Be Still; Know I Am God

When nothing makes sense; there are no answers… just be still and know He is God.


20151213_113245In soberness I lay weeping, longing, seeking…

My heart cries; broken and shattered.

How can it be; I do not understand?

I hear the silent cries of a child being held captive by fear, suffering, loneliness and cruelty beyond words.

Oh God do you hear?

The forgotten ones who have fallen through the cracks of society; never knowing, never experiencing the love a real mother, a real father…

All they know is suffering; locked away so no one knows they exist.

No hope of escape; no hope of rescue.. no one hears their cries for help.

Hungry and alone in a prison dark and empty; no one to comfort them; no one to communicate  with them.

Where are their Angels?

Where is their help; their Savior;  their Redeemer?

All they know is evil.

All they feel is empty and alone.

Where  Oh God is their Angel to watch over them to free them from the hell they endure?

Do they pray? Do they know there is a God?

Do they wish to die to end the suffering, the emptiness, the loneliness.

One day comes when the very one who brought them into the world can stand their presence no longer.

Seeking to rid themselves of the evidence of their bad choices, the burden to their ungodly life.

They slay the innocent who only cries out why?

Why are you hurting me?

Why don’t you love me?

What have done so wrong that you hate me?

At last the voice is silent; no longer heard in the stillness of death.

Though they remain silent their blood cries out from the earth.

Oh God, where is Justice?

Where is their Angel unaware?

Why does their cry go unheard?

My heart breaks, I am undone?

There are no answers?

I must be still… and Know You are God!

I can only do what you reveal.

I can not help those I can not find.

I can not go where you do not send.

I can not see what is hidden from my sight.

All I know… You are Sovereign.

I have to TRUST you.

Nothing goes without your notice.

You will bring justice to the wicked who snuffed out the life of the innocent.

They did not ask to be born; someone else made that decision.

The suffering and pain; the fears and loneliness ; the hunger and thirst; the neglect and abuse… Why God? Why?

If to stir my heart to prayer, or to move me to do;

I can not go where you do not lead.

I can not do what you do not give me the wisdom and power to do!

My God forgive us.



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