The Blood; The cup of communion

There is no greater love than for one to lay down his life for the good of his friends…


In wonder of the grace given to man…. I ponder the Blood that was shed for me to be cleansed for all my filthy, sinful  ways.  This blood certainly means more to me than just My Savior giving his life for me!   He not only blotted out my sin, so the “Accuser of the Brethren”  has no legal right to condemn or demand justice against me.  He becomes the false witness… Yea for me!  false witnesses are stoned!   I realize the power of TRUTH!   It is knowing your rights and standing on those rights when my enemies rise up against me from every direction to slay me, tempt me or provoke me to sin against my God, my Father, my Savior and my Teacher!   Though he has many names I choose my pet name for him… my Beloved!

As I enquire to the Lord what more can be hidden within the blood I find his answers quite alluring and breathtaking.

The blood… there is life in the Blood… There is life in Jesus’ atonement for our sin. We now get to live forever! in holy communion with him! not for our own pleasures or will.

The Blood… His blood running through my veins gives me life; healing spirit, soul and body, newness of my soul.  I am resurrected a new creation for now HE IS MY DADDY!  I have his DNA running through my veins!  I am living proof he is my FATHER!   That old devil can not prove he has any legal fatherly rights to me any more!   More and more I begin to look like my Father, act like him, walk like him, talk like him, and learn to do kingdom… business so I can work in his kingdom as an heir, not a slave; not an employ but an heir!   I pay attention to details; how to run the business so he will trust me when he is on a journey redeeming souls.  I want to learn to be faithful in his business of saving lives, restoring hope and life to those who come to open an account with him!   He is a good business man… always seeking opportunity to expand the business for the good of the kingdom! I want to be like him!

His Blood… My Armor, my shield of protection, my force field that protects me from every attack near and far.  close combat with swords and knives or far reaching attacks from archers and catapults that try to crush me at every chance… I have armor that is strong than any of them!   Words can’t penetrate it and offense has no power against the blood barrier… No sickness no dis-ease can penetrate the blood barrier… no; I would have to open the door and invite trouble in to feel the effect of the wicked!

The Blood… Yes it covers my sin and shame. It clothes me in royalty, righteousness and purity… I can walk with my head held high… not in pride but in confidence that Jesus has my back!   He surrounds me with guardians on my right and my left!   The Blood opens doors for me that no one can close and closes doors that no one can open!   Open sesame!

The Blood… my choice weapon to go undercover… to walk about unseen by the enemy!   I can come and go unseen into the Father presence; into the garden of Eden to fellowship and commune as long as I desire… he never kicks me out as long as I abide by his rules… He only ask for respect and trust!   I find I am ignorant of what trust really is?  It is not as the world defines… Trust in him is like a house that is build by hand… stone upon stone brick upon brick. The foundation is the most important part of the building.  Everything rest on the foundation… TRUST!   Trust first layer is LOVE!  without love you can not build a house with God!   It is his love for us that enables us to love.  Not the lust of this world but his kind of love… love that allows freewill… hard words to swallow!   We get to choose… how much we love him… do we want to love him like a slave master, a employer, a friend, a brother, a father, or a husband… Just the thought sends me running to the arms of my Beloved… perfect love is best. Iedt is the deepest and closest love there is between 2 hearts.  We may call them soul mates.  They are one never out of sync with one another. Never offended by the freedom we enjoy to be who we are!  One never forces the other to do anything he or she does not desire to do.  Both give themselves to make the other shine brighter.    Its a beautiful picture that can not be painted without experiencing it within.

The Blood…By his stripes we are healed… I can not tell you how many times I quoted this scripture and remain broken!   It was by sheer co-incidence… even though there is no such thing in the Hebrew language!   As I researched this in Hebrew; original language the word is Chabburah  its literal meaning is wound or blow BUT the spirit of the word is also friend or  fellowship… what this means is that through fellowship (being a disciple) with him (Jesus) we are healed… as in a friend corrects his friend even when it hurts.   What we would say today… friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Because you love them you are willing to do what it takes to find their keys, so they do not drink and drive.  No matter how much they insist or threaten you;  you do what is right even if it means risking the relationship!   Its like telling them the truth even if it hurts.   When we confront a believer who may be in sin and they are offended this can ruin the fellowship between believers!   but because we do not want to see our friend in sin and suffer because of sin, we warn, rebuke, correct whatever it takes to return that friend back to the Lord (right standing with God).  The closer we draw to Jesus the more we learn from him.  We allow him to correct us in the error of our ways… Should we not heed his voice he will bring others to confront sin face to face… should that not bring one to repent ….WELL, LETS JUST SAY YOU DONT WANT TO GO THERE….  The best way is to allow Jesus, through the Holy Spirit to convict us privately so we are not corrected publicly… He is merciful and gracious… he does not desire to make a public display of our sin… but to save a soul not heeding his voice he will go to great lengths to bring one to repentance.

All these examples were given to me step by step… this I learned, remembering communion not just once a month in a church building but spending time with Jesus; the Word made Flesh… the more time I spend in the Word the more he reveals himself to me.  the literal is  revealed spirit by the Holy Spirit.  The flesh can reveal flesh but only the spirit can reveal what is spirit!


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