It is not wrong to fall… but to not rise to the occasion and fight back… that is the true fall of man

20161122_104213Today I ventured out into the garden to enjoy the beautiful weather.  I continue to prune and cut trees, uproot weeds and wild roses.  I was totally enjoying myself until the enemy crept in unaware. I had asked for help with some larger trees I did not want to attempt on my own.  As I shared my plans with this helper I found him not to be so encouraging.  As I tried my utmost to speak positive and see with the good eye… his perspective… I felt a change in me as I listen and took in the words he was spewing from a critical heart.      “Nothing ever works out!” he demanded. He claims the more he does good and helps others the more God punishes him!  I was taken aback by his words.  Inquiring what made him think this way. As he continued to describe what a good person he is… in words I can not repeat… I found that all the good he thinks he is doing is completely undone by his cursing and wrong motives.  One can not expect a reward from God by just simply doing good for the purpose of a reward!  I am reminded that is called a paycheck!  But our reward comes when we do good from a heart of love… love for God and love for man.  We do good because God is good and if he dwells in us we can not resist the opportunity to do good.

I felt my soul being discouraged by the negative opinion of the One who died for me to resurrect me from the hell I once lived.  The more I tried to encourage him the more negative he became.  I found within me an anxiety arising at the prospect that he was rejecting the truth for the lie.  Not that he was rejecting me but my Beloved Savior.  How can one curse God and then say God better do something for me or I am going to do something my own way and He wont like it?   HUM?   I wondered… Do we think God is threatened by our accusation to give up on Him?   Does he sit in heaven wringing his hands saying, “Oh No! I have to do something for this poor soul who is losing faith in who I AM?
Uh?  He is most likely saying, “If you want to try it your way go ahead … let me know when you have had enough… I’ll be here waiting… then we will talk!”

From this things began to go horribly wrong. It was like the enemy knew I had this anxiety in me and I was attracting more evil.  Things were braking and not going so smoothly as they had earlier.  I now feel myself becoming irritated.  I began to pace… Which I have not done in years!   I had to walk away!  I realize the Holy Spirit at work as I became obviously aware the negative talking had opened a door to the enemy.  I was allowing it to infect me!   This is war!  The enemy is not allowed on “holy ground”… My garden is a sanctuary where I meet with my Beloved and I was not going to tolerate him coming in to tempt me to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil!   I began to speak through the Spirit… Yeah I do that a lot… The enemy hates it!   He has no idea what I’m saying… he lacks the translator!   The Word comes forth and Truth prevails in the garden!   Peace is restored and the door is closed and locked.  I felt His presence… my Beloved  coming when I called!  That’s why I love him so!   He fights my battles for me!   He comes to rescue me from the bullies and the sneaky but ruthless tormentors.  I chose to be thankful and to praise him! I will not allow the negative in my heart.  He is too awesome to give room to anything negative!   The rest of the day, I only spoke of the good my Beloved has done for me and that I trust him to do even greater things  than I can imagine.  I would not allow the words someone else spoke about my Beloved to turn my heart to meditate on the evil they experience out of demanding heart!

The rest of the day was all turned to good!   Despite the things the enemy was trying to do to hinder progress in the garden!   I was able to be a blessing and help this man with something he needed.  Not for a reward but out of love.. to show him God really does love him and working on his behalf but he allows the enemy to come in to steal, kill and destroy his heart and mind with all things negative!   I was given the opportunity to share while driving him home from dropping his car off at the repair shop… Now God had him right where he wanted… he could not escape!  He had to hear what the Holy Spirit was saying!   He realizes he needs to know God before he judges God!

We often confuse what the enemy is doing with what God is doing?   How can we know God if we do not seek him.  How can we know how he talks if we do not communicate with him.  I mean… let him talk… not us doing all the talking!   Do we listen when he speaks or we allow it to go in one ear and out the other?   Do we put it into practice or just acknowledge we hear but have no intention of obeying? Do we really trust him?  What is trust?  If we trust we have peace and rest… Confidence he is going to do what he says?  There in lies the culprit!  Do we believe Gods Word! Do we trust him so perfectly we have no fear, doubt or worry?

This is where the rubber meets the road!   We expect others to believe but do others see it in us?   I have to say… the evidence  is not looking good… in our favor!


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