Healing our Soul

The Battle is to the strong… Be courageous and fearless stand your ground, Uphold the Truth


20151108_110703.jpg I am sadden today by the lack of faith or perhaps knowledge in “believers” to grasp the depths of God’s love to heal us.  Instead of faith we trust in our head knowledge.  It is not our head that heals us but our heart.  God has given us provision to be WHOLE,  not just healed.  Healing is but a small part of being WHOLE.   In my time of unlearning the errors of deception; the Holy Spirit taught me the right way. How thankful I am for his grace and patience as I willingly crucified my fleshly thinking to grasp the Truth.  This is not that we do not know but that  we can not do it with out the help of the Holy Spirit.  The moment we have received our Salvation we have provision for all that we need.  Hard to imagine a storehouse with your name on it; full and overflowing with the goodness God. Every good thing he  has already prepared for you.

Faith unlocks the door not head knowledge.   Faith… what is it?  How do we find it?  Faith I can say by experience is trust in God’s perfect Love for us.  Sounds simple but is it really?   We say we have faith but when we fall into difficult times is our Faith still rooted in trust?  When we are sick, tormented, long in suffering and oppress whether in spirit, soul or body do we succumb or do we fight the good fight?   Do we stand on the Word… By his stripes we are/ were healed?  Jesus said, “It is finished”!   It is already done for you… but why do we not see it manifest in our life?

This is where the Truth hurts… As I minister to many of all walks of life I find one common denominator… tolerance!   What?   Yes,  TOLERANCE!   We have actually become accustomed to sickness as a part of life!   The words we speak confirms what I say… As we confess how sick we are; it manifests its ugliness and misery.  Do we know we have been given authority over sickness, dis-ease, every weapon that is formed against us.   The enemy has found its way past the Shield of Faith… feelings!

I am in the midst of working with 2 very sick people and they know that they know… God heals… can heal and wants to heal.  So why is it not manifesting in the natural?  This is what Makes the difference between knowing with your mind and knowing with your heart!   Faith is not head knowledge… the devil believes and shudders.  He is not getting in the gates of heaven!   So how do we get the heart to have faith.  I can quote scripture til I die and that will not heal anyone.  It is the Spoke Word of God that is confessed BOLDLY without a shadow of … fear, doubt, worry and anxiety.. It is telling your fleshly mind to shut up and do what the Word says…

Perfect love casts out all evil.  So the root is LOVE.  Is your love perfect before God?   Is there anger, strife, negative words, condemnation, criticism, revenge, hatred, bitterness, grief, envy, arrogance, pride or other sin in your daily life?  This closes the door to healing… You say you are covered under GRACE?   What do you call grace?   Grace is a beautiful thing in God’s hands,  but in man’s hands it is deceptive. Man wants to believe GRACE is a “free to sin” ticket where there is no correction, discipline or consequences for error and rebellion!   That’s not Grace… that is wickedness.  The wicked do not repent because they believe there is no one who makes them give an account of the things they have done in their life.  When they die… they believe it is the end… what misery awaits them when the truth is revealed.  There will be no mercy for them… because in their life they showed no mercy.

How do we receive healing…As I said before Perfected Love.  Love made perfect step by step.  Some times we are healed instantly and other times we endure long suffering…  What determines the difference… Let’s use and example from the Word… How long did the Israelites wonder in the desert?  Why?   Because of unbelief… they murmured and complained not just against Moses but God!   How?  They wanted to return to EGYPT!   They cried out to be saved but when God delivered them and led them out they wanted to complain about God’s provision!  A Thank-less generation died in the desert.  Only Joshua and Caleb came out of the wilderness… why?  Because they refused to believe God would not or could not SAVE them. God did great things in EGYPT… How could they believe He would not do even greater things… Here we find ourselves… Doubting God… will he? can he?  Am I good enough… If you are under the BLOOD you are.  A repentant heart draws God to you.  God reveals his glory to any and everyone to seeks to be made perfect… in his love.  Love covers a multitude of sins, not overlooks… love corrects error because it loves deeply and desires no harm to come to the beloved.  We must learn covering sin means God does not constantly remind us how sinful we are; how many times he has forgiven us over and over again!

I have learned every sickness has a root in error of our ways… I will not use the word sin because most believe sin is breaking the 10 commandments  and they are no longer under the Law!   God never said that!   He said, “If you love me keep my commandments”… even to the end of Revelations He commands us, ” keep my WORD”.   Do we understand it is more than just 10 legal laws!   It is so much more…If God speaks to you to go do and you refrain; you are in rebellion… If he tells you to “not” do… and you do; you are in rebellion.   What is more impressive is his command,  “To him who knows to do good and does it not to him alone it is sin”… Obedience to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, that ache in your heart leading you to do or not do …. do you heed the voice in the pit of your stomach telling you; “this is the way walk in it”?

