Wet Wood Doesn’t Burn!

As in the Days of Noah and Lot… the wetter the wood the hotter the fire must be to dry out the wood and ignite the fallen sparks…


I am in a far off journey into the unknown. A path not well traveled and I “wonder about” seeking TRUTH!   My wondering is not fruitless as I invite the Holy Spirit to walk with me and lead the way… I am seeking to know…What has happened to the “fire” within the body of Christ!  The Light is not burning bright in these last days… Dare I say the oil has run dry… I not only see the Truth of Chanukkah  and the 8 days of Light… the oil keeps burning bright… The Light remains until the millennium comes to its end of fulfillment.   That my friend is only the tip of the ICEBURG so to speak!

As I am praying for the church … How can we keep the fire burning when Wet wood does not burn… The Church has allowed the world to dowse our fire! Silence the truth! and Gag our testimony! We are nothing but billows of smoke that burn the eyes of those who are trying to find the way out of HELL!  We all know smoke inhalation chokes, suffocates and kills!  I cry out… Lord!  You can dry up the wood with the Breath of the Holy Spirit!  I recall Noah waiting for the waters to recede and the land to dry up…TIME and PATIENCE! Good things come to those who wait… But the time is short,  I plea with the Lord!

I suddenly get raptured into the Word of God the whole way back to…

THE DAYS OF ELIJAH!   Holy Spirit is consuming me…   1 Kings 18   Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal… They spend the whole day crying out to their false god… and nothing!   Elijah commands the priest of God to bring 4 jars of water… 3 times = 12 jars… THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL!   They pour the water on the WOOD, the offering and flood the altar so it is standing in water!   He calls out to God Almighty who instantly   “SENDS DOWN FIRE” FROM HEAVEN  TO CONSUME THE OFFERING AND LICK UP THE WATER, THE WOOD, THE STONES AND THE SOIL!   OMG!   TALK ABOUT THE HOLY SPIRIT SHOWING UP AND IGNITING THE FALLEN SPARKS!

I got the chills just reading it!

THERE IS HOPE FOR US… We must bring forth an offering of thanksgiving and praise… That is what our God desires… OUR HEART!    We must get back to the foundation of faith… TRUSTING GOD!   We can not be thankful, or  praise and worship some one we do not trust!   We are commanded not to put our trust in man… but in God Alone!

The answer to our dilemma is within us!  Igniting the fire of Worshipping the Lord our God and Loving Him above all others!   It is simple… man makes it difficult…


We got it all wrong… Its all backwards… We try to keep all the other commandments to show God we love Him… DUH?   Can we buy God’s love?   Can we earn His love?  He is love… We have no idea what LOVE is until we experience His perfect LOVE!   Oh GOD… Have mercy on us… In our human wisdom and understanding of what love is…

Do we behave as the loveless spouse who buy things for the other but spends no time with the one he confesses to love?   One who is too busy earning, doing, keeping busy with good deeds and never spending time with the one who is crying out to be loved.  Giving gifts does not prove love… quality time.. meaningful eye to eye; heart to heart is what love craves!

Do we prefer things or do we prefer… His presence?  We say we want God… But do we purposely plan time with him?   A date night every night?   Every morning?   Through out the day?   Do we send him texts messages or call him and just tell him Hey, your on my heart and mind and I just want to thank you for being my Savior, provider, protector, healer, teacher… you got the idea!

Sound crazy right?   Not So!… These are the simple little things God loves… It is the Little things God uses… Just like he uses the insignificant people  to show himself glorious!

I am nothing… without HIM!   He is my breath of Life… He is the Spark within that lets me smile even when I have nothing to smile about!   Life was never promised to be fair or easy… We have good days and not so good days… All things are good in His hands. So on those off days when we feel cheated by life… Praise him anyway… because he Loves you!   He Loves you so much he Has Gone To Great Lengths To Save You from Death Hell and the Grave!   Remember it can always get worse!   So don’t go there!

Complaining only attracts more darkness and evil… praise only attracts light and good! Sow the seed you want to harvest!   Do not add more water to the wood… it takes a hotter fire to lick it all up!   The hotter the fire the greater the trials, troubles and affliction we endure to consume the sin offering  of complaining, murmuring, slander, cursing, backbiting, lying, cheating, stealing the list goes on and on… Remember… the Lord sent snake upon those who murmured and complained… You do not want to get snake bit… It is deadly!

We as the Body of Christ have so much to be thankful for… we should be the light that draws others to be set on fire… a good fire not hell fire!   Before you do anything one should always offer up thanks to God… It is written… enter His gates with praise and thanksgiving…. not murmuring and complaining…

Think about your kids always coming to you to complain… How does that make you feel?   Enough said! AMEN!

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