Communication the key that opens the door to relationship and love…

In my quiet time…. What can I say but the Lord is craving talk time with his BODY!   But his body is too busy doing to be still and eat with him.  He sits alone at the table waiting for someone to come HOME… and desire to fellowship at his table. He has a lot to say… a lot to share but who will come HOME long enough to sit and be still and communicate with him?20160206_105914.jpg 

The lost art of COMMUNICATION… we think it is just about talking but “Nay say I”  The Lord has much to say not to gossip or to condemn but to expound wisdom to his BODY.  While his prodigal children are out feeding the pigs – read between the lines-  and his bride Martha is busy cooking cleaning and socializing with the everyone else- he sits alone longing for fellowship, intimacy and love.  He is patient but how long before he sends his servants out into the fields (world) to open the door to any who are willing to come and “KNOW” him… the KING!   We, His own family have taken for granted he is our Father and our KING!   What an honor and privilege to not just KNOW him but to LIVE with HIM!   We have forgotten how rich we are! ( Spiritually rich )  We take for granted that we can come and ask anything without being afraid of being rejected!

He has sent the “CRIERS” out into highways and byways to call whomsoever will come let him come.  These are the “John’s” crying out in the wilderness… the places where the body will not tread because they are clean,  they are royalty they are  “Special”!  Dare I say John dressed in camel hair, had no possessions and ate locust and honey!   Never heard of any tempting that fast!

We are over-rated by our own selves dressed in pride and self-righteousness. We play the part but do we truly walk the walk?  Do we go where He tells us to go?  Do we come running when he calls our name?   Do we put him on our schedule… blocking out 1 minute devotions 5 minute prayers and maybe 1 hour Sunday morning “if” we do not have something come up more important than spending time with the Father!

Sounds like families today running here and there never communing together never in fellowship.  They keep to a strict schedule for work, errands and appointments but when do we give unlimited time to the Father?  When do we allow him to set the pace.  When do we allow him to set our calendar and our schedules… We  have become “Martha” too busy and complaining “Mary” is not helping to get the work done… The work will never be done… there will always be something to do…

This is the Fathers heart… if we come and give him our undivided attention BOTH eyes fixed on him… not one on the world or others and  the other one on him- though straying to look at what others are doing, saying, preaching and teaching but what he is doing, saying, preaching and teaching.  Who are we learning from?  Are we intent on watching Him or watching man?

Our face to face time with the Lord… is it more like us telling him we got a lot do to today so he has to help us get it done… OR… is it us coming to Him and bowing down in submission and saying what is on your agenda today… I am at your beckoning call! There is a  difference… we want God to be our servant or are we his servant!   Who is the head that makes all the decisions?

Not an easy task in the world we live today.  Work, kids, home errands and church demands all our time and effort… but who do we give our strength to? Who do we give our gifts and talents to?  The World or God?   What is the answer?  Where do we find the answer?   Only seeking HIM face to face!   If only… we would seek his face and allow him to lead us in the way… he has a plan for us… the closer we draw to him and the longer we remain in his presence the more he will draw us away from the world and more to himself… it is a process… it is not an over night flip of a switch… because there is always  time to plow, time to sow… time water, time to weed… and then time to harvest.

It is a journey… not a sprint.  The sprint is the day to today crucifying and circumcising of our fleshly thinking that our flesh is not going to take lightly.  Its war!   Only by spending time with the Father can we defeat the fleshly giants within us. We have not begun to war with the giants out there. We suffer in our soul and body when we try to fight the giants of the world… when we are not able to defeat the giants within us… we got it all backwards.  Trying to fix the world when we can’t even discipline ourselves!   Do it the easy way let the Father handle the discipline just be obedient…

It all comes back to the TABLE of COMMUNION…. spending time with the Father!

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