I am as guilty as the rest… we all fall short… The Idea is to repent when you are convicted or reminded of the error of your ways… R.A.O.   This is my secret to being WHOLE!   Random Acts of Obedience… I allow him to tell me what to do any time he wants… Resisting him is like stabbing myself in the heart!   Suicide  for me… to be separated for him… I suppose you have to be one with him in order to miss his presence!

I have learned to obey immediately when he nudges me… I still miss opportunities as I learn to discern between what is God and what is good!   The enemy uses lots of good things to lead us astray.  I have been led to do some really unthinkable things and some incredibly simple things that most people overlook… but the nudge was there… a quick thought to pick something up and put it in the trash or to return a shopping cart to the return… If he told me to do it I do it for the sake of the relationship with him… If he tells me to stop; I stop, if I should go; I go.   If he should whisper come follow me… will I do it, even though I have no clue where I’m going?   Just the other day I drove not in any particular direction waiting for him to tell me right or left.  Where He took me was amazing in itself… That led to more stops… Random stops here and there.  One thing led to another all to teach me to obey instantly.  Yes, I still argue with him… Every relationship does… but I surrender … because when I ask “why” and He says…. DO YOU TRUST ME?   I am convicted and quickly repent!   This keeps me whole… Loving him more than I love myself.  I put aside my feelings, plans and attitude!   He does not invade my day to ruin my plans but to uses me so he can bless me and others… He is trying to get me closer to his perfection…  his perfect will.

When the enemy comes to make me believe a lie will I surrender to the thought he speaks in my ear… If I meditate on it too long I find it sinking into my heart and what the heart is full of the mouth speaks!   Confession triggers the action… We do what we keep speaking.  You tell yourself you hate your job… you will hate your job more and more… You tell yourself you will do this or buy that over and over not just a casual word but with determination, you are not taking no for an answer and you will settle for nothing less!   That is the power of the Spoken Word!   Some things take longer and some things appear before the words are spoken out of the mouth.  It is the heart that stands up and declares; Back off devil your treading on thin ice….  We would never think of allowing someone to put poison in our food to make us sick… that is exactly what the devil does… he poisons your food… the words of your mouth… And you shall eat the fruit of your words!   The word of God is the Bread of Life, The Tree of life, The River of Life … who are you allowing to poison the water you drink!   The devil uses all kinds unaware… even Christians and good people just to blurt a word out of the mouth or a thoughtless action to offend and crack our force field shielding us from the fiery darts of the enemy!   Long range missiles that come to bomb our life, hopes, dreams … even our FAITH!   Feelings… the weakest link for mankind!   Emotions unchecked, undisciplined run rampant and produce a tidal wave that destroys lives.  STOP REACTING!   Healing comes when we are at peace and rest… remain calm in the 911 Emergency attacks.  Your head will rule your Spirit if you react in survival mode.  Fight or flight instincts kick in auto drive… STOP THE REACTOR!   Discipline and opportunity to practice and test your progress is a good thing… anything God allows is to test what you know… will you put what you know into action? Faith is doing not knowing!  Do what you know to do. If you do not know what to do you need more practice!   EAT the WORD!  So you are prepared when the thief comes to attack.  You must know where you stand… in front of the BLOOD or Behind the BLOOD!   Devil has no rights if you have no unpaid, delinquent account with God!   Make sure your account is always in the RED!

God is a good God, a good Father… what good father does not take care of his own kids?  It’s a good thing our Father is a DR!  Our Father does surgery in our spirit, soul and body. I am living proof God heals and makes WHOLE!   every area of life!    Let me be clear He knows what is best… True healing and WHOLENESS can only come when the SPIRIT is made WHOLE FIRST !   The SPIRIT will heal the SOUL and the SOUL will then heal the BODY!   It is hard work.. It costs you everything to crucify the fleshly mind and heart. Our soul and body will fight tooth and nail for every inch it can get away with.  Give it an inch and it will take a mile…  Our Spirit must be the adult and discipline the soul; a rebellious teen who thinks they “know it all” and the body a toddler throwing a tantrum in public!  Hideous how sneaky the  enemy is using our own self to rebel and overthrow the kingdom of TRUTH!  Be brave and courageous the reward is victory over the 10 giants occupying your promise land!   Never shrink back in fear and let the enemy know your on the run… he will take you captive and imprison you in the dungeon of sickness, poverty, sin, darkness, shame and powerlessness!  See sickness as an enemy! Take the bull by the horns and slay him with Wisdom, Worship, Praise and Thankgiving!  Accept nothing less than victory in Jesus Name!     Hopefully it wont take 40 days, months or years!

One thought on “Healing our Soul

  1. Healing is a process of obeying. IT IS HEART to accept a ‘ believe ‘ . A believe something beyond our own ability and understanding. If we want a change we need to humble ourselves and accept what God willing to do for us.

    Thanks for sharing your heart-words to us.

    Come n visit me. if you like just follow …


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