who is able to deliver you from death, hell and the grave… Worship is not just singing a song! Worship is a weapon of LOVE and WAR!   Love God and he fights your battles for you!   You only need to stand you ground and DECLARE what “HE SAYS HE WILL DO”!… after all he is not a man that he should lie… so he has to keep his promises.

The secret is…. do we keep our promises… do we keep worshipping him, obeying him, following him.   Do we stay in fellowship with him after all he is family… to some he may be a Father, to some a Brother,  to some a Friend, to some a Master, and to others a Slave Driver but to some…. he is the Husband.   No matter your relationship to God… are you in fellowship with him?   OR are you like a hired worker… you come labor a few hours Sunday morning and expect your pay!   UGH!

I keep my fire burning with the anointing oil… like a torch that can not be put out unless it is drowned in the ocean.   I then would give myself to diving deep in to the ocean of wisdom!    God’s wisdom;  far deeper than any human understanding… who needs the world when God holds the world in the palm of his hand!  Your Wisdom, Oh God,  is like the Niagara  Falls… who can withstand it vastness?  Who can drink from it and not be changed?  Fills us and overflow in us but let us burn all the more hotter; all the more brighter to shine for those lost in darkness… who can’t find their way… let us be a beacon…  a lighthouse to steer others in the right direction… out of the fire not into it!

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