Spring Cleaning the Garden?

What joys what healing comes from a walk in the garden… My soul rejoices like the sun shining in all its glory…

phone-downloads-100Oh what a beautiful day!  The sun is shining and the air is fresh!   I am stirred with spring fever.  I do not hesitate to go to the garden and do some work.  I have decided to cut down some saplings and brush to clear the land for a new garden!  The work is enjoyable but painful as the wild roses attack me and the honey suckle refuses to surrender its hold in the trees.  Though I felt a tinge of remorse cutting the honeysuckle with it sweet summer fragrance I have to remember it is for the greater good.  The wild roses are so over grown they cover not just the brush but I find them up in the trees also.. reaching for the sunlight.  I have no remorse at  cutting them, uprooting and dragging them to the burn pile… I chuckle to myself as I remember the scripture where Paul prayed 3 times for the Lord to remove the thorn in his side… The thorns seem to be attacking me from all side!.  The roses resist being uprooted or torn from there high place in the trees… With all my weight I still can not pull them down from the heights of the trees . Some still remain… but little do they know “I Will Be Back”!

I go about my busy-ness quite pleased with what I have accomplished.   I step back and survey the land… Time is too short.  There is much to do to prepare the garden. The weather hopefully will relinquish its hold on winter…But I choose to make the best of the day!   As I begin to clean up all the branches, twigs and roots I take a moment to look at the huge pile I have accumulated.  I instantly think about the END OF DAYS!   When the tares, thorns and thistles will be cast into the fire.   How big will that pile be?

God help us to make the best of each and every day to uproot the sin that has become overgrown in our lives… our heart and minds. How we tolerate sin and the “wicked” in our lives. We have come to accept it as NORMAL!   I question the Holy Spirit who helps me in the garden… to choose what to keep, what to uproot and what to prune!   I find a double seed in this question.  His answer… Get rid of the thorns and thistles, prune the trees and remove the stones hidden under the soil.

Now I know how the Holy Spirit speaks to me from experience… He is not just talking about the natural!   As I ponder what things might be considered a thorn, thistle, a stone and a tree I come to  myself and realize… I have allowed others  to discourage me… to trip me in the way I should be going.   I allowed family to prick and scourge me (with scripture) and never confront the error of their words as they twist the Word of God (did God really say?) to keep me from being obedient to the Lord.  I allowed friends to speak worldly ideas into my mind to distract me from my spiritual destiny.

I stop my work, turn around and look at all the work I have done!   Today is the day these spiritual thorns, thistles and stones are going to the spiritual burn pile.   Today on this beautiful day I choose to repent and sever these things from my heart and mind; to make room for good seed (the Word) to make more room for the presence of God in my life!

Spring cleaning in the garden of my heart and mind to prepare to plant good seed and produce… The Garden of Eden; to walk and talk with God in the cool of the day!   Yes and Amen… This is my purpose and my destiny.  I can renovate my own garden within and without!   I set my mind to change what I can… trust the Lord with those things I have no control over… others decisions… to sin!

I can not react to what they choose to do… instead I have compassion for them…

Why?   Because “they know not” they are heaping up wrath for themselves…They open the door to the enemy to create chaos, confusion suffering and lack in their life!  I do not want to be them… when the enemy stakes his claim against them… the accuser of the brothers… always looking for opportunity to “Disturb the Peace”!

I’m not opening that door!  I keep a clean slate before the Lord each moment… not waiting for evening or morning prayer time.   I am not guaranteed my next breath . I need His Presence to keep me sane in this crazy world.  If He is with me who can be against me?   Yes, sin separates… I can not live without” He who protects my soul” and body!   I need Him more than food and drink, more than the earthly things…  I need Him to breath.

I find the sun is setting and my day coming to an end. I long for more time… I chase the sunset and snap a picture to remind me of His grace for this day.  I am thankful, grateful… not to just enjoy the sunshine because he is my “Sonshine”,  but thankful he met me in the garden to walk and talk with me.  Communing together until the sun sets in the west and the moon appears in the eastern sky.  This is why I love Him so… He is my Beloved and I am His… He dwells with me in the garden of my heart and mind… forever!

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