Sunshine on my Shoulders

There is nothing more precious than time alone with the Creator nothing he desires more than to be with his creation revealing himeslf in all his glory…

Basking in the sunlight

Sitting by the water.

Reflecting on the goodness of my God.

The breeze in my hair the sun in my face, who could find fault with this beautiful day!

I will rejoice and be glad… for who knows this may very well be my last.  

At peace and rest as Sabbath approaches looking forward to the fellowship and conversation I may have with my Beloved.

As the waters shimmer in the setting sun it reminds me of the wisdom of God.

How deep, how cleansing, how resheshing is His wisdom.

The waters ebb and flow with the tide… the highs and the lows of life.  

The sound of rushing waters calm my soul like the sound of my Beloved calling me home.   

How wonderful, how beautiful, how gracious is my Beloved.

He walks and talks with me in the cool of the day.

I am so mezmerized by his presence. 

The sound of his sweet voice uttering such wonderful things I am left speechless. 

He provokes me to speak with questions my heart longs to know the answers.

He tells me the answers are within… I must dig deeper to find its treasures.  

I ponder… I question… but he always replies w yet another question… to get to the root… the very essence my heart.

Only to realise it is a lack of knowing him completely that my faith is not made perfect.

We sit… as I meditate on knowing him more… 

I lay my head upon his chest he whispers… I have loved you forever.

I well up with tears feeling his love… love that is perfect… love that heals me and makes me whole.

I cling to him as I feel overwhelmed by all he is to me…

I whisper, teach me more… I want to know you more.  

I want to dive into deeper waters… so there is nothing left of me but you.

He replies You can have as much as you desire…

I answer… I want all of you!

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