Its the simple things that bring delight…they cost nothing but a sacrifice of purposeful time… to sit and be still… just be in wonder of it all…


Quietly I sit.  Restful, Peaceful, Waiting…

I close my eyes daydreaming as the warm sunshine sooths my soul.

How am I so blessed to find this day so full of God’s goodness and grace?

I open my eyes to take in the beauty all around me.

It is to much for me to remain silent any longer.  I have to tell My Creator how great he is… He created this just for me?  I am grateful beyond words… Look up into the cloudless sky and bless his holy name.  Give him praise, give him glory for there is none like him.  I look to the trees standing uprightly; bending with the breeze yet they do not break.  They return to their place; peaceful and still.  I gaze at the flowers as they seem to smile enjoying the sunlight as much as I.  I smile back and wonder… How does my Creator choose what color, size and shape for each and every one of them?  The masses all around the world and yet they differ from one another.   This turns my head to ponder man… How each one is different; each has his own mark, his own finger print and his own voice.  The many facets of gifting’s and personalities that we carry and no two are alike perfectly…

I laugh at myself knowing all too well that God too has a sense of humor.  I think about my own gifts and personality and I know for certain… God must have been in a simple yet humorous mood that day!   There is no one like me… and that use to bother me because I never felt like I belonged… anywhere.   But since I am a new creation in Christ… I am quite overjoyed at the humor my Creator had when he thought of me…

What others can’t see; I can see clearly…What others overlook… I find such joy. I confess I am easily entertained by the sound of water washing upon the shore.  I find myself laughing just watching a squirrel find a home in a dead tree!   I am overjoyed to sit and watch the sun rise or set whichever he gives me opportunity.  I write and write and still I never seem to empty out the emotion that runs deep in my soul… My pen seems to grow weary of its work so I lay it down and give it a rest….

I take a walk and I find myself talking to my Creator or singing him a song, making a joyful noise that he is quiet pleased with me, that I come to seek his face and just pour out my love on him.  Why he enjoys me I still can not understand?   I am simple and alone.  I live to be in the sunshine and the warm breeze that reminds me of his Spirit traveling to and fro throughout the earth looking for one more soul seeking Truth.  I whisper, “If you can’t find anyone… I am here.   I will listen to what you have to offer in wisdom and knowledge to help me understand you more and more. I will gladly attend to your Words as you reveal the mysteries hidden in creation.  Open my eyes to see what you see.  Open my ears to hear what you hear.  Open my heart and fill it with your presence.  I have emptied out myself to make more room for you!  There is nothing hidden from you in me. Come look and see… I made room for you in me.  You are welcome to stay as long as you like… for a while or just a moment, I prefer forever…

What can I say, but that I am simple… I only long for my Beloved; to walk in the garden to find what his heart desires; what delights him most!  I want to see him smile, I love to hear him laugh…My soul is raptured up to hear him so joyful with my company.   Free to speak, free to question, free to worship and adore.  I am… spoiled!   I have been  changed just by his companionship and his passion for me.  No other will do… no other do I seek.  I walk and talk with him in the wee hours of the morning  and into the night.  I wake myself when I hear my voice speaking to him as though I had never gone to sleep.  Wake or asleep He is always here by my side or hiding in my heart.  He speaks freely to help me walk uprightly and in the perfect love he has for me.

He feeds me fruit from the Tree of life. He shares the Bread of life… as much as I desire.  There is no lack of wine to drink; that our joy may be complete.   The Living Waters refresh my soul and wash away the world’s unclean-ness.  He anoints me with oil  and I am blessed so abundantly, I can not keep it to myself.  I dance before him and he rises to join me.  With music from all creation, the sound of love coming from within… the heaven’s join in and the earth comes to together and as one we all extol our God, our Creator.

My praises never end,  though I am nothing.  I gave it all way, all I once counted as riches and wealth; I let it all go.  I walked away just to possess you for myself.   You are worth more than all the things this world could give me… no amount of money could ever buy the gift you gave me…    to walk with you and talk with all the days of my life… I don’t have to die to have heaven.  I have it here with you… now, before I get there. So I will already feel at home when I do finally rid myself of this fleshly prison that keeps me bound to the earth… But you gave me  your Spirit to allow me to come follow you… in the garden or  where ever you go… I can be there with you. Near or far, my world or yours, its all the same… The only difference is I have to return until another day so I can tell the Truth… You are here; You are among us.  You are who you say you are; the Word of God living in us and through us as long as we commune with you; you will remain with us. Always and forever.

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