Walk with me…

He takes my breath away…only to breathe life into me again…to resurrect me to himself


I close my eyes to be still before the Lord. Praising him for his goodness to me.  I imagine walking in the garden with him.  Low and behold He is there… waiting for me. My heart leaps with in me. I smile from ear to ear.

I whisper, “I miss you”…  He responds, “And I you!”

He holds out his hand to invite me to draw nearer… I do not hesitate!   He embraces me and His love consumes me. I can hardly stand myself!  He says, “Come, walk with me”.  I am overjoyed at his invitation.  I nod yes and we begin to walk through the garden among the flowers… all blooming not one lacking life or radiance.  The air is delightful. The scent of the flowers permeates my soul.  “What can be better than this”, I think to myself.  He knows my thoughts and smiles!

He speaks!   His words hold me captive…

If you remain in my presence you will never be unclean!

How can I remain in your presence when I must live in a world that is so unclean…

You only need to be aware I am with you; living in you, walking with you in your heart and mind.  Every time you acknowledge my presence You will know I am with you. I will make myself known to you.  The more you set your mind to acknowledge me the more I will make myself known  to you!   I see through your eyes; hear through your ears; I feel what you feel; I know what you think; I go where you go and I do what you do… In return I will open your eyes to see what I see; hear what I hear; feel what I feel;  to know my thoughts; to go where I go and do what I do.

What can I say?  But Yes!   But there is a price to pay.  I must make room in my spirit, soul and body for him.  Get rid of the clutter; the things that take up space where He wants to dwell.  If the heavens can not contain him how can my heart?

Purge the flesh; the hard heart and stubborn mind, so the spirit can be free to expand and to grow… you can have as much as you want of me… I will never force myself on you or in you.   You will always have free will!

I am speechless to know I can have this gift… but the purging of my flesh who can endure?

Little by little one step at a time… Just be obedient to the Spirit’s convictions and leading… R.A.O  random acts of obedience and R.A.K  random acts of kindness lead by the Spirit alone… no flesh involved!  The flesh will resist and throw a fit but crucify it! discipline it! correct it! and take authority over it!  You have the power and the authority to tell your body, emotions and your mind what to do, say, think and feel… what to accept and reject.  Never entertain an evil thought, word, deed or feeling.  Do not open the door and it can not enter in to steal, kill or destroy!

It all sounds so wonderful!  Peace and rest,  joy and love forever!   But the end result is the reward of the suffering; of laying down my life and allowing HIM to crucify my fleshly nature!   Will I submit?  Can I endure the suffering?

Focus on the reward… the good!  The suffering will not be suffering but like digging a garden to plant seed… hard work but the harvest is greater than the labor! It will be like scrubbing the filth off the outside so the inside will shine brighter!

I can not do it alone… I am not that strong.

You are never alone if you stay in my presence and keep acknowledging me… My spirit will empower you to do the impossible and nothing will be able to stop you from succeeding.  Love will be what inspires you to endure all things.  My love for you is perfect… So also your love for me must be made perfect.  Love binds all things together for good.

I am willing… if you will be with me; to help me and comfort me when I cry out to you.

Of course, That is what I came for… to help you, to be your SAVIOR!

I can not understand why me?  But I am thankful, so very thankful… To know He has invited me to be his vessel… to walk upon the earth and do the Father’s will.

I dance in worship; praising the One who gave himself for me. All creation cries out his praises.  The heavens and the earth sing along. All is well, for the Lord has come to dwell among men; to walk with us in this garden we call life… If he is with us… how can there be darkness; if he is light.  The Light displaces the darkness like the noonday sun; there is no shadow, no place for the darkness to hide… If he is Light and he dwells in me then I am light as long as I stay in his presence every where I go in everything I do… it is he with me and I with him… who could ask for anything more!

I make him my delight,  He is my resting place… my thoughts are for him and to him all the day long… hungering and thirsting for more… more of him less of me.  Hungering for the spiritual food more than earthly food.  Seeking the River of life to drink deeply and to wash away this fleshly nature that resists his presence taking up space where it once had free reign.

I desire the Manna from heaven, the Bread of Life, the Tree of Life, the Fountain of Living Waters flowing, producing, multiplying more and more as I eat its fruit and drink from the very depth of its source… The Word Of God Made Flesh For My Salvation…

He is the Word, The Word is my Salvation, for in it is life, peace, joy and rest from all the labors of my soul… for he teaches me the Way of Life written down before the foundations of the  heavens and the earth, but given to man by the grace and mercy of God the Father.   He writes his Word upon our heart and in our minds. It is food in our mouth sweet as honey yet bitter to our soul for it is like a Sword that pierces our conscience… convicting of sin and rebellion.

Who am I that I should be the one He choose to reveal such wisdom?  Who am I that He chooses to reveal Himself to me in the garden…

He whispers, “I know your heart… your desire is to know Me as I AM!”

I am broken… who can stand in His presence; who can resist His Words? Not I…

I am compelled to worship Him… to humble myself in awe and wonder… speechless; dumbfounded! What can I say?  What words can express?   What can I possibly offer He who possess all things?

He breathes into the wind…”Your whole heart!”


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