Walk Upon the Water

Step out into the deep and dare to walk on the water… cross over for on the other side lies Victory…

20150924_065530.jpgI had a conversation as the holy Spirit was directing me to a “study”  about Peter walking on water.  Now I have learned by the Spirit all things are spiritual in applications not just what it appears to be.  So take a walk with me upon the waters.

In my revelations and study of Hebrew I learned water is not just literal water but refers to wisdom. We all know there is man’s wisdom that is foolishness to God= evil… and there is God’s divine wisdom that transcends all things= good.

Water can represent chaos such as floods, tidal waves and storms not just of nature but of life.  The ocean can represent the vastness of God’s unfathomable wisdom. It is deeper than man can dare to travel even with man made inventions… perhaps there is a spiritual application man needs to learn from this mystery?   Perhaps man must understand he will never be able to ascend or descend into the unsearchable depths or heights of God.

Remember the tower of Babel; we don’t want a repeat of that… do we?    The ocean of God’s wisdom is unsearchable yes… but when the Spirit has full dominion within  the rectified man, Oh how much deeper he may go in to the unsearchable places of God’s wisdom.  And no!   We do not need special  equipment to ascend or descend into the far reaches of God’s wisdom. The only requirement… death to the fleshly understanding!

This is where man stumbles!  Man can hardly let go of himself… ego… let alone his own understanding… pride.  We think we know it all!  If God’s Word is a deep ocean who then can grasp it completely?  As I see in the Spirit it continues to expand more and more as time progresses.  Perhaps because man becomes more foolish in his own self!

Man has chosen the way of the flesh!   Even the “Church” still chooses to see the Word of God literally… though they claim to be spiritual.  If that is so then why can they not see… The Word of God is the Lamb of God!   Why can’t they see… The veil remains to those who deny God’s Word!   They say they are no longer under the Law!  Jesus is that Law… if one chooses to not be under Christ then he is still in bondage to sin!  He by default is under the authority of the lawless one!

Jesus is the Law, the Perfect Law… one can only abide in him if he is willing to walk on water  and cross over to the other side!

This is where Peter kept his eye on Jesus… But when he took his eye off Jesus he began to sink into the stormy waters!   The storms of life come by sin and disobedience.  Shall I state the sin of omission as well as the sin of commission!   It is not just refraining from evil but the lack of doing what God asks you to do!

Shall I go deeper… It is not just the literal obedience… “Written” in the Word of God but every word “Spoken” by the Spirit of God into our heart and mind!  Should he tell you to stop cursing, drinking, shopping or gossiping… do you obey?  If he should tell you to pick up trash or put a cart back at the store… do you obey?  If he should tell you to not eat that Fast food or a second helping at the buffet… do you listen to the Spirit?   Should he convict you to apologize…  do you obey?

Does your conscious convict you at night lying upon your bed of all the things you did or others did to you?  Do you rehearse the evil from the day?  Perhaps we are not aware this is not pleasing to our Lord?  We make room in our heart and mind for all this trash where he is suppose to dwell… “without” all the FILTH of the world taking up” his space”.  Some of us have so much clutter within our heart and mind there is “no room in the inn” for Jesus to dwell and he vacates the premises! Remember He IS Holy… He can not dwell in an unclean place!  Nor can His Spirit dwell in Uncleanness! Hence purging, purifying and sanctifying the TEMPLE… the heart and mind… the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place!

Many demand GRACE… but what is grace?  In the Hebrew there are 5 different words for grace…But this Grace I am referring to is the patience of God; the goodness of God to convict us of sin and give us time to repent!  We would all be dead instantly without his grace… but he showed this same grace from the beginning!   Adam And Eve!   They did not die instantly for their sin… so what has changed?   God is still as gracious as he was “In the Beginning”!   He is the same yesterday… today and forever!

So why do we believe the lie of the lawless one?   Did God really Say?   This is where the deeper waters  create disaster or peace!  Are we sucked into the deluge or bask in the blue clear waters.  Are we fighting for our life or are we scuba diving for  “spiritual”treasures?    The Spiritual eyes see all things as good… Example… we eat right because we do not want to be sick!   Eating lots of junk may appear pleasant and enjoyable but the aftermath is not so pleasant!  Diseases… sickness… cancer all kinds of medications with side effects,  surgery… money! money! and more money!  So was it worth it to indulge the flesh in eating unhealthy?  God is a God of BALANCE!

