Job, the Righteous

The depths of God’s goodness toward us… who can fathom the mysteries hidden in his Spoken Word


20160621_201915.jpgAs I was casually flipping through the Word.  I happen across a random sentence…

Job consider perfect by God… the only one I have ever known to be perfect was Jesus.  The sinless lamb of God.  As I looked into Job a little deeper it occurs to me this represents Jesus.  Satan came to accuse Jesus As all sin was placed on him Satan had rights to sentence him to death but what satan did not understand the innocent was bearing the sin of the wicked…he himself was sinless.. he became the scapegoat for the sinner.

Now Job had made sacrifices for his children in case they may have sinned haphazardly!   Get that one… We are his children and you think he died because we haphazardly sin every day in thought, word or deed!   In our own foolishness we blurt out words we have no idea the impact they will have!  Job was afflicted with  many troubles… Jesus also was afflicted here on earth. Man did not accept his testimony and did everything to discredit him… Kind of sounds like Jobs “friends”!   With friends like that who needs enemies!   Even Jobs own family/ wife told him to curse God and die!   So much for being one flesh!  How the  unequally yoked can survive is beyond my comprehension! I suppose misery loves company!  Job was condemned by those who tried to lay sin on him just as the Pharisee’s tried to lay sin on Jesus… breaking the Shabbat rest, eating without washing his hands, not fasting, picking grain, healing on the Shabbat the list goes on…

Job was also criticized for putting his faith in God alone… Jesus depended on no man, trusted no man and put his life in the Father hands… Job Lost everything…but his life… satan was given permission to do whatever he wanted but he was not to touch jobs life… that belonged to God!   I love it when God limits what the enemy can do!   Reminds me the devil has no authority and must have permission to afflict us or trouble us when we are not guilty of sin. I learned from the Holy Spirit if God the Father allows it then He is revealing error/ sin, he is correcting, teaching or revealing His Glory!   That means its it all good!   God allowed the devil to test Jesus… if he was tested why do I think I am exempt… Nay say I!   I learned that testing is to prove to me what I believe; what is in me; truth or lie.   Do I really believe what he taught me; will I do it?

What I see is most inspiring… though satan was not allowed to take Jobs life.  I see satan was not allowed to take Jesus life either… Though the physical was crucified… Jesus could not be held in hell… the innocent can not be held unjustly.  Though the sins of man were laid on him he himself was sinless.  He laid down his life for the wicked.  The scapegoat, the innocent for the guilty. All the sacrifices for sin… the innocent animal was slain for man’s sin.  Did man have any remorse for his sin?   Perhaps if he were poor and had only one sheep he would not want to sin and  have to kill his only sheep.  But the rich had many sheep what did it matter to lose one sheep… This is why the animal sacrifice had to be taken away… Man no longer had any remorse for the life of another living thing!

We have come full circle… We have no remorse, no value for life.  We kill, steal, abuse, slander, cheat, abandon and reject human beings created in God’s image.  We kill babies; born and unborn. We get a high from entertaining evil in our homes; tv, video, games and movies the list goes on and on!  Violence in our homes and in plain sight; in public places there are no limits to our wickedness and cold hearted ways.

The time is coming for change… the cycle is almost complete.. the days of Noah and LOT!   History repeating itself. We are so busy we cant see it!  The Martha Spirit is alive and running rampant in the earth… Sodom and Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, the ungodliness of Noah’s day… the corruption of all things… Man is literally destroying himself!   If God would not have mercy on us and intervene… we would completely corrupt ourselves into non-existence.

Thank God Jesus was resurrected!   Satan had no hold on his life… He could not touch that which is holy unto God… No wonder It is written “Be holy because I your God am Holy”… He is trying to keep satan  from taking hold of us… It is so simple and we make it so difficult like trying to get a camel through the eye of a needle!

Why can’t we just listen like good, obedient children?  Why must we constantly be pushing the limits of His Mercy.  Why must we always be provoking God to wrath?  Why must we be constantly sneaking out to see what it is like on the other side?   When we know we are going to get caught… be sure your sin will find you out… Behold the eyes of the Lord are everywhere, beholding the righteous and the wicked!

I know how much joy I have with my kids when they do the right thing.  When they make the right choice. When they are obedient without having to persuade, argue or become firm and demanding obedience. I am so overjoyed I want to bless them.  I can not imagine how God must feel when his children are so willingly obedient just because the Father loves us…. we want to please him, help him do what he made plans to do.  It is an honor and privilege to be considered worthy, invited to help the Father do his work. My kids loved helping me, cook, clean, decorate, build crafts, work with the animals, dig the garden, plant and we even dug a big pond and they were so proud they could have the experience few kids ever had. Proud, they tell all their friends all the stuff they did and  there friends are jealous!  They wish their parents did stuff like that with them. Is that how we feel about our Father?   Sad to say very few do!  Are people jealous of our relationship with our Father, Our Savior, How about the Holy Spirit?   Do we realize these relationships turn others to or away from God!

I hope I have maybe inspired some one to seek a relationship not just with the Father but the Savior and the Holy Spirit… It makes us whole; spirit, soul and body because that is who God is spirit, soul and body!  Always seeking the heart of God and the mind of God, the Word made Flesh, and the Spirit of Truth (HOLY SPIRIT).  He is one and he wants us to be one.. whole in him and he in us!

All things were restored to Job!   God also will restore all things to himself!   The double portion Job received… Jesus will receive the Jew and the Gentile as the double portion blessing…  restoring all he had, Job was blessed double in flocks and herds. So also God will restore all the riches of his kingdom… righteousness, peace, love, joy and so on… until all things are made perfect…  be perfect before God… restored, redeemed and united to him… no longer divided in heart, mind or actions.  Follow his example and you can never go wrong!   He never leads sheep astray!   Nor will he abandon them… They choose to wonder off and get into trouble!   Stay close to the shepherd and he will protect you from all evil.


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