Face to Face

Let love has its way in the Garden of Delight where the flowers bloom like love and the music plays in the breeze…


I come to you,

You are waiting for me.

I am overjoyed; you greet me with your sweet smile.

You make yourself so approachable, so available to me; I can not help but love you.

You are always on my heart and mind, even when I sleep; I dream of you.

You take me by the hand and off we go… where I do not know.

You surprise me every time, by the things you say and do.

The things you reveal to me take my breath away.

We sit by the River and listen to the water rushing by.

How can I resist to slip my feet into its waters.

I find you smiling at me.

I invite you come along; lets wade in a little deeper.

You gladly take my hand and lead the way.

I am washed away in the current; but it is the deep waters of love that you have for me.

Who could ever steel my heart from you, none I say.

We walk on, you tell me great things; I always ask for more.

You never disappoint but fill me… ’til I can take no more.

Overwhelmed and satisfied we rest in the Garden of Delight.

It is there the scent of the flowers perfume the air.

I am intoxicated… not by the flowers but your soft whispers in my ear.

Those sweet words that only I can hear.

Come dance with me, my Beloved, come dance.

Let the joy within make all the music as we take our place as one.

Your touch is breathtaking and I am undone.

One look into your eyes and I am captivated; held prisoner… I can not look away.

What can I say? What can I do?

How can I express my love to you?

I can only praise you for your love, your devotion, your strength.

You are my Beloved am I am yours,

Who could ever steal your love from me…

I will not dare to say.

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