Lets talk about discipline… OUCH!   maybe not?  It is a necessary evil… get up for work, deal with family and the world, pay bills, chores that never end, cook, clean, shower, shave, brush our hair… maybe not for some…. we kind of try to look like we are part of the human race and not an alien from hell!   Course some these days have that desire for some unknown reason?   To each his own he suffers the consequences of his own disciplines!

But God has a better way? He wishes to move us… “on purpose”… into the deeper waters.  For some he may have to just throw us out into the deep… I pray not I… I prefer to wade out little by little and get a feel for the current!   Some prefer to just dive in head first and let it rip!   Regardless the point is take God by the hand and let him lead the way!   Its not a great idea to go out into the  spiritual deep without a spiritual guide or spiritual armor!   The Holy Spirit is kind… he knows exactly what we can handle and will not move us forward until we become comfortable…  not lazy… but confident to take the next step!  Learning is a part of growing!   Learning His way is something that requires … SUBMISSION!   That’s a dirty word!  No one likes that word… But it reveals the trust you have in some one greater than yourself!

This is the root/ anchor to FAITH!   Faith is trusting God completely in EVERY AREA of life… HE KNOWS BEST.  He does not expect instant surrender in everything but he works “in and on” one area at a time.  The body of Christ has it all wrong… Salvation is not an instant conversion… Why else would scripture say work out your SALVATION!   Oooppppssss! Another dirty word… WORK!   How many take scripture out of context and declare they no longer have to work!   I think that’s called laziness!   Jesus says he came to serve!   not be served… so why do we think we are exempt from working?   We will always be working on our own spiritual growth.. if you are not growing you are dying… nothing stays the same… you either grow and produce fruit or you are fruitless… which gets you cut down and thrown into the fire!

The point to all this is to stir you up to “step out of the boat” even in the midst of a storm… storms only reveal to “YOU” where your faith is weak and what “filth” is in “YOU”… Don’t worry about others “filth” and weaknesses… you have more than enough to fix in your OWN heart and mind!   As you grow and strip away the flesh, stupidity and ignorance you may be “worthy”  to be that “empty vessel” the Holy Spirit desires to use to speak THROUGH you… that means he does all the talking!

He may desire to “work” through you… means he does the work… “NOT” your own abilities… meaning he wants to use your weaknesses… where you have no wisdom, knowledge or understanding to do what he asks… He just wants PERMISSION to use your body to do what he wants… to impact another life!  So you can not steal his glory!  You can only say WOW that was not me!   Other words you are a passenger… not a back seat driver either!

Remember… when Jesus crossed over to the other side the first thing he did???    He confronted the DEMONIAC!   Ding Ding Ding!   That is our purpose in this life… to defeat evil!  To rid the earth of all the wickedness taking authority over mankind!   He is trying to get us to the place of being the RULERS again over the earth!   We can’t even rule our own self or our family ….how will we ever learn to conquer the enemy!   This is the process… he desires to mature us into spiritual adults… Warriors for the kingdom of RIGHTEOUSNESS!   His kingdom is not a kingdom of everyone does what he feels like and overlooks sin… thats how this world got in the shape it is today… the righteous do nothing the wicked prosper!   The church does nothing sin abounds!   Here we are… reaping what we sowed!  We are not liking the consequences of our disciplines… love, love, love!   If you read the Word… Love Corrects error!    So what do we do… Blame everyone else!  Adam blames Eve…  and Eve blames the serpent… and so it continues…

Who will be the first?  To stand up and reach out to Jesus… be accountable for the mess in our self.. our family, our work, our community, state, our country… our CHURCH!  The body of Christ!  We are his body… his body is quite sickly… busted, broken, crippled, blind, deaf, dumb, ignorant, unorganized, undisciplined, selfish, whining, complaining, backbiting, smacking each other around as though we are separate from one another… if one suffers we all suffer!   I will even venture to say we are headless… decapitated from the Head of Christ… he is the one who is the Command center!   DUH!  He tells the body what to do!   I guess you have to be connected to the head for the head to be in control… unless there is some MALFUNCTION… disability, handicap the messages not getting through clearly!

Oh God… how far we have fallen from GLORY!   Like lightning we have become corrupt in our own thinking!   Is there Hope?   Will You find Faith on the earth when you return?   Let us gird up our loins and take the bull by the horns … take that fear and bind it up with a holy anger! Enough is enough! Get out of the boat… sink or swim JUST DO IT!




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