Thorns in my Flesh

We all have that one thing that always reveals our weakness… our need for a Savior and his amazing grace

I have been in quietness the past few days.  My heart grateful for the warm weather and spending time in the garden. The renovation project is coming along quite well. Today I made great head way in the conquering of the thorns and thistles.  Though they fought back with a vengeance; the Lord was on my side and they lost the battle.  As I was working today I was talking out loud to the Lord for some face to face time.  I welcome him to come and talk with me while he gives me the strength to fight the enemy… on thorny ground!   I found myself lost in a vision  and did not even realize it until I heard myself laughing.  Snap back to reality!

The Holy Spirit has taught me the battle is won first in the spirit realm and then it manifests in the natural. And so I find this a reality in this renovation project.  In the Spirit realm  The Holy Spirit has been digging out some deep rooted issues that I was rather blind to. Perhaps buried from long ago they seem to have been  dug up from the grave so to speak.  Being completely unaware they existed I was quite broken in my soul over these revelations.  I find my weakness is what the Lord wants to use!  I can not say I enjoy receiving that revelation but it requires MORE OF HIM and that is what I pray for… MORE OF HIM!

As The Holy Spirit uproots these thorns and thistle in my past and present I realize one very important thing… I have made so much progress I am completely unaware of how much I have already cleared out and made room for MORE OF HIM!   It is only today while uprooting all the Crazy Wild Roses climbing up the trees and using all my body weight to dislodge them I thought about the vision and how it reflects my life.  I rarely stop fighting the “war to purge” everything (THORNS IN MY SIDE) that is not worthy of the Kingdom of God.  Odd as it may be… I sit for hours reading the Word of God, in prayer and worship or journaling dreams, visions and revelations I have been given.  I may be sitting still in the physical but the spiritual war seems to always be at work. No Sabbath it seems for the Spirit as the enemy does not observe the Sabbath!

I happen to stop for a moment; look around; assess the direction I need to go.  As I scan the area behind me I am quite impressed how open and large the area is around me.  I could only say WOW, You are so awesome!   This project is God’s idea… A mountain of overgrown honeysuckle, wild roses, broken tree limbs and saplings that grow sideways from the weight of the thorn bushes.  I see instantly how those thorns in our sides can weigh us down and keep us from growing…upright.  Speaks volumes when we take the time to be still and listen to that still small voice… speaking in a whisper.  I have to say I came home and spent about an hour digging thorns out of my skin.  As deep as they were imbedded in my skin I had to be like a surgeon … not focus on anything but getting out the invader!

Spiritually  speaking… I have to do this everyday as I choose not to react to people… their words or actions.  I find some get me from behind…never seeing it coming it catches me off guard… So I had to learn to keep the Holy Spirit as My Rear Guard too! The proverbial eyes behind my head…  Warnings are there; I just miss them when engaged in human interaction.  Sometimes I forget the enemy uses even family and friends who call themselves Christians to attack other Christians.  I am not saying they do it on purpose… though some do!  More thorns in my side!    I now know how Jesus felt to be scourged and that crown of thorns upon his head is nothing to overlook.

As I worked all day ’til the sun set… I had thorns in my head and hair,  my back, legs and even my feet and …Buttocks…OUCH!  My hands bloody from picking up the piles and heaping them up to be burned…I can literally say… They can go to hell… burn baby burn in the lake of fire! I am going to enjoy that bon-fire.  I am going to celebrate victory over the thorns in my side.  I may invite others for a feast to celebrate with me!

I finally decided it was enough!   The Holy Spirit was urging me to sit and just observe my surroundings.   So I sit… looking around I began to praise God for his goodness!   What a difference!   I sit and watch the water and the geese honking as they consider stopping by for a swim.  I love the Mountain Top!   To over look the water below and to see from God’s perspective!   I began to journal… in the midst of that I thank the Holy Spirit for all the hard work he has done in me…  not just reveal the weakness but to unlearn the wrong and replace it with the right!   Who could resist Him?  The more willing I am to surrender what I was taught in error the more he teaches me the right way… the better way!   Get rid of the thorn first and foremost!   They are painful and catch me unaware.  I can not say how many times I was walking around and a stem would catch my head from the trees above me.  I had to say it took me quite a while to work it out of my hair as I could not see where the thorns were.

I came home ready to shower and crash.  All the overhead pruning has me so exhausted that I have no desire for food… I just want to spend time in the Word and fall asleep with the Word in my heart and mind!   No such luck!   The Holy Spirit reminds me… EAT!   I argue with him!   Who does that… ?   This is an on going thing between him and I.  He says eat… I say I’m not hungry… He says… I did not ask if you were hungry… I only said eat!   So, I stare at food… not wanting to eat anything!  I make a salad… it takes me almost an hour to eat as I feel like I am force feeding myself…Who does that!   Its good I love salads… I proceed to make an orange banana smoothie.  I guess He knows what is best for me if I am to keep working in the battle zone the next several days!

I finally shower and rest.  Reading the Word is relaxing to my soul!   Now he urges me to write… The thorn in the flesh.  I love him…  I tell him he has to write… I can only write with my emotions at this moment… Out of love and gratitude for the awesome work he is doing in the garden; my heart and mind…. the spiritual first then the natural!   I can hardly wait to see what he will plant in the garden!   It is a new beginning… In the beginning … God planted a garden!    I am his garden… what he plants in my heart and mind grows and produces all kinds of good fruit… The Tree of Life.   I was CREATED FOR EDEN!   He is my delight and I know he delights in me… I am so easily entertained by him… He shows off with a beautiful red sunset tonight and I can only shake my head and take a picture and tell him how awesome he is.  I bless him for his goodness to me!  Here I am take me… take all of me… thorns and all!


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