Who has opened this Pandora’s box and let truth escape it prison!


    The past few days in my prayer time and reading the Word I keep being led to Jezebel… I randomly open my bible and there she is… the woman no one wants to be like!   I find the Holy Spirit revealing several things hidden within as I see with a spiritual eye what lies beneath the literal Word.    As we know Jezebel was “One of those Women” that had a mouth bigger than her brain.  Arrogant, selfish and meaner than a snake.  She wanted her way right away or you were a dead dog!   Here I see…. she killed all the prophets of God to keep them from “Sounding the Alarm”!   Yes, prophets were “Whistle blowers”  when others were stepping outside the boundaries set by God!   Boundaries that would protect land from the enemy attacking them and oppressing them.  Jezebel who was no a Jew, but married a Jew, quickly took advantage of her husband’s poor leadership abilities.  Now, if no one can see where this is leading I will give you a hit.   Men  of God who are not leaders… abdicate their throne to a ungodly woman who would be more than glad to take control…  Hence the confusion in our world today!  

      Jezebel set out to change the Laws… murdering babies, prophets and anyone who did not give her what she wanted or stood against her in any way.  She also was a woman who despised authority… she desired to control manipulate and demand others to do her bidding yet she obeyed no one.   Her rage and spitefulness had no limits for she thought herself “Above the Law of the Land”!   Do you see what I see?   Her heart,  hard as flint, her sense of entitlement beyond reason.  She was always right, everyone else was always wrong.  She did what she had to;  to put fear into the people.  Her plan… to control and oppress people into submission to her will not the will of the people, not the will of God.  

What more shall I say that this has become the great whore of revelations!   Sound a little far fetched does it…

Here today in our own land we kill innocent babies by the thousands everyday!   We kill the prophets who are “sounding the alarm” about all the treachery in our gov’t and others areas of our life.  We know businesses and medical fields are so corrupt as well.  You can’t trust a word coming out of the mouth of anyone.  We even see it in our religious establishments… how many lies, corruption and heresy have been uncovered.  Be sure your sin will find you out… has new meaning as we learn God uncovers things hidden in the dark by “Mysterious Co-incidences”!   Of course we know nothing is a co-incidence… All things have a reason and  a purpose.  As the saying goes there was a crooked man who walked a crooked path… has new meaning in retrospect!  

       All things are spiritual and manifest in the natural… If you are seeing it then the battle has already been won in the spirit realm…. good or evil.   Our battles are spirit not flesh.  We can not fight the enemy of our souls with guns and bombs… not with laws and restrictions… we can’t tax the enemy to death so he has no power to resist.  No our battles rage from within… a wicked heart produces wickedness.  A good heart produces good.  Each tree produces exactly the same seed it planted.  An orange tree can not produce apples. So also a Jezebel can not produce a Jesus. 

       I don’t know about anyone else but I am done with the Jezebels of this world… they ruin it for the rest of us.. Jezebel gives us a bad reputation and we are innocent of the crimes she committed.  I gird up my spiritual armor and I enter into warfare with the Jezebel spirit.   I declare the Word of God and the Authority of Jesus name to break off that wickedness in our land, our people our families.  We must come together to defeat this wicked woman… Let me clarify… Wicked Spirit!   This is not something we win easily because the world consider it a good attribute in a woman to be defiant and taking authority over “her” life… its not her life she wants to control but everyone elses…  

If I may be so bold… man has taken this Jezebel things out of context to say woman have no voice in the church body… this is not what this scripture is saying… it is saying not to allow a arrogant gentile with a big mouth, absolutely lawless when it comes to the Laws of God… Yes we have Laws… anyone who says the church is no longer under the Law has not read their bible correctly… For Jesus himself said… If you love me keep my commands… What do you think he was saying?   There was no NEW TESTAMENT!   He taught the Perfect Law of love … and love corrects error… love does JUSTICE!   We want justice when we are wronged but should we be the guilty party we cry out I’M COVERED UNDER GRACE!   I do not think that is going over well on judgment day!   To him who shows mercy to him mercy will be shown… Does that mean we overlook sin, crime and wickedness… what works for one must apply to all… If you do not want to be judged for your sin (any sin) then we can not judge murder, slander, incest, rape or any other heinous crime… after all we are no longer under the law… Doesn’t sound so great now!   So again Jezebel is at work deceiving the people.

The Word says if you keep one you keep them all you break one you break them all!   So are we saying its ok to sin unless its something we don’t approve?  Who died and made you boss!   Jesus died but he did not make you boss… God is judge!   He is the head we are the body!   Unless your are walking around headless… I see a picture in my minds eye of a chicken running around with its head cut off running into everything and blood spritzing out making a mess everywhere! How can a headless chicken cry out I’m under the blood!   Ugh!  Dear Jesus have Mercy on the people and take away the blindness.  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!

What’s is even worse… it is impossible for the church not to do good.  So if you keep the law of love you must keep the whole Word!   YOU CAN NOT DIVIDE THE WORD AND EXPECT TO BE MADE WHOLE!  OH DEAR WHO HAS LET THIS WORD COME FORTH BUT THE HOLY SPIRIT!

I am his vessel… he speaks his will. Who am I to say no to God… I will not turn away from the truth.  I will surrender to the Spirit and allow him to have a voice through me…. rejected or not… I have no desire to be separated from the Lover and Savior of my soul!

No man can give me life, no man died for me, no man has ever been able to resurrect me from death to life… Give me Jesus… He can use me anyway he pleases!


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