Hide me in your Heart

No words can translate the depth of love, only the soul can reveal its hidden source… expressed by overwhelming tears of joy unspeakable. Those who receive it will never let it go. Even unto death; they will cling to it… until the very last breath


20161023_145045How I long to go away from here.

I cry out to return to you, but I know my journey is not complete.

So I plead with you to hide me in your heart.

Keep me near; let me know you are nearer than I first believed.

My heart is sick with love for you.

Come and steal me away for just a little while… to fill me once again with love.

I need you, I can not breathe without you.

I have no strength to go on… no desire left to try.

My ache is not expressed with words only tears can reveal what lies deep inside my heart.

I can not go on; I can not find the will to try.

Come and refresh me with your love, hide me in your heart.

No one will know but you and I.  I will not tell another.  I will guard my lips with  diligence.

I promise… I will try again, I will return to finish the journey.

Just let me rest in your arms; let me breath; let me love you for just a little while longer.

I miss lying in your arms and drifting off to sleep, waking again to find you still there; beside me… never leaving me; never forsaking me.

I miss feeling your breath on my cheek like a breeze that takes my breath away.

My heart aches… I am love sick for your presence to fill me and overtake me again.

I miss the timeless days and the endless Light.

I long to hear your voice… teaching me wisdom so great… no one will believe me if I told them the half.

I hear you calling in that still small voice.

My heart beats faster and faster…I may faint.

I run seeking … following the sound of your heart crying out… This is the way, come to me my beloved.

I feel you near… I stop in my tracks, close my eyes and JUST BE!

Ah! Yes,  I found you my Beloved, at last… I found you.

You are here with me.

You came when I called!

I heard your cry for me and I came to meet with you.

Two hearts now one; hide me in your heart

Just hold me, Just hold me…

Never let me go…again.

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