Leprosy a heart issue

A man will eat the fruit of his lips… It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles an man but that which comes forth out of the mouth… this defiles a man… for what the heart is full of the mouth will speak… and man will give an account of every for every careless word spoken.. for life and death are in the power of the tongue… for by your words you will be acquitted or condemned. Anyone who thinks himself religious and does not bridle his tongue deceive himself… his religion is worthless… you will have what you speak. He who keeps his mouth keeps himself from trouble.

20151117_125910This Sabbath I found myself writing more than the norm…. What am I saying…There is nothing normal about my writings,  They are not human for sure.  The oddity of today reading of the Word reveals the sickness and dis-ease of LEPROSY!

Today we think nothing of this Dis-Ease… But as I have been taught many times all things are Spirit in these Last Days!  This spiritual leprosy is like a cancer only an outward manifestation.  The Holy Spirit shows me several cases of those in the scriptures who had this Dis-Ease.  What I find with every case is an inward sin that manifests outwardly.  Each and every person inflicted with Leprosy had a sick mouth.  The words spewing from them usually came from jealousy or shall I call it what it is ENVY!  This is what I find eats at people from the inside ( the heart) and they voice it to make others feel unworthy of whatever it is they possess; that they do not deserve it but the envious one surely has earned it due to their good deeds and exemplary behavior.  Does anyone smell a stench in the air… perhaps a skunk in the camp!

Moses being the first to display this leprosy as he declares to the God he is unable to speak to the children of Israel… his own family, brothers, nation.  God commands him to put his hand in his bosom and it comes out white with leprosy. God commands him to put it back in and it was healed!  Talk about the Fear of God!  Though he does not display envy he has a form of pride called false humility.  He was a prince in Egypt… I am quite sure he was in no way bashful or shy.  Especially if he was willing to intervene and kill an Egyptian for beating one of his own.  He also stood between brothers duking it out.  So the root is what?  As we read on the answer is clear… Moses has some anger issues?  I can guess from being separated from his mother after weaning him, being raised an Egyptian rather than a Hebrew?  Being lied to… that he was an Egyptian prince then finding out he is not?   Moses perhaps finds it comforting to be out in the wilderness where no one knew his past! Now God was calling him to return to his past and take his place as a prince of Israel not Egypt.  Every thing he was taught in Egyptian education would now come into play.  Problem is he took all the anger with him. It cost him the Promise Land!

Another case Is Mariam who is Moses’ Big Sissy! After all were it not for her the gators would have eaten him!   Pride in her words declaring in modern slang… Who Died and Left You Boss! She murmured against Moses’ for taking a foreign wife.  She suffered leprosy for 7 days being kicked out of the camp for her foul mouth.

Uzziah- was struck with leprosy for his pride in entering into the temple to burn incense to God on the altar which is forbidden for anyone but the priest to do such a thing.

Gehazi- struck with Naaman’s curse of leprosy for taking money for the healing of leprosy.  As though one can reward healing from God.

Naaman- his leprosy is apparently from his pride as a fierce warrior. He was too prideful to dip 7 times in the dirty Jordan but after his servant called him out he changed his mind and went to the river dipped 7 times and was healed.

10 lepers- Jesus healed these 10 but only one came back WHOLE that means restored.  Again there is a mouth issue… ungrateful, murmuring and complaining stem from the root of envy… others have what you want!

I find a scripture at work in all these… what the heart is full of the mouth will speak! This is not the only co-incidence of murmuring. God had also sent scorpions and serpents against Israel for their mouth.  Again the Israelites found themselves murmuring and complaining about the giants… that got them 40 years back in the wilderness until every one that complained died… they did not receive the PROMISE!  Why is it we can not tame this unruly vessel behind the lips?  It is wicked above all things.

How can one defeat this evil that births all kinds of sickness and dis-ease?  After careful research I find more evidence of internal leprosy… As leprosy is an eating away of the flesh like an ulcer; I discover there are other dis-eases that have these same flesh eating symptoms.  Ulcers of the mouth, the stomach, the intestines …referred to as colitis or IBS.  Everyone knows these are no laughing matter.  I know people with these awful symptoms and I in no way envy them at all!   But the more I inquire the more I find similarities in each and every one of the VICTIMS!   I say victims because the Word says MY people perish for lack of Knowledge!   Who will go tell the truth!   I suppose that is me… like it or not!   I will be obedient and not take on what others have contracted by ignorance, sin or rebellion!   I like my place by the feet of my Savior.

So how does one heal his mouth? I once was one of those sick tormented people… then I need the Lord to break this evil and the only way is to crucify the flesh.  I had to lay my life down on the altar and let the fire roast me until there was nothing left but ashes!   Yes, it took that long!   I would not have made it through had the Lord not taught me the power of fasting.  I will not say it happened in a one time fast but it took several fasts to break this stronghold in my mouth.  I needed to be free from this evil because it did not honor God.  I was making him look bad in the eyes of unbelievers.  Who… I ask would believe I loved God when I still lived like an unbeliever?   In my own thinking I thought I was covered by the blood and the grace of God… wrong answer!  I was living  hell on earth for the life I was living in the flesh. Head knowledge did not save me from the repercussions of my words and actions.  I am here to flat out tell anyone who is struggling with this evil… don’t believe the lie!   The false grace ticket does not buy your way out of trials, troubles and tribulations!   We reap what we sow!

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