Wallowing in the Pig Pen

What tolerance we have for the misery we live accepting less than what we were created to be…


20150504_184108.jpg Today I was reading some other blogs feeling the need to see/ hear what others are hearing from God… I know the Holy Spirit speaks to us in Dreams, Visions, Revelations and Words of Knowledge. I enjoy hearing the testimonies of others as it stirs me up in my spirit and ignites a fire in me.

I was reading Isaiah today during my Shabbat time.   Yes… I get a lot of flack for it… But I am obedient to the Spirit not man.   Anyway….  I hear the heart of God crying out to the church… His BODY!   Turn back to me,  be washed from your sin. Come walk with me and learn from me… this is the way to life.

So many times we read the word without expecting God to speak to us… we read just to read I guess or to do our duty?  I once was like that… but not anymore… All the answers to life are hidden… embedded in the literal Word… these are the mysteries most never experience for themselves.  They condemn those who do see and hear the secrets and revelations from the Holy Spirit… the infamous words… Your going to deep with that stuff!   We are called crazy, Jesus freaks, holy rollers or religious Oh holier than thou… shall I go on?

Those word do not offend me nor do they wound me spirit, soul or body… I have utter compassion for those who can not hear the voice of God speaking to their heart.   They have no idea what they are missing out on the greatness of who God is and all he desires for his bride, family, friends, servants and even slaves…  Those who have to obey, have to read the word, have to do good, have to behave a certain way… It is sad… they have missed the whole purpose of salvation… to set us free from have to!   We are so blind to the truth… We don’t “have to do” anything. He forces us to do nothing… but of course we must be willing to accept the consequences!   Like any good parent when we give our kids a choice and they choose the wrong thing there are consequences!   How many of us have hindsight and realize how stupid we were not doing things God’s way… we fell on our  face and he came and picked us up, washed us clean and asked us if we are ready to follow his way yet… How many have said,  “No not yet”?  We keep trying until we run out of options… and he allows us to travel that path until we come to the end of ourselves.  For some it is a longer process than others.

IGNORANCE!   not knowing is not bliss… if we only knew then what we know now?   How many times have we said that?

In Isaiah God cries out to his people and to the wicked… REPENT!   He pleads with US… He goes to great lengths to keep judgment from coming upon us… But inevitably we resist his call to repentance and troubles befall us… some devastating, some long-suffering and some … death!   The hell we endure is of our own making… we blame God!   We demand God to keep his promises… but we forget… we have to do our part for him to do his part… He says HAVE FAITH… TRUST ME… IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDS!   He is literally trying to help us and we think he is trying to punish us!   How many times have our kids told us they hate us or that we just don’t want them to have fun… All the while we know the road they desire to walk will lead to trouble, pain, suffering or even death!   Do we open the door and say sure do whatever you want and I will pay for it I’ll clean up the mess for you!   Sounds like a dream come true?   Is it though… when we turn to sin, wickedness, drugs, alcohol, degrading our bodies to fill our flesh with what we lust for… it all turns to vanity… the consequences come upon us and then we expect God to bail us out.  Heal me Lord because you say, “By your stripes we are healed”!    But did we repent… turn from the very thing that caused the sickness in the first place… that is like getting healed from a broken back and then going out and doing the same thing that broke our back in the first place, being set free from drugs then going back to drugs, being delivered from addictions to food, alcohol, people, sex, shopping…. whatever sin!   THEN returning to the very thing you were delivered from…

The PIGPEN mentality is killing God’s people… You can not wallow in sin and have eternal life!   God says Stop wallowing in the mud!   Get OUT and be washed… some may need a wire brush to scrub off all  the dirt embedded in our flesh.   It is especially painful to have to scrub our mind and heart with such a harsh instrument… but the result will be shining and without spot or wrinkle… do we prefer to keep the spots and wrinkles, blots and blemishes… satisfied with just hosing off the worst of it????

Yes, scars are permanent!   But God works with them… Its the things that “can be” removed but we chose to keep them as a memorial of the “good ole days”!   What a picture of the church!   We glory in our past sins!   No shame for the life we once lived… I am not talking about feeling worthless or invaluable… but those who parade what they have done and still enjoy the memory of the things they once did that are not GOD APPROVED!   I know people who to this day still remember the “good ole days” and they sound as though they have regret in their heart!   No shame for the sinfulness of the past.

I do not judge what others do… I only see in the spirit where they are heading and I know the future holds pain, suffering, torment not just in this world…the misery that befalls us here is of our own doing… we invite it!   How?   SIN… it opens the door… to allow the enemy to have access to our life.   We say we are under grace… Yes, God gives you time and space to see the error of your ways and repent be forgiven, the blood blots out the sin so satan has no right to accuse you of sin. You are not instantly sentenced to death or torment the moment you sin… let me rephrase that … not all sin has instant consequences… some sins do have instant consequences… Our own stupidity brings forth troubles we can not imagine.  They manifest, multiply and increase until we come to the revelation… DUH?   I think I am not where I’m suppose to be… SIDETRACKED! DERAILED! HORNSWAGGLED!   Yeah the Lord gave me that word… had to look it up… LOL!

The whole point… God wants us to come to him to find rest for our souls.  The craziness of the world is driving people away from God simply by being TOO BUSY!   Man caught up in work, chores, errands, sports, entertainment, eating and having fun!   When does God get time with you?   One hour Sunday morning?   Is that dedicated to quality time?   Is church worship just singing a song.  Is the teaching just words… repeating scriptures that have no power to heal, convict, restore, inspire, encourage or transform!  How many need to be RESURRECTED from the deadness of life. How many feel like a walking ZOMBIE?

This is the desire of the Father to send his Spirit to RESURRECT the dead, heal the spiritually sick so their physical body can be healed… it is impossible to be physically healed and remain spiritually sick… because without spiritual healing that sickness returns again and again!   Like a cancer that keeps coming back… internally eating away at the body, soul and spirit!   Every sickness is rooted in spiritual application… I learned it from the Holy Spirit… Accept it or not He has taught me how to be whole… spirit, soul and body!   It is wonderful and amazing to see him working in me; continually crucifying my flesh so that the Spirit becomes stronger and stronger!  I enjoy the “challenge” because the reward is so awesome.  I have no words to express the joy I have compared to the misery and suffering I once lived.   His work in me is for his glory and I get to share in that glory!

Come along… follow Christ to the crucifying of your flesh and see what God created you to be before sin had corrupt our mind and heart!     Let him Resurrect you spirit, soul and body… 3 days maybe… a day each!   Maybe 1000 years each.. for with God a day is as 1000 years and 1000 years as a day!  Just walk with him… the day never ends… the sun always shines and the journey is amazing!

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