Mary and John; the Beloved’s

As a man thinks so is he… whatever he says he will have… never more never less… his words will bless him or curse him…. all the days of his life he will surely reap what he has sown into himself and to those around him

20160305_113541.jpgI am so amazed how the Holy Spirit reveals Random Words Of Knowledge to me!   I love it… as it inspires me to keep coming back for more.  Today in my worship, loving on He who first loved me, I see yet another vision in my minds eye.  Mary weeping at Jesus feet!   I know and feel the love she has for her Messiah as I also weep at his feet for showing me such amazing grace and mercy for the gift of FORGIVENESS!  I did nothing to deserve it just as Mary surely felt the same way.  She knew her guilt; she knew her sentence!   My question is if they caught her in the VERY ACT  then where is the man?

That’s another blog!

As I meditate on this vision I am made aware of yet others in this vision.  My eye is drawn upwards from the floor where Mary sits to The Beloved John lying on Jesus chest just loving on him.  Why John?   It is difficult for me in my female thinking to imagine any man loving on Jesus!   Most men I know are quite reserved in their emotions. Expressing such love leads most to think John may be of a different sort!  I will not go there because I understand the power of FORGIVENESS!   So whatever the reason for this great love that John has for the Messiah is not my concern.  I would love to see more men be this vulnerable to the presence of God.  Whether men know it or not this is quite attractive to a “godly” woman.

So now I see the Beloved Mary and John loving on Messiah!  I am made aware of yet others talking in the room.  The DISCIPLES!   They are quite noisy… grumbling and complaining about Mary touching the Messiah.  I am reminded of the disciples also complaining about John not helping with the work but always loving on Jesus!   Now I see where this is going…. jealousy is the root of all complaining.

I choose to take this vision as an encouragement as I am being condemned for the same crime… Loving on my Savior!   After all Jesus said… if you don’t work you should not be allowed to eat!   I can only smile at the ignorance… man is so blind to the Spirit he can do nothing else but find fault with those they are jealous of.  Little do they know if they are willing to make the sacrifice they can be where I am… loving on Jesus!   I can only say… they must not be willing to make that sacrifice to lay it all down!

I surrendered it all… to have more of Him and less of the drama of this fleshly life. I can say without regret I walked away from hell on earth and into the kingdom of God.  Gave up family, friends, church, career, house, hobbies, the farm and possessions to be resurrected a spiritual being no longer bound to the world and all its bondage.  My focus is to follow Him where he leads!

The criticism has been incredible.  Even from “godly” people.  I am now  labeled a “BACKSLIDER”   as if that would woo me back into the hell I lived!  You will not draw this honey bee with vinegar!   I… like John and Mary hear nothing but the beating of my Saviors heart.  His love is louder than the voice of the flesh.  Those who are jealous I invite you to crossover and see how good it is to be on the other side of the JORDAN!

So my vision does not end there but I am made quite aware of the contrast between John and Mary.   Not sure if any other will see it but I will put it out there because it is what I was shown.

John the Beloved represents the JEWS.  They love the Word of God… They are just a little side tracked by their traditions.  Jesus is the Word made flesh.. the Word was God and the Word was there from the beginning.  So that being said then Jesus is the Law. God’s Spoken Word… a gift to mankind!   The Jews missed it and I am pretty sure the church is missing it too as time progresses.  The generations are not keeping to the truth just as the Jews have not kept to the whole truth. They have their Holy Days and traditions but neglect the Spirit of the Word… it is no longer flesh or the written Word but it is now a resurrected Spirit, the Spirit of God revealing the hidden mysteries of the Word written for man to instruct him in the way, the way of righteousness.  That would be the Holy Spirit interpreting the Word and leading man into the truth and righteousness God desires.  What does he desire but communication, relationship and fellowship!

Now Mary who is at Jesus feet weeping in such utter gratitude for being forgiven when she deserved to be STONED! She represents the CHURCH.  The True Church as the True Jew truly is grateful for the Word of God but also the relationship we can have with the Father. We can have this awesome face to face relationship with our Creator and Savior.  It is only by the Holy Spirit that we can enter into his presence.  So we now have a triple blessing… the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to fellowship with at the table of Grace.

This table is filled with all kinds of Spiritual food and drink. We are welcome to taste any and everything on the table… calorie free/ fat free but still sweet and delicious… satisfying the spirit, soul and body!   But what does the flesh desire but fleshly food! They see the Manna from Heaven, The Bread of Life and turn it away.  They look at the table and see the Fruit of the Spirit but do not know how to eat it.  They are but babes who need milk to drink… from the breast.   They can not handle the meat on the table. This meat is the harder to chew and difficult to swallow Word of God that goes beyond the seen literal Word!   Shall I say the wine is too strong for those of a weak palate. Those who can not handle being drunk in the Spirit.  The Living Water of the Word is to deep for them to drink…the well too deep the jars of clay to heavy to pour.  The dessert is more than words it is the anointing oil… the Joy of the Lord and the utter ecstasy of being caught up in the rapture of just being in the presence of the Lord and hearing his voice speak wonderful Words of Wisdom and revealing the secrets hidden within the written Word.

I do not know about anyone else but I rather enjoy eating at his table… I have become a true Bride of Christ.  I desire nothing more than to remain by his side and still humble myself to sit at his feet every opportunity I can grasp.  I can hardly stand to be away from him to tolerate the fleshly people around me whining and complaining about  their fleshly desires that can not satisfy.  They are empty and still they refuse to crossover… they can not leave the flesh behind.  They complain about those who hear from God or God moves mountains for them. They hear nothing see nothing feel nothing.  No words can convince them to let go and be free!   Just let go and take Jesus hand and let him help you up out of the pig pen, out of the fire or the darkness.   Nothing is impossible to those who believe.  If there is a will there is a way.  You will have exactly what you want from God.

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