All the colors of the rainbow lead us to the Jewels of the Kingdom of Heaven the Fruit of the Spirit worth much more than diamonds and rubies.

phone-downloads-092I was reading an article about Revelations and the end times. As we all are curious what others think about THE END!

As I read I am very aware of the Holy spirit taking me in a whole other direction… Curious I follow his lead!

He asks me when do rainbows appear?   I reply after a storm.

He proceeds, What do storms represent in the spiritual realm?  I reply, Attacks of the enemy to test our faithfulness, what we have learned or to reveal our weaknesses. The enemy never attacks the strengths but only the weaknesses.

He asks again, What does the rainbow represent?  I reply the promise of God to never destroy the earth with a flood; to destroy all living things.

He begins to teach me… Rainbows appear after a storm… this represents victory over the storms of life against  the enemy. The enemy is always working to keep man from the spiritual fruit … The Tree of Life. He desires to keep man focused on the Tree of knowledge what man can see and understand in his own fleshly wisdom; rather than what is unseen… the hidden spiritual knowledge of God’s Word.

The enemy works to keep man bound in chaos;  earthly things, the natural, physical things that man allows the enemy to have authority over his life.  Evil is always at work just as good is always there… man has to choose one or the other.  Man chose the literal Word of God over the Spirit of the Word of God.  Man focuses on the flesh, self and earthly pleasures. But these bring no rest, no peace, no joy; they are all temporary and leave him empty and wanting more.  Because they reject the spiritual laws of God they can not enter into the REST and PEACE of God.  God gave his Word to man to protect him from the enemy having authority or rule over his fleshly nature.  If one abides in him; His Word… the Spirit of the Word… being Spirit lead and surrendered to the Spirit leading the way that is right he will be at peace inside and outwardly.  He will be full of God’s light and joy unspeakable.  There is always good in everything if man can see with his spiritual eye that all things are good to correct, to teach or to reveal God’s glory.  Man must be taught by the Spirit to understand and see through God’s eyes. His Word is Good and Perfect.  All things then are Good when man chooses to see in the Spirit.

The Word declares… he who adds to or takes away from the Word is cursed. How can one take away the Body of Christ with out severing a hand or a foot an eye or an ear. Can one cut out the tongue and still speak.  Man can not cut out a part of God’s Word… who is the Christ and not lack in his walk.. lack is a curse.  Something missing, something broken does not leave one whole!

Man attempts to add his own interpretation.  These are the artificial body parts that have no connection to the Head. These are the GMO parts that are man made and have no part in the true spiritual body… They are dysfunctional and can not reproduce. They are not living but independent of the head.  The body becomes handicapped rather than being healed spiritually they compensate with the natural.  This leaves a void; a vacuum in the body.

I of course can not keep silent but ask how can this be fixed… He replies with man it is impossible but with God all things are possible. Man must be willing to put away all that is not spiritual, all fleshly things must be severed.  Man can not live divided… part flesh and part spirit.  He is either one or the other. Just as he can not serve two masters he can not serve the flesh and the spirit.  They will always be at war within.

A body at war becomes disabled.  A missing or broken leg; one can not walk in the spirit. A missing or blind eye; one can not see in the spirit.  A missing hand, broken arm; one can not do in the spirit.  One who is deaf; can not hear in the spirit.  One who is diseased in his heart; can not love or trust the spirit. One who is brain dead; can not think spiritually.  The one who is paralyzed; has no support; no movement in the spirit.  All these body parts represent a spiritual condition.  Man fails to see… he does not  connect the dots to the spiritual condition but tries in his own wisdom to deny his spiritual condition.

Inward dis-eases reveal what is hidden in man. A sick liver; man is dealing with unresolved anger. Kidney issues; man is dealing with wisdom and understanding… perceiving what is spirit and what is flesh.  Stomach issues deal with stress… eating the wrong spiritual food leads one to be diseased in the spirit.  Breathing problems reveal the breath of life within a man. He breathes in the filth of the world and it destroys within.  The breath of life allows the spirit to give life and breath through the Word.

Many things man inflicts upon himself but many are complicated by sin and ignorance. They believe the lie that storms are caused by everyone else when in fact storms are caused by mans own thoughts, words and actions!  He hears or sees… that produces a thought and a reaction… as he mediates upon it…  it begins to sink down into his heart and eats at him like a cancer.  It begins to manifest symptoms that he begins to confess with his mouth. The more he confesses it the stronger it becomes!   It begins a vicious cycle of sickness and dis-ease.  One leads to another until the whole man is corrupted.

The rainbows only shine as one refuses to react to what he sees and hears or feels.  The enemy has no way to break in to kill, steal and destroy because one understands God is teaching, correcting or revealing his Glory! He can be a peace and rest knowing God is good all the time. Good to correct him before consequences fall, good to teach him to avoid the pitfalls, and showing him just how awesome His God is to  do more than one can imagine.

Rainbows shine when one learns the enemy is only a voice in the ear; trying to lead one astray.  But man must know the truth to discern what is a lie!   Rainbows shine even when others choose to react on the evil thoughts spoken in their ear… Man still does have to react because his confidence is in God who is good and if he does not react the reward is greater.  He can show compassion for the one who wronged him; knowing he is heaping up wrath upon himself if he does not repent!   When he knows the other is going to fall into the enemy’s hands for giving in… reacting on the temptation; only compassion and mercy can follow.  This is the blessing of your enemies.  To show compassion knowing they are going to there destruction and not gloating over there death… spiritual or otherwise. The torment and suffering they will endure until they repent or suffer for all eternity will be just because God is always just in all he does and all he allows!

Rainbows shine because the Fruit of the Spirit has matured within the man who walks in the Spirit… lead by the Spirit and is corrected by the Spirit!  Faith Hope Love Joy Peace righteousness gentleness kindness humility patience long suffering and self control all work together for the greater good. So when the enemy comes knocking at the door… your ears, eyes, emotions (heart)  or your thoughts (mind) do not give in to reacting… reacting is revenge.. what does the scripture say… Vengeance is mine I will repay!   Never return evil for evil; word for word; deed for deed, not even giving room for a thought or an emotion… they are only warning signs to alert you that something is coming or out of balance.

The spirit will warn you before the enemy is near by if you heed his voice you can avoid so many situations and circumstances that destroy the joy, peace and rest we have in the Spirit.  Spend time in the garden… eat the fruit of the Tree of Life… Do not be fooled by the appearences of the Tree of Knowledge.  It is never as it appears.


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