Overcoming evil with good and the lies with truth

He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE… HE Is the WORD made flesh… to teach us the way we should go… follow him!

20160911_071126.jpgIn my reading of the Word tonight I am overwhelmed by a vision I see in my Spirit.  Not a pretty one and my heart grieves.  I see people walking around headless… and as it progresses I find these headless ones tearing pages out of the Word of God!   Shaken to the core of my soul, I fall on my face and WORSHIP!   Why?  Because I learned by the Holy Spirit that WORSHIP from the HEART moves God to hear our cry for Mercy and Grace!   Do I believe we need it?  With all my being we all need Grace, Grace and more Grace!   As I worship the Lord God Almighty this is the interpretation He gives me… I am already told Not many will receive it but speak it any way; do not be silent!   I pray for the Holy Spirit to dictate Word for Word so I translate it clearly and plainly for all to understand … to grasp the depths of our ignorance of God’s goodness toward us.

1st Word…  BY HIS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED… we have taken this to mean God does not punish us or correct sin… it is covered under the blood… hence the grace of God!   But the Holy Spirit reveals TRUTH… By God correcting us with stripes/ wounds  we are healed/ cured of sinful works!   This is no other than the enemy allowed to afflict our souls until we come to repent of our sin that separates us from HIM, God.  If we remain in sin how can we draw near to God? The Blood covering sin is for those who humble themselves and repent…This is what Jesus taught everyone!  Go and sin NO MORE!      Once we know we have sinned we are responsible to repent!  Just as parents correct their children to “teach” them what is right and wrong.  Of course it is age appropriate just as God corrects us by our spiritual maturity!

2nd…   This is where the headless people come into the picture!  Those who do not want to believe in correction have twisted the WORD OF GOD to say Jesus bore all our punishment and we are no longer under the Law!   The Holy Spirit desire to correct this false teaching… Any one who rejects the HEAD is rejecting Jesus.  It is Written… the man is the head of the wife and Christ is the head of man…  interpretation… by the Holy Spirit  The church is the BRIDE of Christ… CHRIST, who represents the man the BRIDEGROOM… the head of Christ is the FATHER!   Oh God, I shudder at our arrogance and pride, I am moved by the Spirit!   By “head knowledge” we know this; but the “Spirit of the Truth” reveals that we have cut off the HEAD by taking the WORD MADE FLESH (JESUS CHRIST)and severing it … twisting it… taking away the TRUTH and choosing the lie!   What the Spirit is saying we have rejected the SPIRITUAL wisdom, knowledge and understanding for fleshly reasoning… the literal… DID GOD REALLY SAY!   WE are choosing not to see the spiritual because the flesh does not want to be disciplined for sin!   So take away the Law and there can be no correction/ discipline and no accusing the brothers… But we accuse one another and pray to God the Father for JUSTICE, VENGENCE and to repay those who did us wrong… So again we do not want to be accountable for sin but we hold others accountable when we judge them for wrong doing… sin… mistakes… errors!!!!   Get the Picture!   We cry out we are no  longer under the LAW but everyone else is????   I feel God vomiting us out of his mouth!  To him who shows mercy … mercy will be shown!   We are crucifying Christ AGAIN!   We take the Word of GOD….pick and choose what scripture to keep and what to throw in the fire and burn it on our altar of false religion….idolatry.  The Great Whore… Why would Jesus preach… If you Love Me KEEP my commands… Obey my Word… Faith without works is DEAD if he did not mean exactly what he said! He is not a man that he should LIE!  Who is the father of all lies? The antichrist is not after those who do not obey God… He is after those who keep the “Word” of His testimony; to uphold the Word!  The WORD OF GOD is the LAW… They were slain for the Word! Not lawlessness!  REVELATIONS  says ANYONE!  who adds to My WORD or takes away from MY WORDS… HE WILL BE CURSED!   Take away the Law of God… the Spoken Word that was made flesh and you are literally rejecting JESUS!   It is written… in the beginning was the WORD the WORD was with God the WORD was God!   I weep for the ignorance we have accepted the lie as truth!   We try to BURY the Word, covered in the BLOOD and Hide it in Stone Graves… HARD DEAD HEARTS!  those that do not want to be corrected for sin!

3rd…   Dare I go on…A flash appears before this vision!   Behold I see a vision within a vision… The RESURRECTION!   The false church who does not accept God’s Word as LAW but believe they are under no law means they are under no AUTHORITY… By DEFAULT they are under the authority of the lawless one!   The false church will be “LEFT BEHIND”   and because they are so self righteous and hate the true church  they will make up a lie to explain the rapture of the righteous…. What might they declare?

This is so BIG it is almost unbelievable if I had not the Spirit to reveal it!

The Jewish leaders told the people that “thieves” stole the “body” of Jesus… how appropriate would it be for the false church to say… That aliens “THIEVES” came and stole the people away!   We are the “BODY OF CHRIST”!  Oh GOD!   Have mercy!   The “antichrist” is he who rejects Christ as THE HEAD… THE LAW… the Authority over man! He makes himself god, he has no one to answer to and makes up his own rules of self righteousness as it pleases his own flesh.  Of course anyone who knows the truth will be beheaded in the tribulation when they “know the truth” and try to expose “the truth”… it was the Rapture of the true church, the righteous who hold fast to the Word of God and keep His testimony!   Do not be fooled and deceived… the Word of God reveals itself and confirms itself…

We who uphold God’s Word out of a LOVE relationship not out of duty… we obey because we love HIM!   Not because we have to.. or even worse… self righteousness…look at me!   It is the lawless ones calling good; evil and evil; good who are deceived that there is no Law!   The Law of the Spirit Is God’s Law of perfect Love… All things are Spirit in His Word!

My prayer is that “ONE” may grasp this and repent and love Christ as his/ her HEAD let him lead, rule, correct, teach, discipline, train with all authority; spirit, soul and body… with-hold nothing from him. He desires to be ONE with his BODY and BRIDE!  God’s Word is HOLY… If it is Holy we can not accept some and reject others that is severing DIVINDING the Word = CHAOS. A house divided can not stand!   A body without a head has no direction… it wonders around in darkness stumbling and falling every step of the way grasping at anything to lead it not knowing the blind lead the blind they both fall into the pit!

I could go on and on but I will leave this for you to digest and seek God’s heart let the Holy Spirit do its work and bring you to the truth and freedom we have in Christ… It is no longer I but He who dwells in me!   Let him do the work in your heart all he asks is that you TRUST him…  then do what you know to do!   Learn the easy way or the hard way… But either way True Love corrects error! God corrects in love not to hurt or destroy life but to give life!   But rebellion leads out of the Garden of Eden… Adam and Eve rejected the Head… God’s Word and believed satan’s words… satan now became the head of authority… Jesus gave his life to take back that authority… To bring us back to God… Into the Garden of Eden… don’t miss the door!  the Word He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE… no man comes to the Father but by ME… Jesus Is the WORD!  HE dwells With us… His Word is in our Hearts and minds if we choose to dwell with Him; in his Word, He reveals himself to us as He is!  We become like him!   Not he like us!  EMMANUEL God within us… His Spirit the Spirit of the Word teaches truth!

I gotta  go…  PRAISE HIM… He is so GOOD to me… to us!   Enter his gates with praise and thanksgiving.. these are acceptable offerings that please God, out of a pure and humble heart…

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